FlyOver in Las Vegas opens on the Strip and it’s pretty awesome!

Have you ever taken a nosedive off the Grand Canyon? Galloped through Yellowstone National Park with a team of stallions? Or cruised high above the neon artery of the Las Vegas Strip? I mean technically, I haven’t either. But with the city’s newest attraction: FlyOver, Las Vegas and the American Southwest is revealed to you in a whole new light. 

flight simulation ride
Take a wild ride over iconic American sites without having to leave the Strip! (FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)
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FlyOver Las Vegas

FlyOver is an extremely awesome, immersive flight-ride experience. The latest thrill to hit the Vegas strip is THIS ultimate flying ride. It’ll have you soaring high above iconic locations in the American Southwest, all without ever having to leave Sin City. 

The latest offering from global attractions and hospitality company Pursuit, FlyOver in Las Vegas just launched this fall on the Strip. The 4D journey combines epic cinematography with state of the art technology, and is enhanced with scent, sound, wind and mist to deliver a cutting edge entertainment experience. 

Because time in Vegas is typically limited, you have to pick and choose your entertainment wisely. To help with that, here’s a break down of what the FlyOver in Las Vegas experience is like.

flyover las vegas
You’ll be seated on a state of the art moving platform as you hang suspended watching the film. (Credit: FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)

Decompression zone

If you think FlyOver is only an interactive flight ride, you’re wrong. It’s so much more than that. The ride definitely isn’t the only piece of entertainment you’ll be experiencing.

You begin with a self guided journey, walking from the ticketing area to the flight boarding zone along what’s best described as a decompression zone. Basically it’s a winding pathway that gets bluer and deeper the further you move through the attraction.

It’s pretty clever because without realizing it, you’re unwinding and shedding all the stresses of the Las Vegas Strip as you stroll through the decompression zone. Screen shots of iconic American Southwest vistas line the passage way, giving you a feel for the story before it even begins.

lost cactus on the strip
The first part of your journey lands you at the Lost Cactus, where you can grab a drink and hang before your flight. (Credit: FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)

Boarding area

Eventually you arrive in the boarding area designed to look like a slot canyon (of which there are many in the American Southwest!). Slot canyons are narrow gorges between sheer rock walls, but the floor to ceiling art work in this area will give you a better idea of what I’m talking about if you’ve never been inside such a canyon.

Here, you’ll also find The Lost Cactus bar. I’ll go into that in a bit more detail further down in the post, but suffice it to say, you’ll be able to tell if you have enough time to grab a drink by checking the flight monitors in the boarding area – just as you would at an actual airport.

interactive flight ride
A multi-sensory experience awaits FlyOver guests.


When it’s time to board, you’ll first go into a pre-show room. Here, floor to ceiling screens showcase a prehistoric aquarium. Watching prehistoric marine life float around you is soothing and relaxing.

prehistoric theatre
Before The Real Wild West film, I was mesmerized by this prehistoric aquarium. (Credit: FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)

This is the start of The Real Wild West story (the latest FlyOver film). During the 6-minute film, you’ll journey from prehistoric times to the Old West, culminating in a title sequence of a classic Western film.

western neon signs
There’s so much to take in during FlyOver experiences you definitely get your value for money.

Onto the main event!

After the pre-show, you’ll enter the boarding area for the films. There are two theatres at FlyOver in Las Vegas. The Real Wild West is a obviously one FlyOver film not to miss. But you’d probably also get a kick out of watching other flight rides such as FlyOver Iceland.

Those new to FlyOver experiences usually just buy one ticket to see a film. After experiencing their first flight simulation ride, people are usually, “That was so amazing, I want to do it again!”

If that’s the case, you don’t have to go all the way back to the entry admissions area. Simply purchase a ticket for the second show at one of the retail stations in The Lost Cactus bar. Personally, I think it’s a capital idea to sip a drink between rides to digest what you’ve just experienced.

Fly over las vegas theatre
The show’s about to begin!

The Real Wild West

On the The Real Wild West multi-sensory ride, you’ll be suspended with your feet dangling above some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. Gliding overtop 22 monuments, landscapes and cities in the American Southwest, is a trip like no other.

Anyone who hasn’t yet been to those iconic sites like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park or Moab will either have the biggest smile on their face or their jaw hanging as they soar above these sprawling vistas. And if by chance you’ve travelled extensively through the Southwest, it’s pretty unlikely you’ve experienced it from this perspective. 

american southwest vista
The Mittens in Monument Valley is one of the incredible sites you’ll visit. (Credit: FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit)

There’s no goggles nor headgear, so it’s not virtual reality. But being surrounded by a 52.5 ft spherical, extremely high definition screen while seated on a state of the art moving platform feels like actual reality. You legit think you’re a part of it.

