Brunch at NOtaBLE

Calgary doesn’t really have much of a brunch culture. For sure we have a breakfast culture, with all our fab diners, but a NYC-style, boozy brunch is hard to come by. I suspect that’s all about to change once word gets out about NOtaBLE.

NOtaBLE is one of my favourite Calgary restaurants. Owned by Iron Chef competitor Michael Noble, this is where I’ve had many an anniversary or birthday dinner. Aside from the odd lunch, I don’t usually hit this place up during daylight. With live music every second weekend and a new brunch menu, it’s totally got it going on.

Brunch at NOtaBLE

Last Sunday I ran into my good friend Misty and her adorable son at NOtaBLE, which was awesome because Misty’s a total foodie who doesn’t mind sharing plates (and drinks). We joined tables and I was able to get my lovely, leisurely brunch experience with family and friends.

steak and eggs
A new take on steak (and eggs!)

Dan and Eve split the Flat Iron Steak that came with potatoes and the freshest looking tomato salad. Misty’s son ate cake, AKA Banana Bread Panini sandwiched together with Nutella. Even though it wasn’t mine, I couldn’t stop picking at it, that’s how good it was. If you’re ordering it for kids, you might want to ask for the lemon curd and pineapple banana compote to be served on the side.

Notable breakfast pizza
Say yes to breakfast pizza!

Misty and I split a NOtaBLE Skillet and Breakfast Pizza topped with duck confit, Camembert, potatoes and a poached egg. It was nice, but not my fave.

spanish breakfast skillet
Protein bomb skillet

The best brunch item in my books is the Skillet. Comprised of of a Spanish tortilla wedge (like a thick omelette with potatoes in it), smoky in-house made chorizo, poached egg and brown butter hollandaise, it was comforting, while tasting slightly exotic.

Notable cocktails
Move over mimosa!

We washed it all back with well pickled Caesars and a divine Lavender Rhubarb Lemonade. That green hued cocktail was a winner as well. It’s NOtaBLE the III made with Grey Goose L’Orange, mint syrup, fresh lime and Sprite. Delish!

fratello coffee roasters
Local coffee roasters are the way to go.

There are no lattes nor espresso on tap, but you can perk up with a proper medium bodied cup of drip coffee or French press. Chef Noble created his own blend with local roasters the Fratello Coffee Roasters, which received the thumbs up from the caffeine abuser at our table.

All too soon, our plates were polished off, cocktails kaput and wee-ones ready to go. We came, we ate, we conquered. But I’ll be back to attack NOtaBLE again for brunch. Of that, you can be sure.

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