Woman riding a bull

So much bullshit going on in this picture…

It’s true. I fell in love with the Lone Star State. It was the little things that really captured my heart. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Bullock State History Museum

Kind of throws off a USSR vibe, no?

Naturally, JodyR is a fan of stars.

Star Door Knob

It’s like this door was made for me.

No shortage of stars here…

Texan carpet

Love, love, love!

Any place that puts cows into their carpet is pretty awesome, in my books.

Texan pool table

And it’s orange!

Or on their pool tables. Moo!

Texan carpet

Think I can order that rug?

Back to carpet – how cute is this? I love how proud they are of being Texan!

Beer as cold as your ex-girlfriend's heart

Don’t all your exes live in Texas?

And that country music theme of being jilted by your lover is ever present.

Have you ever been to Texas? Did you find it was as adorable as I did?

P.S. Here’s how to have a perfect weekend in Austin.

Thank you Texas Tourism for sponsoring my trip to Texas. As always, my opinions are my own.