The experience is heightened with mist and a light breeze travelling all around you. That coupled with scents and ambient sound effects will have you forgetting you’re seated and thinking you’re flying.

moving movie seats
Moments before my flight took off.

Check out this awesome video below for a first-hand glimpse:

What makes this experience stand out is how quickly you become totally engrossed. Gone is the pain in your arches from wearing too high heels the night before. The stress of how you’re going to fit all that outlet mall booty into your carry-on suitcase will be the furthest thing from your mind. In fact, should you ever get jilted at the alter in Vegas, keep this attraction in mind as it’ll totally distract you from your woes.

Yep, it’s that entertaining. The team who made it include a former Disney Imagineer, a Cannes award-winning director and a Grammy-nominated composer. This is big entertainment stuff, man!

fly over las vegas
You won’t be able to stop smiling the entire ride! (Credit: FlyOver Las Vegas by Pursuit)

The Lost Cactus

To make the most of your experience, savour a handcrafted cocktail inside The Lost Cactus afterwards. Taking inspiration from film and dessert landscapes, this bar feels very removed from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. Tiny lights twinkling in the ceiling evoke the stars pricking through the desert night sky.

There’s a variety of cocktails to choose from, many of which were inspired by the film and the American Southwest. Prickly Pear Margarita is their signature drink and just might be my favourite. It was refreshingly tart, yet sweet and is a vibrant shade of fuchsia.

Tequila Sunrise lovers will want to go with Dessert Sunset, made with vodka and peach schnapps. For some zero-proof action, the Gold Rush mimics the taste of a mimosa, and is sprinkled with gold dust, because …. Vegas. It’s a pretty playful drink for non-drinkers to throw back and feel like they’re a part of the good times.

best las vegas cocktails
The pink cocktail on the right is the Prickly Pear Margarita, while the purple drink at the back has Victoria’s Empress Gin in it!

For sustenance, you’ll find grab-and-go snacks like pastries and muffins, with flatbreads being added to their menu shortly.

Gift Shop

On your way out, don’t forget to peruse the FlyOver gift shop. It was here I found a fabulous bedazzled lanyard. There’s also high quality stuffed animals for the kids, plus Las Vegas memorabilia.

las vegas gift shop
Is there such a thing as too much bling? Obviously not!

Where to find FlyOver in Las Vegas

Situated on the Strip, you can’t miss FlyOver right beside the Hard Rock Cafe. The closest hotels to it are MGM Grand, MGM Park, Aria and New York New York.

If you’re getting dropped off, there’s a second entrance along the side that leads directly into The Lost Cactus. You can hang and drink at this bar and not go see a film. You’d be missing out of course, but it is possible.

Address: 3771 Las Vegas Blvd S Suite 150, Las Vegas

Phone: +1 866-498-2023

Google Maps:

Height and age restrictions for FlyOver 

Fret not, families! This is a very family-friendly attraction. There’s no age restrictions, but children must be at least 40″ tall in order to ride.

How long and how much is FlyOver in Las Vegas?

From the time you get your ticket scanned until the end of the film is approximately 35-minutes. Fun fact: In Vegas you pay $1 for every minute of your entertainment. For example, if you go to an evening show that’s 90-minutes long, you should expect to  pay around $90.

FlyOver in Las Vegas is a 35-minute experience and is priced at $34 for adults and $24 for children for a single ride. They offer all sorts of packages, and it’s well worth getting a double ride to see another immersive film like FlyOver Iceland.

What if I’m afraid of heights and rollercoasters aren’t my thing?

Personally, I can’t even handle a gentle ferris wheel without freaking out. I made sure I sat next to someone who wouldn’t mind if I shrieked or grabbed their hand. Didn’t happen. (OK, maybe a gasped a little, but that was only because the experience was so incredible.)

I’d go on another FlyOver ride in a heartbeat, and can happily recommend it to anyone who isn’t into heights or amusement park rides. I simply sat back and enjoyed the journey. I’m sure you will, too.

What’s the best time to experience FlyOver in Las Vegas

Whenever those dogs are barking! Vegas is a bustling, hyper intense city to visit. FlyOver takes you away from all that.

While it’s open from 11am – 7pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am – 9pm Friday to Sunday, I think it’s ideally done mid day or towards the end of your day. You’ll appreciate the reprieve from walking and the multi-sensory experience is sure to pick you up!


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things to do in las vegas

Have you ever experienced a FlyOver ride?

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