How to Make the Perfect Hot Toddy

Being sick sucks. Especially when you’ve got a To Do list a mile long. Why beat yourself up and keep going full throttle when your body clearly wants to rest? (How many years has it taken me to learn this?) So when life throws you lemons, make as well use them to make a hot toddy, I say. There’s no better way to chill than with a warm, alcoholic bevy. Hey, it’s medicinal (isn’t it?). I recently discovered the secret to a great hot toddy after my friend Jenn whipped up a batch using the last of her husband’s flavoured whisky (sorry about that, man). Of course, you could use plain old regular whisky, or brandy, or rum, but if you’re not a fan of brown alcohol, the spiced variety makes all the difference. Here’s how to make this most delicious cold remedy.

Hot Toddy Ingredients

  • 1 mug of boiled water
  • Juice of half a lemon (Do not use that Real Lemon shit. The guilty parties know who they are.)
  • 1 spoonful of honey (Again, use the real stuff, not highly processed syrup that comes in a teddy bear squeeze bottle)
  • 1-1.5 ounces of spiced whisky

A Note on Whisky

Despite growing up rural Alberta with plenty of bush parties under my belt, I’m not a fan of whisky, rye or even trendy bourbon (though I will happily drink it if served in a retro punch bowl). Hot toddies need some sort of brown alcohol, but I was able to find plenty of options that didn’t taste like high school. There are loads of maple flavoured and spiced whiskies (like pumpkin!) out there. Torched Toffee is an option, but my favourite is Spicebox Gingerbread Spiced Whisky. The smell is divine and it tastes like Christmas in a glass.

spicebox whisky


  1. Boil water and fill your favourite mug a little over 3/4 full
  2. Mix in the lemon, honey and the whisky
  3. Stir and snuggle under a cozy duvet with a chick flick ready to roll

Do you make warm drinks when you’re feeling under the weather? What are some of your favourites?