Forget heli-hiking! Heli-yoga is the latest way to get grounded.

Heli-yoga is one of the best ways to experience the Canadian Rockies

So tell me, are you the bucket list type or not so much? I definitely have a bucket list for personal and professional reasons. As someone who has to frequently come up with travel content for the various publications I write for, I’m frequently researching new and exciting experiences. One source of inspiration to me has been Robin Esrock, author of The Great Canadian Bucket List.

You really ought to try heli-yoga

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Robin recently swung through Calgary on a media tour for his new book The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List. What I learned from Robin is that bucket lists never stop. Once you’re open to new experiences, the more adventures you tick off your list, the more you’ll hear of new ones you’re dying to do. This always seems to be the case with me and so it was earlier this week when I joined Robin on one of his bucket list adventures: heli-yoga.

man sitting on SUV

Robin relaxing on his sweet ride

Forget Heli hiking, try heli yoga

Little did I know heli-yoga is something unique to the Alberta Rockies. Our experience began when we met at COP and drove out a fleet of Fords to the Kananaskis. Robin is a brand ambassador for Ford, so we had the opp to drive the new Ford Explorer. I declined, remembering my disastrous experience with the Escape’s auto park feature a few years ago. Tip: it may be hands off, but you still have to keep your foot on the brake.

Heli yoga 

Once at Rockies Heli Canada, we boarded helicopters and made our way onto a peak not far from Canmore. Once there, we spread out yoga mats and were led through the most tranquil class with a certified yoga instructor.

Woman laying on yoga mat

It’s easy to get to a zen-like state when this is your surroundings.

If you’ve never done outdoor yoga before, there’s just something about connecting your breath to the breeze, inhaling the fresh scent of pine as the sun warms your face. Bees hum happily in the distance and whenever you look up, there are those mountains in all their jaw-dropping glory. It’s just you and nature at her most glorious. You feel a part of it – there is this energy you can’t ignore. Experiences like this leave you incredibly refreshed – both mentally and physically.

heli yoga

Reverse warrior is a fave of mine.

When you try something new, something inspiring, you can’t help but want to do more, be more. Who knew heli-yoga existed so close to Calgary? There are so many unique experiences found in the Rockies. Would you try this one?

yoga in the mountains by helicopter