The Best Day of the Week to Throw a Dinner Party is…

Mad Men Dinner Party
Keep ’em thirsty.

I don’t throw dinner parties much. I used to, but we don’t so much anymore. It just seems like such a hassle. Then I read about an awesome tradition and it made me reconsider. Plus, I’ve recently deduced the best day of the week to have a dinner party is… Friday.

When you host people on Saturday it becomes a much bigger deal. You pretty much lose the day shopping and preparing the meal. Sunday you’re all hung over and the counter full of dirty dishes only adds to the Sunday blues. 

apple punch
Do you offer house cocktails?

That’s why having friends over for supper on Friday is so brilliant. It’s more casual, inherently less stressful and let’s face it, nobody expects a four-course meal when they know you’ve just come from work.

Not only is it a lovely way to kick off the weekend, having people on Friday frees up the rest of your weekend. You can sleep in the next day. Go see a movie on Saturday night. Better yet, go to someone else’s house for dinner on Saturday night and lap up all that effort they put forward. 

Stuffed roast chicken
I bet the Italian store can whip this up for you. I won’t tell.

Dinner party food ideas

What to serve for an impromptu Friday night dinner party? I think you can never go wrong with: Roast chicken and risotto or pasta with a big salad and roasted veg.

It really depends on the season. Since it’s Friday and you’re coming from work, no one will shame you for using your slow cooker. You could whip up a hearty stew, pulled pork or even coq au vin (chicken in wine the French way) before you leave for work.

As for dessert, try to make it a day in advance. You can do all your grocery shopping and prep on Wednesday night. Thursday whip up dessert, so you don’t have to worry about it after rushing home from work on Friday. 

 It doesn’t really matter what you serve, though. It’s the ambiance you create. If you keep it simple and are less stressed, your guests will be, too. 

Having said that, you really need to have enough wine and booze to keep everyone happy. No need to get fancy. Just some red and white wine, beers and you’re good to go.

And since it’s Friday night and the stakes are low, your guests may even want to pick up a bottle on the way over. If they offer to do more, take advantage!

How great would it be if someone else nipped by the deli on their way over and scored some cheeses and a baguette? Friday parties are more of a communal effort.

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