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Downtown worker bees tend to eat less than desirable food, during their frantic lunch hour.  Unless of course, they’re in the vicinity of SAIT’s downtown Culinary Campus, now open in Scotia Center. This satellite campus serves as a training ground for students in the pastry arts program and dishes out fantastic fare to hungry suits. It’s time to say goodbye to instant noodles slurped over your keyboard!

Culinary campus
Hard at work!

SAIT’s Culinary Campus

In the 10,000 square foot classroom, students gain real world experience as they serve up artisanal loaves, fresh baked goods, sandwiches, and grilled items. Open Monday to Friday, from 7am to 5pm, The Market has several hot and cold stations to choose from, with roasted meat and wok-style dishes chock full of veg.

SAIT Culinary Campus calgary
Cake Boss better watch out!

Take a look at this multi-tiered cake the students whipped up. Too bad they didn’t cut into it while I was there.

scallop and foam
I never met a scallop I didn’t like

Fortunately, I was able to dive into these scallops during the Campus’ opening.

Calgary cooking classes

Even if you don’t work downtown, you can still join in the kitchen party. With a vast menu of cooking classes and programs, foodies can get into the action a number of different ways. Newbies gain basic skills in the Cooking Fundamentals course, or can take a tasty trip around the globe with professional chefs, in a biweekly World Cuisine class.

And for those lucky deskers, there’s going to be a weekly Rush Hour series, allowing them to avoid traffic mayhem and whip up something quick and healthy at the same time. Sounds like this class would be the perfect gift for a spouse, doesn’t it?

Bottom line? This feel good facility is going to be giving Sunterra a run for their money.

Let me hear it, where did you learn most of your kitchen skills? Are there any cooking programs or websites you’d recommend to a wannabe foodie like me?

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