Check out these Calgary coupons you can use at the city's top attractions

Check out these wooly friends at Calgary’s Heritage Park.

If you’ve got children, I bet you’ve got an animal lover on your hands. Forget Barbie and Fortnite! If you want to bond with your brood, the easiest way is to spend some time with cuddly creatures. If you’re looking for things to do in Calgary that involve animals and the great outdoors, you’re in luck! Calgary has several spots where you can get your dose of cuteness with a side of fresh air at the same time. Here’s a look at the best Calgary attractions for animal lovers. Be sure to read the entire post for info on how to score Calgary coupons for each attraction.

Calgary coupons for animal lovers

Did you know there’s alpacas at Granary Road. (Photo credit: Shveta Kshatriya)

Heritage Park Coupons

This historical village really takes you back. I feel my stress slipping away whenever I wander through this 127-acre park. It’s especially uplifting to head over to the ranch area to view their livestock. Currently, they have three sheep (two babies and a mom), two cows, some piglets, geese, chickens, turkeys, horses and a donkey- not to mention the deer and rabbits that also live at the park! 

wagon rides calgary

Why walk when you can take a wagon ride at Heritage Park?

Even though some of these animals are pretty friendly, you shouldn’t pet them, but just watching them brightens the spirits. The 13 horses onsite are those big work horses, and they alternate between having Percherons, Clydesdale and Belgians pull their wagons. Who doesn’t love a horse drawn wagon ride? The horses and donkey live at Heritage Park year round, but the other farm animals are on loan for the summer season. Meaning: They’re super cute and little right now!

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Fishing at Bow Habitat Station

When you think of where Calgary is located you think Prairies and getaway to the Rockies, right? We actually have quite a few wetlands within the city, and Bow Habitat Station is a must visit. Situated in Calgary’s leafy Pearce estate Park, their wetlands also encompass 15-hectares of trails. Yes, Bow Habitat Stations is about way more than just fish! These Interpretive Wetlands are home to a variety of urban wildlife such as birds, deer, muskrats, porcupines, coyotes – and most recently even a bobcat!

Calgary wetlands

This common goldeneye and her young chargers were spotted at the wetlands at Bow Habitat

Still, if you’re into fish, this is the spot to dive into. You can actually learn how to fish here! They have family clinics at their trout pond, which sounds way better to me than having to teach a youngster yourself. At any time from May 15 – October 31, you can hit up their Trout Pond for catch and release action. Be sure to have a valid Alberta Sportfishing Licence if you’re over 16-years-old. Fishing rods are available on-site to rent.

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Calgary Zoo Coupons

Sorry, Toronto. Your time has come and gone. Calgary now plays host to those four gorgeous giant pandas on loan from China. There are two adults and two cubs. Entry to Panda Passage is free with Zoo admission, but it’s a good idea to reserve your spot to skip the lines.

Chinese zoo pandas

Panda Passage is now open at the Calgary Zoo (Photo credit: Toronto Zoo)

After meeting pandas Er Shun, Da Mao, plus cubs Jia Panpan and Jua Yueyue, there are many more animals from around the world to visit. I’m partial to the Land of Lemurs that just opened up last summer. If you haven’t visited in awhile, the Penguin Plunge is also fairly new. My personal favourite zone is the Canadian Wilds. I really don’t want to see a cougar, wolf or grizzly bear in the wild, but at the Calgary Zoo you can get an up close and personal look without being totally freaked out.

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Animals at the Calgary Stampede

I’m a huge Calgary Stampede supporter. Partly it’s because I love all how the city opens its arms to showcase the best of western hospitality and culture through awesome events throughout during Stampede. But mainly, it’s because of the animals.

Ag area calgary stampede

You can learn all about animal husbandry (what a word!) at the Calgary Stampede.

I’ve got a kid who is a major animal lover and there’s no better place to witness animal pride and care than during the Calgary Stampede. For adrenaline fans there’s the rodeo and the chuckwagon races, but we like hitting the barns just as much. It’s free to do so with admission to Stampede Park. Inside Nutrient Western Event Centre you’ll find country critters like chickens, sheep, pigs and cows. There’s horses to pet in the Draft Horse Town and the Milk and Cookies Shack serves up the best deal at Stampede Park. (Only $2 for milk and cookies, plus the opportunity to milk an animatronic cow!) More animal experiences during Calgary Stampede can be found here.

boy milking a cow

It’s important for kids to know where their food comes from. The interactive stations at Stampede Park do just that.

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Granary Road Petting Zoo

You don’t have to hike it all the way to the mountains get your family a dose of outdoor adventure. Situated in South Calgary, Granary Road is a fairly new attraction, but one that’s quickly become a favourite among Calgary families. There are 3 km of trails to explore and plenty of interactive exhibits to suss out while you’re at it.

goat at petting zoo

Parents are used to supervising goat rodeos, but there’s an actual goat stampede at Granary Road.

The spiders, bats and frogs on display may not be real, at least not to you and I. These giant creatures are played upon in the Active Learning Park. For real animals hit up Farm Friends Petting Zoo, where you can witness a daily goat stampede, cuddle a bunny or try to tame a piglet. Chickens, alpacas, peacocks and turkeys also call Granary Road Home. For budding biologists, there’s even an open air wetland on-site with a floating observation platform.

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giant pandas Calgary zoo canada

Calgary Coupons

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Have you visited any of these sites? Where are your favourite spots in Calgary to connect with animals?

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