Authentic Mexican at New Hole in the Wall

Oro Azul Dishes Up Savoury Mexican Cuisine in Calgary

beef taco with salsa

It’s not often I get an impromptu date lunch. It’s even less often the offer comes from the spouse. So when Dude calls and suggests you meet for a quickie in the Northeast, what’s a gal to do but jump at the opportunity?

Naturally, Dan’s favourite Mexican restaurant was closed, so after driving around aimlessly, we finally stumbled upon Oro Azul. Situated on the corner of Memorial Drive and 36 St. (behind the Petro Canada), it goes without saying, you’re coming here for the food, not the location. Calgarians know how hard it is to find cheap, good quality Mexican in this city, but you’ll find it here.

beef and shrimp tacos

We started with chips and smoky salsa, a bargain at $2. Then it was onto mains. Tacos with a variety of fillings are served in corn tortillas for $3.75 each. I went with the Taco Asada grilled sirloin (not bad), and the Taco Emperador Moctezuma ($5.25).

Now you’d think ordering a dish named after Montezuma would be a mistake (he does like to exact his revenge), but I totally won the lottery.

Shrimp Tacos

The tortilla topped with jalepeno, grilled shrimp and melted cheese was oh so delicious!

Dan found his beloved Tacos al Pastor with pork, pineapple and chipotle ($9.25). It didn’t look pretty, but it was the tastiest burrito I’ve had in a long time.


It was a good thing neither of us had much pressing that afternoon because service was painfully slow. Here it’s best to get your order in quickly, then nurse some tequila to take your mind off things…

Where do you like to go for Mexican or do you prefer to make it at home?

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7 thoughts on “Authentic Mexican at New Hole in the Wall”

  1. This place is owned by the family that make las tortillas tortillas. It is good but I find it pricy for what it is. Try Paloma in the NE. It is good too.

  2. I wondered where to go in Calgary for Mexican. Also looks like a new place on 11th ave sw with interesting signage and it looks inviting. I figure it’s walking distance & worth trying. Although your food sounded yummy I hate bad service. Nice to have an impromptu date.

  3. Yes, I’m excited to try Xocolat on 11 Ave., but I’m not a huge fan of fusion, so hoping it’ll have some old standbys.

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