Great Gifts for Guys

Ah, men! They’re so tricky to buy for, aren’t they? I spent last weekend at Market Mall and what to my wandering eye should appear, but soap on a rope, Blue Stratos and accessories for beer! Just kidding. Here are a few great Christmas gifts for guys.

Art for men
If you don’t mind this kind of art in your basement.

Perfect Presents for Pop and Co.

Does dude have a man cave? Forget the halls, deck the basement with this sign ($78), from Paper Root Studios.

Beer Glasses
Or get a beer advent calendar!
Fire Starter Kit
Summer fun.

What is it with men and fire? Indulge their inner caveman with this fire lighting kit ($24.99). Alternatively light up his life with a glow in the dark Flash Flight Frisbee ($14.99). Both available at Atmosphere. What’s a holiday without the gift of beer? Check out the Beer Tasting 6 piece set ($29) from Cook’s Pantry, and throw in a few Hard Ice ($49) stainless steel ice cubes so his drinks stay nice and frosty.

beer stein
World’s Best Husband?

Or keep those drinks chillin’ in an engraved Stainless Steel Beer mug ($30) from Personally Yours. And for the man who has everything, I love this Map of Canada Puzzle ($14.95) found at Roots.

Roots puzzle map
Especially good for dads.
reusable rubber ties
So many uses…

He’ll be encouraged to keep his shit together with these reusable rubber gear ties ($30 for 12) from Eddie Bauer.

Drink dispenser
Nothing says party like…

Bar Butler ($69.99) dispenses drinks so the men-folk can concentrate on important matters like whipping up shortbread and such. Available at Stokes.

Perfect present for Grandpa

plumber snowman
No words needed.

Ho, ho, ho, who’s gotta go? Jolly in the John Snowman ($14.95) lets loose with the wisecracks when someone enters the bathroom (which might be all too frequently for some). Available at Hallmark.

Affordable stocking stuffers

Duck Dynasty Christmas album
So fun!

Is your guy dreaming of a red neck Christmas? Fill up his stocking with this Duck Dynasty holiday CD (that debuted No.1 on Billboard Chart!). Found at Lammles for $11.99.

Kitchen pig
For the cook who has everything.

Perhaps he’d be delighted with this little piggy pork thermometer ($20), that starts oinking and flashes light when your meat is done. Found at Cook’s Pantry.

silver harmonica
Always appropriate. Or is it? 🙂

Or how about this hipster Harmonica ($12.95) from Roots?

Pssst. Did you know Black Friday is coming to Market Mall?

More people on your list? Check out these great gifts for gals and for kids.

Do you have any good recommendations for guy gifts?


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14 thoughts on “Great Gifts for Guys”

  1. I love Jolly in the John,I have tried two Hallmark stores and it is sold out,thanks for the ideas Jody

  2. gear ties. R definitely needs gear ties. Maybe that would help with his organizational skills. Well, probably not, but a girl can try!

  3. Liz Tompkins

    Hi Jody,
    The flashlight frisbee is a great idea! I hate shopping so this is fantastic for me. Keep up the good work!

  4. The pork thermometer sounds fun. Maybe I’ll buy it for his stocking (but it’s really for me). Very original idea.

  5. Fire starter kit – how cool! Great stocking stuffer for my hubby- real men don’t use matches!!

  6. thismomloves

    Oh, I like the beer tasting idea! My husband has his usual favourites, so when we go somewhere with different offerings on tap, he’s never sure what to choose! This might be a neat gift!

  7. Bar Butler – if hubby knew about this item we would have had our new kitchen forever ago so he could have his “bar area” all set-up. Great Ideas J.

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