You Gotta Eat Here! Best Restaurants in Vegas

There are many reasons one loves Vegas. I’m not in it for the gambling or the nightlife. For me, it’s about the weather, the shopping and the novelty of it all. I hit up Sin City last week with the family, and planned our days around the city’s burgeoning culinary scene. Here’s a look at some of the best restaurants in Vegas for noshes and nibbles.

Where to eat in Las Vegas

You Gotta Eat Here! Best Restaurants in Vegas
Head to Central for upscale dining.

With a fresh, French approach on American classics, you won’t regret indulging at Central, located just off the lobby of Cesars Palace. Stand out entrees include Fish and Chips (accompanied with the best tartar sauce I’ve ever tried) and the Fried Chicken. Now this is no ordinary fried chicken. No milk, flour, nor eggs touch this dish. Instead it’s bound together by a chicken mousse that melts away during the cooking process, but leaves the meat moist and light. For dessert, opt for the Chocolate Bar (AKA le Kit Kat), or the Cheesecake with the most amazing praline crust.

Rice & Company

Good Value Restaurants in Vegas
The sushi was such a delight. So fresh and served with Shiso leaves which can be hard to come by.

After living in Japan for four years, I’m pretty picky about my sushi. Fortunately, this Asian restaurant inside Luxor totally delivers. Sushi is all about texture, and Rice & Co serves up firm, meaty morsels with good colour and bite. Many places saran wrap rolls in advance, but not here. If it doesn’t go out right away, it goes in the trash. Half the menu is comprised of Chinese dishes and we were unable to polish off an order of Garlic Chicken and Vegetables with brown rice. Next time I’ll be all over the Peking Duck, but I’ll also make room for another sashimi platter.

She by Morton’s

She by Mortons steak
I’d always fantasized about chowing down on a baseball sized hunk of beef.

Dark and cozy, it’s seems fitting to dine at a steakhouse when in Vegas. Start with Crab Cakes that are all crab (little filler) or load up on veg with the Chopped Salad. Considered a female friendly steak house, cuts start at 6oz and are accompanied by in-house made sauces (their version is A1 is beyond). You’ll want to save room for the best PB&J you’ll ever have. Crispy whipped chocolate, topped with a peanut butter mousse and accompanied by a concord grape cloud is pure heaven.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Mexican breakfast and pancakes
Such large portions. So cheap!

Head here for breakfast, especially if you’re feeding a crowd. A Platter of Pancakes (three flapjacks each the size of dinner plate) comes in at $6 and sides of toast, bacon or two eggs are $2 each. Breakfast specialties like Chilaquiles and Los huevos de Nacho – basically nachos topped with fried eggs are hearty and best washed down with either a Mimosa or Clamato and beer at $6 a pop.

Buddy V’s Las Vegas Reveiw

Buddy V's Linguine
If you like clams, go for the linguine vongole.

With cheery gingham napkins and family photos in mismatched frames dotting the walls, the vibe at the Cake Boss’ newly opened restaurant is decidedly jovial.  Dishing out Buddy’s own favourite family recipes, seafood lovers should start with Charred Octopus in aqua pazza, a traditional tomato based fish broth before moving onto Linguine with a white clam sauce. Osso Buco with creamy polenta is also drool-worthy (demolished by my eight-year-old). Naturally, you’ll want to try some of the infamous desserts. The pastry lobster shell filled with custard cream is Buddy’s favourite, but if you’re a  traditionalist, I’d go for the decadent tiramisu (that could easily feed four). You won’t leave hungry or over budget.

Tea Lounge Mandarin Oriental

Tea Lounge Las Vegas
Top marks for design and Instagram backdrops.

The hustle and bustle of the strip melt away as you sink into comfy couches and opulent luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Tea Lounge. Polish off plates of finger sandwiches, scones and artfully constructed petite fours with a Classic English Afternoon Tea. Served in a bento box, the sweet Children’s Tea is comprised of the same petite fours and scones, but also includes a massive cupcake and switches up the sammies for kid-friendly PB&J.

La Cave at Wyn

s'mores pizza
Can’t decide between savoury or sweet? Have both with the s’mores pizza.

This wine bar inside the Wyn serves up small plates in an elegant setting overlooking one of the main pools. Pop in here for nibbles and wine flights specific to the world’s major growing regions. Diners do well sampling a well constructed Caesar Salad and Angus Sliders (that are delightfully pink in the middle), plus an assortment of toothsome Flatbreads (including s’mores!).

Sugar Factory in Las Vegas

Sugar Factory goblet Drinks
Do calories count in Vegas?

And if you’re keen to swan about with a fancy drink, like everyone else in Vegas, I recommend sipping one of these delightful 36 ounce concoctions from the Sugar Factory located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

Best restaurants in Vegas

 A look at where to eat in Las Vegas

Have you been to Las Vegas? Where are your favourite places to eat there?

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