How to Snag an Affordable, Cute City Bike and Sport Chek Giveaway

Jody robbins on spork chek bike
Check out my sweet ride.

Those who know me, know I’m in love with the city bike. I almost feel like I was one of the original hipsters (sans thick eyewear) when I would cruise around the inner city on my beloved Schwinn circa 2002. So when my bike was stolen from our yard last summer, I was devastated. Immediately after the theft, I began searching for another cool cruiser.

What to look for in a city bike

It needed to have:

  1. An upright frame (no road or mountain bike for this city slicker)
  2. A comfy seat
  3. Style

Bonus points for:

  1. Wicker basket
  2. Bell
  3. Gears

I was hooped. Online searches produced dismal results, and the bike stores only carried models in the $400-$700 range. Way. Too. Much. Hope flickered when I saw IKEA getting in the game.

Upon closer inspection I realized that despite an attractive price point, the Sladda wouldn’t be the bike for me. First of all, it’s ugly. Second, like almost everything from IKEA, you have to assemble it yourself. Adding all the bells and whistles really jacks up the price, too.

Sport Chek bikes

Then came Mother’s Day and I became the luckiest mama in the land. Behold what awaited me when I opened my eyes:

spork chek bike
Ticking all the right boxes.

Eve and her dad had been scoping out the bikes from Sport Chek for a few weeks. The Huz suspected I’d be enamoured by the pretty pale yellow and cool mint green cruisers they stock. When the price on Sims Charm went down to $150 (regular $229) the week before Mother’s Day, they struck.

Though we’re in the early stage of our relationship, I’m smitten with Minty (my new Sport Chek bike, yo!). Her seat is the comfiest bike seat I’ve ever sat on. Her fenders, oh, her fenders! They’re so stylish, as are the rims.

She doesn’t come with gears and with all my addiction to spinning, I was worried this was going to be an issue for us. Surprisingly, it’s not. She goes plenty fast and to be honest, I’m a bit weirded out by how it hasn’t crossed my mind to switch gears.

How to Snag an Affordable, Cute City Bike and Sport Chek Giveaway
It only needs a basket. And a bell.

The only sore spot in our relationship was Minty’s chain fell off a few times on day two. I rolled her into Sport Chek, where their Service Shop had a looksy. Until then I had no idea there was a service area in the store that builds your bike for free (if you purchased online – store bikes are already assembled), plus does minor tune ups, brake and gear adjustments.

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green cruiser city bike
Whoa here she comes, watch out boys…

Turns out Minty was born with a chain defect, so the dude quickly put on a new one for me and away I went. I haven’t looked back since. 

Do you still ride a bike? What kind is your favourite? Let me know by midnight, June 10, 2016. That weekend I’ll randomly draw a name out of a hat. If it’s you, you’ll win a $100 gift card from Sport Chek!

Thank you, Sport Chek for offering one lucky Travels with Baggage reader a chance to get all sporty this summer.


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73 thoughts on “How to Snag an Affordable, Cute City Bike and Sport Chek Giveaway”

  1. Rhonda W G.

    Your new bike Minty is just what I have been looking for. I have not rode a bike in years! My 7 year old godson got me thinking about getting one to join him.

    1. You should get one exactly like mine! It’s so fun to ride with the youngsters. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I’m the same, I haven’t ridden in years but have been thinking I should again. The last bike I remember having was a Schwinn. When doing silent auctions for my kids sports team, we found a bike store that gave us $1500-$2500 touring bikes to auction off but we had to pay them a minimum amount out of the profit. I think those prices turned me off of even looking at a comfy bike. Thanks for showing me the possibilities if I check elsewhere!

    1. They always seem to sell the baskets separately. Bummer. I bought a bell, too. Still need to put it on….

  3. Carol-Ann Woods

    I just bought a used mountain bike last month. I lost mine in the High River flood and was really missing pedaling around town and taking off-road trails in the countryside. I love my bike but the seat is taking some getting used to. I may need to upgrade to a wider cushier version.

  4. Jill Browne

    Been looking and just can’t settle on the right bike. My old 10-speed from high school is still my bike of choice but really I would like to sit up straight! Thanks for the tip about this bike, Jody.

    1. I loooove being able to sit up straight on my bike. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  5. I love biking! I ride a Linus Dutchie 8 speed – love the classic look of city bikes. Currently saving up for a kids seat for the back of mine so little Jack and I can plan some bike adventures around town.

  6. I love your new bike!! I have been trying to make exercise a regular part of my day. I think a bike is one way to go and you’ve convinced me it will be a good option!!! And …. Love the colours!!

  7. I have 2 bikes. My 15 year old mountain bike and my brand new (to me) cruiser. The no gear thing was hard to get over at first… but then I decided to just slow down.

  8. Mandy Sandhu

    I love the minty green bike featured in your story. I am a new mom and I have been dreaming of getting back on a bike with my toddler in tow. I just haven’t figured out which bike would be best and how to get my little guy in on the ride. I have always had great bikes but with various moves across the country ended up selling or giving my beloved bikes away. Gosh…a bike would maybe give me a glimpse of some exercise too….imagine. Thanks for posting a great story and giving me some renewed interest in scoping out my next bike!

