Long live the Queen! Fairmont Empress gets a facelift

A Peek inside a posh party: Fairmont Empress Grand Reopening

Cheers to the Fairmont Empress!

The invitation read: Watch the throne. The Queen, is back. The restaurants are gold and glorious. The drinks will be as cold as the Pacific ice floes. You will be the first to see all this. You’re invited to the grand opening of the newly restored Fairmont Empress. Dress code: Ball gown fabulous.

What would you do if you received an invite like this? If you’re anything like me, you twirl around for a few minutes before quickly texting your girlfriends to see if anyone has an appropriate dress you can borrow. Then you book your tickets and psych yourself up for Victoria’s party of the year.

Long live the Queen! Fairmont Empress gets a facelift

Afternoon tea in the Lobby Lounge is an experience you can’t miss. There’s a Prince and Princess Tea for littles, too! (Photo credit: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts)

The Fairmont Empress, named in honour of Queen Victoria, recently celebrated their official Grand Opening following a stunning $60 million restoration. It is in a word: swish, and elevates the historical property into a new era of luxury.

Q At The Empress

Phase One of the restoration actually launched a year ago with the grand opening of Q At The Empress – a sleek new restaurant and bar. According to the poster I spotted in the hotel elevator, Q stands for queen and country and a smashing good time. It is here I hied myself to immediately after checking in.

Q at Fairmont Empress

My friend Dan Clapson and I had to do important research

queen victoria pop art

Pop art meets Victorian sensibilities in Q

Settling into a regal jewel toned settee, I note that the Empress has got the modern royal ethos down pat. Above your head is this intricate coffered ceiling, while below, Warhol-esque canvases of Queen Victoria line the walls. It’s a sophisticated space, yet unpretentious. Kind of like a cheeky royal sibling who doesn’t have the weight of being heir to the throne.

purple gin cocktail

So many creative cocktails, so little time!

Grand as it all is, it’s the gin I’m there for. Empress Gin. Made exclusively for them by Victoria Distillers. Better still, it’s purple! I opt for Q 1908 – a nod to the year the grand dame opened. It’s an intoxicating concoction of Empress gin, egg whites, lemon, simple syrup and butterfly blue pea flower. Here’s the fun part – when Empress Gin interacts with something acidic it changes colour. 

purple hotel guest room

Guest rooms at Fairmont Empress are luxe yet comfortable. (Photo credit: Fairmont Hotels and Resorts)

After a quick drink or two (but really, who’s counting?) it’s off to my room to get ready for the ball. Guest rooms are dressed in muted tones and luxurious textures, making it feel as though you’re bedding down in a sumptuous jewelry box – though not as cramped.

matching lipstick and nail polish

I was ridiculously pleased with how well my nail polish matched my lipstick. Some might say I nailed it:)

Fairmont Empress Grand Reopening

With hair by Melissa and a dress by Michelle, I swept down to the Crystal Ballroom, where flutes of Veuve Clicquot floated by at an alarming rate. Hors d’oeuvres were offered, but I was too excited to eat. I slipped outside just as the sun threw her last rays upon the Inner Harbour. That’s where I received my biggest shock of the night: Her Majesty’s been shaved! The exterior of the Empress, with its famous ivy snaking up its side is no more.

Fairmont Empress exterior

She looks brand spanking new on the outside, too!

Back inside, I shift into party gear. I mean celebratory gear. That sounds much more posh, doesn’t it? My champagne glass is continuously refilled, making it hard to keep count. I try to counterbalance by diving into the impressive spread. I find the chocolate station, the seafood station and unfortunately for me, the cheese and duck pate station. I also found the scotch station, but wisely avoided that one. One station that naturally receives a lot of attention from our squad is the Step and Repeat, as evidenced below.


The great thing about being a travel writer is running into all your industry friends and media peeps at events like this.

Family Fun Canada Melissa Vroon Voula

Meet Melissa and Voula: The brains (and beauties) behind Family Fun Canada

Calgary media

Food writer Dan Clapson and I made like we were going to prom together.

It quickly becomes one of those evenings where you lose all track of time. Have I been here an hour or three? The party moves onto Q, but by then, I’ve had it with high heels and Spanx. I dash back to my room to change into my strapless denim jumpsuit and rejoin the party. The DJ is excellent, and we are all on our feet. All too soon I glance at my phone and realize I’m about to turn into a pumpkin. I’m filming a TV segment in the morning, and have to leave for the airport in three hours. So like Cinderella, I slip away from the ball before the clock strikes midnight. It is way too soon, but at least I got to be part of the fairytale for awhile.

Guest on morning TV show

No rest for the wicked! On air in Vancouver a few hours later. It was rough!

Have you ever stayed at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria? Have you wanted to?

what to expect at fairmont empress

Wannabe royals will find Victoria’s Fairmont Empress oh-so regal

Pinterest Fairmont Empress

Fit for royalty, indeed!

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  1. Kim - Liv Life 27.07.2017 at 19:11 - Reply

    Anywhere where Veuve flutes float abundantly is a yes for me!! Victoria is high on my “must visit list” and you’ve just made it even more so!

    • Jody 28.07.2017 at 10:05 - Reply

      You won’t regret a trip here!

  2. Leigh Powell Hines 30.07.2017 at 09:03 - Reply

    So glad to hear this. I stayed here in 2003, I believe. Those rooms needed some love then. 🙂

    • Jody 31.07.2017 at 09:59 - Reply

      You’ll have to check them out again. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Paula Schuck 30.07.2017 at 09:06 - Reply

    I had to chuckle at your bio here – bad hair? I don’t think so. LOL. Anyways wow that EMPRESS gin is impressive!! YUM. I love that look and the colour. The purple details are regal indeed.

    • Jody 31.07.2017 at 09:59 - Reply

      I really do have the worst hair. I just don’t post pics of it, but I suppose I should so I can live up to the hype:)

  4. Sandy 30.07.2017 at 11:37 - Reply

    What a stunningly gorgeous hotel! I would love to spend a night there! And that purple guest room! Wow! What an invitation to receive! Looks like you had such a great evening!

    • Jody 31.07.2017 at 10:00 - Reply

      Purple did indeed reign!

  5. Kirsten 01.08.2017 at 07:50 - Reply

    Looks like a fabulous affair and a stunning hotel indeed! I love the prom pose, you two really had quite the night! We all need those once in awhile!

  6. Sarah Ebner 01.08.2017 at 11:24 - Reply

    Oh my! Absolutely loved this post, from the purple gin onwards! What a fab evening and a fab hotel too. Looks like it’s well worth a visit.

  7. Mama Munchkin 01.08.2017 at 15:09 - Reply

    What a super fun event. I feel like sometimes the whirlwind of the rush actually adds to the excitement. I would totally be all over an invite if I ever got one.

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