Found! The Lakeshore Spa – an affordable retreat near Calgary

The Lakeshore Spa: An affordable day spa near Calgary
Meet Jody, owner of The Lakeshore Spa, and recipient of a cool 70s first name.

I took Self Improvement September seriously. After summer’s hedonism, I was diligently spending time with my acupuncturist, chiropractor, and the like. Driving back from an out of town work assignment one day, a friend recommend I stop by The Lakeshore Spa in Chestermere for a facial. “Seriously? Why would I do that?” I asked.

“Because it’s really lovely, on your drive home and equally as good as any spa in Calgary, but cheaper,” she replied. That was the clincher. (The cheaper bit.) And so I found myself on a recent Thursday afternoon getting my skin whipped into shape at The Lakeshore Spa.

Found! The Lakeshore Spa - an affordable retreat near Calgary
I’m super lazy about getting my nails done, but whenever I do, I feel so put together.

What to expect at The Lakeshore Spa

Though not situated directly on Lake Chestermere, The Lakeshore Spa rocks a beachy vibe with washed out wooden accents and ocean hued walls. It feels like you’re hanging out in a lakeside cottage – albeit a luxe cottage. The jewel-toned rooms with velvet and taffeta curtains lifts the spa to a sophisticated level.

Lakeshore spa chestermere
I love that cozy, intimate feeling you get at day spas like this.

The Lakeshore doles out all the treatments spa junkies like me want – from massages to facials to laser hair removal. Sadly, I’m not a candidate for lasers, though god knows I desperately could use them. Jody, the owner at Lakeshore, nixed my suggestion of dying my pale blonde hairs black so the laser could find them. Apparently, you need that dark pigment in your root so the laser can pick it up.

Impressively, The Lakeshore has six treatment rooms, each cheekily named, like my favourite: The Sparkle Room. There’s a dedicated wax room, where you can choose between either hard or soft wax, plus they offer threading and sugaring. Looking a little pasty with the turn in the weather? Get a spray tan professionally applied by a technician after your treatment.

spa pedicure area
How comfy does this look?

They’ve got two manicure stations, where you can opt for gel (AKA Shelac-style nails) or a regular natural nail manicure. The pedicure area looked divine. Sit side-by-side your best mates in an oh-so cozy chair and get your tootsies pummelled and polished to perfection. Right by the manicure station, there’s a cute retail area with a focus on organic and all natural products.

Tip: Try a sampler of Fluffy Bunny lotion by Farmhouse Fresh Goods.

beauty supplies
While waiting for your treatment, you can go to town on their many samples.

Facials at The Lakeshore Spa

After being cocooned within a fluffy duvet, my facial began with a pre-cleanse. I expected a few brisk swipes to take off my make up, but the pre-cleanse was more like a facial massage. Then the actual cleanser went on and I received even more massaging. But as my esthetician set up the steam machine, I began to fret.

You see, the steam machine is beyond boring. You just sit there all alone with your thoughts, as the steam mists over your face to open up your pores. Imagine my surprise when my esthetician began administering a lip exfoliation with a scrub specifically designed for your mouth. (Naturally I asked if she was using Aapri Facial Scrub. She wasn’t.)

That over with, she then proceeded to deliver an over the blanket foot and leg rub. Bliss. Steam now complete, it was onto the gruesome business of exfoliation. You don’t have to accept their offer of exfoliation, but I was all over it. Some aestheticians don’t dig in, but here they unclog your pores like nobody’s business. My nose became free of blackheads and my gal even drained a particularly annoying millia.

I’ve had plenty of facials in my time and you know you’re getting a legit one when they use the high frequency machine. This machine uses violet rays or something to zap bacteria. Obvs, I’m not an expert on this. All I know is, when I get it used on me, I don’t break out after.

After the high tech wand was abracadabra’d over my face, it was facial time. Your esthetician will examine your skin and give you a treatment best suited for your needs. I needed moisture and being so sensitive, a soothing tonic was also sought out. Again, I was dreading that dead time when the mask does its work. And again, I was pleasantly surprised. I received a thorough neck and scalp massage during the mask application. This kind of treatment only happens at places like Fairmont, and believe me, you pay for that luxury. Side note: a basic facial at Lakeshore (as I had) is sub $100.

After dousing my skin with a fancy serum, moisturizer and lip conditioner, I was good to go. Driving home, I felt refreshed, glowing and quite pleased with myself. Normally I’m hell bent on getting home to relieve The Huz after he’s been on deck with Eve and Buddy for days. This way was much more civilized. That two hour pitstop made all the difference – both for my face and state of mind. Plus, I now know of a cute spot to day trip to and you do, too.

Have you explored Chestermere? I’d love to hear some recommendations for boutiques and lunch spots.

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