  9. Janna Parker

    Love your new bike!
    I purchase a similar one last year in butter yellow and I’m in love!
    It came with a wicker basket too. Love!

  10. Nona Hawley

    I don’t ride as I have bad knees… But you look adorable on your bike! And I am a bit jealous! Have fun with minty!

  11. Hi pal, I have a beautiful Specialized road bike that, even after four years, am still besotted with. However, I commute to work on a 20-year-old mountain bike so I would love to experience not only a groovy colour but cushy comfort en route to my job. Great idea for a wee contest.

  12. I have a very old 10speed that I’ve had since 2001! It’s still pretty good at getting around but now that I’m expecting this summer I’ll be looking for an infant attachment:)

  13. yes! love it. I currently rock a cruiser called a bobbin hummingbird. great way to get to work!

    1. It’s funny how once we just sort out the problem (bad bike) a whole new world opens up.

  14. OMG! i love Minty!!! I do love to ride…but i do not currently own a bike. and I sure would love one! It would help me get around this great city!!

    1. I live inner city and when the weather works it’s so much more fun (and faster) to zip around by bike. I bet you’d love it, too.

  15. My bike is a busted up hand-me-down from a neighbors kid! I really need something pretty!

  16. Zori Castro

    I didn’t know comfy bike seats existed and that is exactly why I haven’t enjoyed biking lately. I will definitely look into a wide one. And being upright will be so much better!! Not to mention the cuteness factor… Thanks for the article Jody!!!

    1. I’m finding the seat makes all the difference! Once you go soft and cushy you’ll never go back:)

  17. As a teen I got hit by a car while on my bike & I ended up not riding one for many years. But now that I’m a mom, it forced me to face those fears. Now we enjoy taking our bikes to Inglewood in Calgary & up to the campsite every summer to ride along the lake & trails. Nakamura is my favorite brand!

  18. Mary Calculated Traveller

    I’ve been on the hunt for a bike just like yours – one without gears or handbrakes – just like the one I rode in my youth where you peddled backwards to brake. I’m just not coordinated to use gears and handbrakes.

    It would be a bonus too if it came with a banana seat in purple (wishful thinking I know).

    Hope I win!

  19. Leanne Shirtliffe

    I have a newish bike, but I’ve ridden it a handful of times. So, I clearly need the SportChek card to buy more exercise stuff I won’t use.

  20. I love love love cycling!! As a kid it was my dream to buy a BMX which all the cool kids had. That never happened but my cousins and siblings made the best memories in our handmedowns trusted bikes.
    Years later, when I was in the market for a bike again after moving to Canada, I realized I was too short at 5’2″ for the grown up models and ended up getting a 24 inch teenager version (although I was 28 by then). It sadly has collected lots of rust and I have been eyeing beautiful bikes just like Minty! I live inner city too and I’m now wondering if I saw minty and you on the road!:)
    She’s beautiful and I would love to win to win the contest! Dear God, pls let it be my name! Though I’m wondering how’s her height for people my size?

    1. Height is good! My daughter at 4’10” can touch with her tip toes. Best of luck to getting back on the cycle trails!

  21. Jacob Laigo

    I haven’t biked at all for such a long time, but it’s something I’ve wanted to get back into for a while. I’m a big fan of those Japanese bikes everyone seems to own and use over in Japan. I walk everywhere, but on beautiful summer days like the ones we’ve been having, it would so cool to catch a nice breeze riding a bike around town!

    1. I wonder if all the bikes in Japan are still black? They were when I lived there too many years ago.

  22. I haven’t ridden a bike in a while since I don’t own one, but I like to rent one to ride when I go out for short trips.

  23. My bike is about twenty years old and love the new colourful Sims Charms. Have to make a note on my Christmas list. We were talking about it last night, it is time to get back on our bikes. Happy travels everybody.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Linda. Hope Santa is good to you this year….

  24. Jennifer Matthewson

    The last bike I owned was probably a Huffy! Ha! Rode that thing everywhere. But a new bike is needed for family ridin’, so I appreciate the rec! Much like you, I want something nice but not super spendy!

  25. LOL reading this post. The bike reminds me a bit of my turquoise CCM back when I was a kid. You’re styling on it.

  26. I don’t have a bicycle; but I’m thinking about getting one. I really like the look of yours and I’d like a basket and a bell.


  27. I used to have a mountain bike but never replaced it when it got stolen a few years ago. I have really wanted one and I’d like one like yours!

  28. I ride a very squeaky Gary Fisher but I am dying for a cruiser! Love the one they picked for you Jody!

  29. Sadly I have not had my own bike since my oldest was born 14 years ago. Can’t afford keeping them in all of their sports gear and buying a bike myself. Sad but true reality 🙁

  30. I have a mountain bike, bit admittedly have not ridden it for many years.

    I want a Minty too.

  31. I haven’t rode a bike in a few years since I moved to the city, had to leave mine behind. I love cruiser bikes with the baskets! So cute!

  32. I go for bike rides with my family but I just use my husband’s old mountain bike. I love the color of your bike!

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