Bocce Opens in Calgary

There’s been a lot of Italian joints opening in Calgary as of late, and Bocce is the latest tasty addition on the corner of 4St. and 22 Ave., SW.

Bocce Opens in Calgary

Mercato Italian restaurant in Calgary

Bocce is Mercato’s little sister. Run by the same family, these are the recipes inspired by Mama Cathy and what her Italian-Canadian family eats at home. Think: savoury pastas, fennel sausages with braised peppers, hearty salads and sloppy, juicy pizza pies.

Bocce Calgary

Best pizza in Calgary

Bocce really nailed the pizza. The crust is slightly thicker than Neapolitan pizza, making it more toothsome and able to stand up to the weight of the generous toppings. For me it was the perfect cross between a gooey American style pizza and a thin crust Italian one.

Bocce Calabrese pizza

My favourite ‘zza was this Calabrese with fennel sausage, black olives and peppers. Another contender was the Pascolo with rapini, pancetta and chili, but sadly, it wasn’t very photogenic.

Bocce Calgary

Fun, fast pizza and pasta delivery in Calgary

One of the best things about this resto is that they deliver their full menu! Yep, this funky emerald green mini could sweep up to your door with a full dinner for much less effort than you or I would expel over a hot stove.

Bocce doesn’t take reservations, but every new Calgary resto says that before changing their mind a few months later, so we’ll see….I’ll I know is, I’m thrilled they’re in my hood and are opening this week.

What’s your favourite pizza restaurant?



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