I Love My Muff, Do You?

Yes, it’s true. I Love My Muff is a range of non-toxic fem-hy products. And yes, I do love it.

I love my muff maintence kitThat Awkward First Meeting

I first came across I Love My Muff at Butter Beauty Parlour in Calgary. I like to get blown out there and it really intrigued me. Do you buy it in stealth mode like we do condoms and tampons? Was it like a party in your pants or a new age douche for those Millennial kids? And what exactly is a douche? One of the advantages of being a Gen Xer, is missing out on that little right of passage.

I thought the Muff thing would be a cute gift for the IBMer. Not that she’s into muffs or anything, but I like to tease her and she has a wicked sense of humour. Anyway, I didn’t end up getting the kit for her B-day, but I did pick one up on mine. I always orchestrate my own B-day

All About the Packaging

Let me tell you, ladies (guys, do you really want to keep reading this?), the product lives up to its super cute packing. I went with the maintenance kit, so I could sample a variety of fun muff stuff. I didn’t think I’d use their wash, but it’s super handy those days when you only have time for a quick sponge bath.

Kissing Fresh breath spray

Then there’s the spray, which totally reminded me of that strawberry scented Kissing Fresh breath freshener we gals stored in our lockers in junior high. Translation: I feel a bit too old to jump onto to the muff spray bandwagon.

What I did appreciate were their vag wipes. Because sometimes, you just need to freshen up down there. And not just women. Guys could totally use something in that department…

vag wipesIf only wipes are what you’re after, it’s cheaper to go with Target’s pack of 25 for sub $5 vs. $22 for the Muff ones. And don’t we all have a packet of baby wipes lurking somewhere in our bathroom? Kotex says it’s totally fine to use them.

But back to my muff, if you want to take care of down there, if you have a muff on the move or fancy giving yourself a vajacial, score yourself some wipes at the very least.

Do you love your muff? Ha ha, kidding. I’d love to know your cringe factor reading this post. Hit me. I can take it.

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