My dreams and goals for the upcoming year

How to turn your dreams and goals into reality this year
Doesn’t everyone need more of this in their life?

I’m that nerd who makes New Years resolutions. Keeping them is another matter. I don’t think I’ve ever hit all of them (I make a lot!), but that doesn’t stop me from trying, year after year. My life is such a whirling dervish, taking this time to set some intentions is something I cherish. For me, it’s not just about setting dreams and goals. It’s thinking what I want to get out of the year ahead – much of that has to do with connecting with family and friends vs. finding a new media outlet.

My dreams and goals for 2019
I also wouldn’t mind more of this in 2019….

Here’s a look at my 2018 goals are how I fared. Read on and I promise you won’t feel discouraged, as I missed the mark on so many of these.

× Organize family photos. Get prints and put in some sort of albums (online OK)

× Attempt a modest reno (paint, recover chairs, replace stair carpet, etc…)

√ Write that pesky media kit for my blog

× Find a work space away from home and work there at least once a week

? Organize my finances in a way that makes me feel more comfortable

× Run regularly on a treadmill

√ Buy said treadmill

√ Go skate skiing

× Take Eve cross country skiing several times this winter

√ Do more hikes in summer

× Host a Canada Day BBQ (yes, you’re invited!)

× Host a board games night

√ Use scents more

√ Use up all those awesome beauty samples I keep hoarding away

√ Get a perfect black handbag

√ Read more (aim for a book a week, but realistically two a month)

How to make your dreams and goals a reality

As part of my year end review, I go through my calendar and jot down the significant happenings of the last year. Then I highlight the events and projects that really stood out for me.

What stood out for me in 2018? A few highlights were:

  1. My trips to Jordan and Brazil and sneaking in three perfect days in London to see friends.
  2. Spending a winter weekend in Edmonton (at this amazing home) to reconnect with even more fabulous friends.
  3. Doing the Via Ferrata course at Mt. Norquay with Eve.
  4. Going to New Brunswick for our summer vacay and staying in this amazing glamping dome.
  5. Finally finding the right configuration and a wall unit (!) for our living room.
  6. Nabbing a national award for an article about this experience.
  7. Scoring a regular newspaper wellness column.

Then I rank what’s significant, without analyzing why. Finally, I take a look at what I’ve highlighted to glean what’s important to me. A few of the things that are important to me are:

  1. Spending time with Eve and setting her up for success.
  2. Purposeful time spent with The Huz.
  3. Having small trips to look forward to in winter.
  4. Making the effort to see friends who live out of town.

What’s apparently not important:

  • House renovations.
  • Organizing get togethers.
  • Work projects that don’t jive with my lifestyle vibe.
  • Working out of the house.

What’s on my list for 2019

When planning resolutions for the year ahead, I begin by asking myself these questions:

Q: What do I want more of in my life?

A: Meaningful time with family and friends – doing effortful not effortless things

A: Better work productivity

A: Lightness

A: Time off

A: Fun

Q: What do I want less of in my life:

A: Feeling bad and/or guilty

A: Wasted time

A: High volume, low paying work

Then I ask: What steps do I need to take to get what I want? These become my the resolutions. So, here’s my intentions for 2019 divided into the categories I care about most:

Health and wellness

  1. Cut sugar and dairy. Allow myself 10 pre-planned exceptions for the year. Obviously, I’m not including alcohol in this.
  2. Focus on exercise that brings you joy – like dance.
  3. Do four hard workouts a week. Try new classes and studios.
  4. Start using rosehip oil, which is apparently what Kate Middleton uses and is the secret to her glowing skin. I shall report back after my Amazon delivery arrives!


  1. Take a family beach vacation.
  2. Make the effort to see friends who’ve moved away. Frequency is more important than duration.
  3. Go cross country skiing at least once a month in winter.
  4. Take a class with Eve. Perhaps we’ll learn how to make a succulent terrarium.
  5. Strive to be kind.


  • Get clothing that needs alterations finally fixed.
  • Make one family photo book.
  • Celebrate something every month – like minor holidays.
  • Learn a new card game.


  • Make my own editorial calendar.
  • Batch!
  • Sort out affiliates on this blog.
  • Better analyze work opportunities to determine if they’re a fit.

And that’s me for 2019! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What are you striving for in 2019?

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how to make dreams and goals a reality

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