The Ultimate Gift Guide for Those Tricky People

Get set, it’s time to start your shopping engines! For me, the first gifts I tackle are those for tricky people: the in-laws, the neighbours, the coworker you can’t stand, but unfortunately got their name in the Secret Santa draw. You know who I’m talking about. Lucky for you, I’ve scoured the mall and have come up with some fab suggestions for this year’s gift guide.

The essential scratch and sniff guide
This book is the best!

Gifts for Foodies

Twisted Goods has some adorable fur wine bags ($14.95) that would make any bottle that much more special. Pair it with The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming an Expert at Wine ($25.95), also found at Twisted Goods, and you’ll be the hit of the party.

Holiday Tea collection
Has anybody ever said no to a cuppa?

Should that tricky person be more of a teetotaler, they can sip their way to serenity with this delightful Holiday Collection ($19.50) from David’s Tea. With packaging this pretty, they could easily regift if they’re a real Grinch. If your friend is a real foodie, you’ll want to check out these awesome cooking gifts.

Aveda hand relief
Aveda is pricy, but very much appreciated.

Aveda hand relief ($24-$39) soothes dry, cracked hands like nobody’s business, plus it smells heavenly.

sparkly knee sox
When in doubt: sox!

These Banana Republic over the knee sox ($20) have sparkly heels and toes, and would keep someone oh so cozy all winter.

F in Exams
We now have all these books!

I quickly snapped up a copy of F in Exams ($9.95) from Carlton Cards. Any age group would find these test answers amusing. 

Tic Tac Toe set
Banish cabin fever with board games!

Tic tac toe games ($29) are elevated with this luxe set from Bombay & Company.

stemware polishing cloths
It’s not the kind of thing I’d buy for myself, but I’d totally use it if someone gave it to me.

Everybody could use stemware polishing cloths ($16) whether they’d like to admit it or not. Found at Paper Root Studios.

vanilla soap set
Smells so good!

This Vanilla Bean Noel ($25) gift set from Bath and Body Works looks so festive in its sparkly, green box.

Sweet Georgia Browns
Move over Turtles! These are waaay more decadent.

It just doesn’t seem like Christmas without a pre-wrapped package of Purdy’s Sweet Georgia Browns ($17), now does it?

reindeer quilt
Flannel sheets just make winter more cozy.

My favourite pick of them all: these cozy, Christmasy quilt sets ($39) from Quilts Etc.

Stocking Stuffers

candy canes in front of a christmas tree
We are a cherry-flavoured candy cane household.

Hammond candy canes ($4.50) are like the Cadillac of Christmas candies. Some flavours are filled with chocolate or vanilla cream. Available at Coles.

Boot Rescue wipes
I use these up come summer.

Boot Rescue ($8.40) gets those salt stains off your boots in no time. Found at JoyDrop.

cheetah napkins

Make an easy hostess gift with these leopard print napkins ($5) from Bombay & Company.

What do you buy those tricky people on your list?

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22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Those Tricky People”

  1. These are all great ideas Jody! This post always gives me ideas. My go-to for tricky people is a fun gift card that maybe they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves or a good game from Toys R Us or Coles/Chapters.

  2. Ruff Ruminations

    Individual gravy boats, at least that is what the most difficult person on my list is getting

    1. Ha! I once bought a gravy boat for a friend after a few years of having to bring one to her house for the big meal.

  3. Stephanie Jo

    Twisted Goods is my go-to store because it always has a great selection of gifts for a lot of tricky people. The best gift to date is the water drawing Buddha board for my cousin, She uses it to draw or write messages to her roommate now.

  4. mommyisweird


  5. For those tricky people, I love getting them either something for experience (movie or theatre ticks) or something edible but fancier, something they wouldn’t usually get for themselves (chocolates, snacks from Indigo or spices).

  6. Wayne got me those Boot Rescue cloths last year in my stocking. They are awesome to keep in your purse!

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