The family that immunizes together, stays together, right? (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography.)

This post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, yet all opinions are my own. Natch.

Between this post-Halloween sugar crash and pre-holiday season sugar crash, it’s a dismal time of year. It’s also flu season, which makes it increasingly wearisome. The good news is that flu shots are free. The bad news is that too many people don’t get them. If you don’t want to be a sad statistic, read on to find out where to get the flu shot in Calgary (and across Canada), plus a chance to win a tricked out flu-fighter prize pack.

Where to get the flu shot in Calgary

Forget having to make an appointment at your doctor’s office. You can get your flu shot in Calgary and across Canada at your local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy. The flu vaccine is available right now in Alberta and for the next several months. Flu shots are administered by an injection-certified pharmacist. The best news? You don’t even need an appointment!

Where to get the flu shot in Calgary + giveaway

I’m like, hey man. And Patel’s like, oh boy! Here she is again. Nah, he likes answering my dozens of questions a minute. What pharmacist wouldn’t? (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography.)

I like getting my flu shot at Shoppers for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a good opportunity for me to catch up with Mr. Patel, my beloved pharmacist. He always checks my files and lets me know what travel vaccines to get for my upcoming trips. In addition to my flu shot, he told me I was due for a Hepatitis A/B booster. Good thing I got that warning, as I’m off to Brazil this month.
  2. I can run a few errands in the drugstore. Before I could only buy the amazing Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-usage oil in the States, but now Shopper’s carries it. Same with Klorane dry shampoo. It used to be hard to find these cult beauty classics, but not anymore.

Flu Clinic Calgary

Shoppers Drug Mart runs their flu clinics every day of the week in Calgary and locations across Canada. While you’re in there, it’s a good opportunity to ask your pharmacist questions like: How often you should get your flu shot? Who in your family should be getting a flu shot, too. And you can tap them for the best items to keep in your medicine cabinet to speed up the flu recovery process. You could even ask them the difference between a cold or a flu, but I’ve already got that covered for you here.

Shoppers flu clinic

My handwriting is so bad, we always get the giggles when I do paperwork. Even I can’t read what I’ve written. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography.)

Shoppers flu shot

When you go in to get your flu shot at Shoppers, you’ll first have to fill out some paperwork. It took my daughter and I all of two minutes to do that. Of course, I forgot her Alberta Health Care card, but Mr. Patel said it would be no trouble for him to look it up.

flu vaccine calgary

I can’t promise your teen will enjoy getting a vaccine as much as mine did, but you never know. (Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography.)

This year I was shocked that my teen was willing to get the flu shot with us. As any parent knows, you can’t force a kid to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom. Getting an optional vaccine ought to be added to that list.

So many kids from her class were off school for over a week last year because of the flu. I know she remembers this. Her reason for getting the flu shot this year? While she felt she could handle the virus, she didn’t want to infect others – especially the elderly or our pregnant neighbour she babysits for – should she come down with the flu. Cue proud mother moment. 

The time to get your flu shot is now – before the holiday crazies sweep us up in a flurry of cookie exchanges and obligatory functions. While you’re at Shoppers, why not knock off a few errands or attack your holiday gift list? Multi-tasking was made for moments like this.

Win a Shoppers FluFighter prize pack

To give you extra encouragement to stay healthy this season, Shoppers is offering a prize pack valued at $150. Use it for your family or re-gift it to someone you think could use it. I won’t tell.

Flu remedies

Yes, all this could be yours!

To enter


  • Entrants must be over 18-years of age and residents of Canada.
  • Contest closes by midnight, November 21, 2018. All entries must be received by then.