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When it comes to steak are you a traditionalist or more contemporary? I think I’m modern with everything, but when it comes to steak, I discovered I’m a total traditionalist. I found this out at recently reopened Hy’s Steakouse. It’s been 8-years since Hy’s was last in Calgary and let me tell you, it’s been worth the wait.

Where is Hy’s Steakhouse?

Hy’s new location at the base of The CORE meets the needs of both the corporate crowd and the younger set, who are into swish cocktails and taking a break from their shopping. 

Hy’s is modern, yet classic and that’s reflected both in the decor and menu. Think red leather banquettes, high ceilings and jet black walls. It’s like a very sexy men’s club, but not at all stodgy.

Hy's Steakhouse

Hy’s Menu

The menu is conveniently divided into modern and classic dishes. You could go traditional with an escargot starter or go for the more current smoked salmon. Classic jumbo prawn cocktail or contemporary ahi tuna tartare? The choice is sometimes quite difficult.

classic Caesar salad

In the end I went classic all the way: escargot, caesar salad and a big old steak sandwich for lunch. (Yes, I was splitting my appetizers.)

With the classics, you get what you expect – good, fresh ingredients, but not so much creativity. You won’t find any deconstructed plates in the classic section, but if you’re into that, opt for the modern menu items.

Steak and onion rings

Hy’s uses prime beef, which is a rate above your grade AAA. My New York strip steak sandwich was incredibly tender and peppery, which I like. You get your choice of sides and I opted for the world’s largest baked potato, which was filled table side.

Best is they still have their grill station encased by glass so diners can watch the cooks at work. Actually, scratch that. Better yet, Hy’s still dishes out their amazing cheese toast.

Whether you go classic or modern or flit between the two, you’ll want to tuck into these savoury parcels minutes after sitting down.

hy's cheese toast

Sweet Endings

Naturally I had room for dessert (remember I split my appies!) and this is where kicking it traditional reigns supreme. On the dessert menu you find old school faves like B-52 shooters and proper bananas foster sautéed with wads of creamy butter and brown sugar before being flambeed with rum and sedated with vanilla ice cream.

When I’m dining with the huz, dessert is either cheesecake or I’m forced to go it alone. Fortunately Hy’s famous cheesecake was as good as the Belgian chocolate bourbon cake looked. Fragrant with notes of vanilla and lemon, it wasn’t at all heavy, which meant I had to actually share it and not concede a few token bites to Dan.

Hy’s is a Calgary institution definitely worth sussing out. If you’re keen to try it for yourself, 

Hy’s Steakouse and Cocktail Bar

Location: at the CORE, corner of 8 Ave. and 3 St. SW, Calgary

Telephone: 403-663-3363


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37 thoughts on “Juicy steaks and more at Hy’s Steakouse”

  1. I love a good steak! Medium Rare is perfection. I enjoy your stories via email and on Facebook. I follow you on Twitter as well.

    1. Congratulations, Carol-Ann! You’ve won the $50 Hy’s gift card. I’ll email you with further deets.

  2. Katrina Brady

    I like my steak medium well. Just a touch of pink. I follow you on twitter (sweetmamabrady) and on FB (Katrina Brady) Mouth is watering just thinking of a good steak

  3. I love a traditional steak done medium rare. Nothing beats a good steak. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Gotta love a good ole fashioned steak..I am drooling for Hy’s after reading your review. I will take mine medium with a loaded baked potato. First stop on my spring calgary visit! #wheretoeatsteakincalgary #hyssteakhouse #travelswithbaggage

  5. Sarah Kucharski

    i follow you on Twitter and FB – and I like my steak rare! When I first moved to Alberta I liked it well done, but I was quickly taught by my Alberta friends the best way to appreciate a good steak is to eat it rare.

  6. Ramona Hooge

    I’m traditional all the way when it comes to steak: escargot (no sharing), Caesar salad, and a nice rare steak (cut depends on my mood). Of course dessert, I love a classic cheese cake. After reading your article and seeing that Hy’s “dishes out the cheese toast”, I’m hooked!
    I already follow you on twitter and I believe Facebook.

  7. Nancy Hamilton

    Si glad to see Hy’s is back in town. I will definately be suggesting Hy’s to our executives and out of town guests.
    Thank you !

  8. Mandy Sandhu

    Great article! I have been wanting to try Hy’s. I have heard a lot about them. I love a medium rare filet mignon.

  9. A traditional, classic melt-in-your-mouth Filet Mignon is my heart’s desire! Medium rare with a little steak sauce on the side for some extra kick! FB fan Krista Miller / @MillerKrazy on Twitter

  10. Hmmmm … a New York Steak medium rare at Hy’s … so delicious. I knew Hy’s at its former location and it was my favorite Steakhouse when I was in Calgary. So good to hear that it is back in town. I hope I can be there in near future … maybe with you and Dan? Regards from Germany!

  11. Michael P.

    My perfect steak is a classic bone-in rib, marinated with a simple spice rub, and cooked rare. Mmmm! I would absolutely love to try Hy’s, definitely looks like my kind of place. 🙂

    Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter (@drpeuz)! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, really hope I win!

  12. I’ll eat anything (carnivore) and I love my steak medium rare. I’ve followed you on Twitter and Facebook!Looking forward to trying out Hy’s!

  13. zahra premji

    I like my steak classic, spiced up with some dry rub and cooked medium. However, I would be up for trying some modern takes as well. Variety is the spice of life and you never know until you try.
    Also like you on FB as Zahra Premji

  14. Im a traditional / medium well girl. My dad was a bbq wizard, he made the best steaks ever. Neither me or my husband have the bbq touch, so if we want a good steak we have to go out for it now!

  15. Rebthecatsitter

    I like you on Facebook (Rebecca Roberts) and followed on Twitter (@rebthecatsitter)

    Thanks for the delicious opportunity!

  16. We love Hy’s steak! Definitely a traditional, medium rare. And, I now follow you on Twitter and like you FB.

  17. I prefer my steak rare. I’m glad Hy’s is back – went there a lot when they were still at the old location!

  18. StephanieW

    Steak is our absolute favourite treat! So simple, and yet so delicious! We love enjoying it during a night out or a Sunday dinner at home, but we love it best when served with loaded baked potatoes and some fresh greens! Mmm!

    Thanks for the fab contest, this would be a great date night!! 😉 Fingers crossed, followed on FB and Twitter (@stephaniewarthe)!

  19. I like my steak medium rare – I like to have it at home and out for special occasions. Love having it with a glass of wine! Liked you on FB and Follow on twitter @10nnyson

  20. I like my steak traditional. Medium rare please! I also follow you on Twitter and like you on FB. 🙂

  21. Traditional, medium rare and with a good glass of red wine! Looking forward to checking out the new Hy’s! Thanks for your post!

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