This is how to find the very best deal for car insurance

Your car says a lot about your life, don’t you think? (Photo credit: Rajesh Appalla)

The huz likes to remind me that bumpers weren’t meant to be parking aids. I suppose he’s right, but I’m pretty proud of my parallel parking skills – aided of course, by the use of my car’s bumper. I take driving seriously, but I don’t sweat it when I nudge objects or when things happen to our vehicles.

The best deals on auto insurance

Living how we do (inner city), a lot can happen to your car. We’ve had a side view mirror busted off and one of our vehicles was recently spray painted. (Bad design. So disappointing!) Right now we’re unable to park in our attached garage thanks to a plumbing leak that took place over a month ago. Until the renovation is finished (did I mention it hasn’t even started yet?), we’re back to parking on the street. Naturally, I’m a tad bit freaked out we’re going to incur more “art work”.

Driving to Canmore on the TransCanada Highway pretty much every weekend also taxes our vehicles. I can’t tell you how many windshield chips we’ve accumulated. Normally, I’m not so fussed, but for the first time in my life, I’m driving a decent, newish, responsible vehicle. It feels so adult wanting to keep it ding and chip free!

How to find the best deal for car insurance

Dreaming of a cleaner car? I Know I am. (Photo credit Benjamin Combs)

When your car becomes your locker

As a busy mom, my car is like my own personal locker. When we get these annoyances taken care of and I’m unable to use it, it feels as though a lifeline has been taken away from me. A quick glance inside the (dirty) interior of our too big SUV reveals:

  • My yoga mat
  • Reusable coffee cup from several weeks ago
  • Some stuffy my daughter, Eve picked up at a fair
  • Eve’s book
  • Buddy’s dog mat
  • Portable dog dish
  • Extra dog leash
  • Half of Eve’s science fair project
  • One sox (dirty)
  • The complete first draft of my book (guessing I was editing that while waiting for Eve)
  • Umbrella
  • Extra sunglasses

All of this is just laying about. Besides the science fair project and the sox, we tend to use most everything permanently ensconced in there. It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like hauling groceries, kid stuff and exercise gear on public transit.

Because of our lifestyle, someone like me definitely needs auto insurance. Well, legally everyone does, and with summer holidays just around the corner, auto insurance should be on every family’s travel checklist. If you’re like me, you want comprehensive coverage, but at rate that works for me.

white SUV in snow

How to save time and money on your car insurance

That’s why it’s worth connecting with PC® auto insurance. They operate under a broker model, which means they consult up to nine different insurance companies to find the best rate for you. They do all the comparison shopping for you, saving you valuable time.

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Disclosure: This is post is presented in partnership with PC® insurance. The opinions on this blog are my own.