An Ayutthaya tour with a former street walker

Could the best way to tour Ayutthaya, Thailand be by elephant?
The soles of their feet were so incredibly textured!

“This air is so thick, it’s like drinking a milkshake,” exclaims my travel companion, Annabelle, as we try to squeeze under the shadow of a remaining pagoda. We’re in the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya, taking in its impressive ruins on a tour.

Ayutthaya tour

But Annabelle isn’t my only companion. Decked out in vibrant silk and a fringed parasol, our Ayutthaya tour through the ancient sites with a former street beggar. Years ago, our guide was taken off the streets, and given a new lease on life, transporting tourists around this World Heritage Site.

Though our guide can communicate with us, she doesn’t speak English, nor does she walk upright. Yep, we’re taking an elephant taxi through the city’s impressive ruins. 

An Ayutthaya tour with a former street walker
Fit for royalty!

Ayutthaya elephant ride

Once a common form of transportation and still a powerful symbol in Thai culture, elephants built this kingdom, and a journey through this sacked city atop one, is an opportunity to support and learn more about the mahout culture. Thailand has such incredible culture all over the country. It’s very LGBTQ friendly and this is an excellent Guide to Thailand if you’d like to explore more of the country.

Back to our ride, which wasn’t exactly smooth…. It was at times, somewhat perilous – especially when she stopped to a drink at any puddle that struck her fancy. But sitting high up on the howdah, we had a bird’s eye view of the stunning structures that survived the 18th century Burmese invasion.

Elephant Ride
Waiting for guests in the shade. I mentioned how hot it was, right?

With the oppressive heat and little shade, touring under a canopied carriage is the way to go! And, as you can see, the workers needed to rehydrate as well.

Elephant drinking
Now that’s skill!

Ayutthaya day trip

Ayutthaya is an easy day trip from Bangkok, and if you’re just there for the day, be sure to stop by Baan Watcharachai, a local’s favourite, riverboat restaurant.

Thai Fish
Loved eating this ruby fish dish.

I ate some impressive meals in Thailand, and this one had the most succulent prawns I’ve ever eaten. The banana flower salad and fried ruby fish were also winners.

Baan Watcharachai: 9 Mu 7, Tambon Banpom, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand Tel: 035-321333

Have you ever been to Thailand?

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  1. So exciting!!!!! I love following all of your adventures and imagine one day I could be your travel companion. Thailand looks exciting!!

  2. Thanks so much, guys! I would happily take a trip with any of you! Really appreciate your comments.

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