What I’m into this winter in Calgary (and you might be, too!)

What you need to do in order to survive winter in Calgary
Planning a romantic getaway always lifts the spirits.

Remember how into hygge I got last year? I’m back at it again. From now until the end of May the weather is super unpredictable where I live. I have to have things to look forward to. Many things. Big things, little things, you name it. I need to seek out all that’s great about living here. If you don’t, you might as well move somewhere less expensive, right? Here’s what’s making my winter in Calgary bearable.

Fun things to do in Calgary this winter

What I’m into this winter in Calgary (and you might be, too!)
Thinking a winter picnic is something I should add to my bucket list.

Best brunch spots in Calgary

Pretty much every awesome resto in Calgary now does brunch. Some of my recent favourites:

Calcutta Cricket Club: Head here if you’re hungover and even if you’re not. Portions aren’t crazy large, so turn the chips and curry (super mild) into a breakfast appie before your main.

Native Tongues: I like this place for brunch as much as I do Happy Hour. I adore the hamburguesa and their egg dishes score full marks.

Anju: I was blown away by their Eggs Benedict. I’m gonna say it’s the best in the city. I was worried about the kimchi hollandaise, but there was no cabbage to be found – only a slight kick of heat. And the side of pimped out tater tots beats hash browns in my books.

asian eggs benny
I had the crab and guacamole eggs benny at Anju, but next time I’m getting this pork belly one.

For an anytime treat, I recommend Buttermilk Fine Waffles. I took Eve and a friend, and they thought it was so very cool. Buttermilk has loads of boardgames, plays movies (Friday night double features) and is licensed!

Skiing, but also into après-ski…

If you don’t do winter sports, winter is really gonna suck for you. This year, we got a family seasons pass to Sunshine Village. It has made such a difference going up just for fun and not stressing about getting enough runs in. Their new nachos (with chorizo) are awesome and the bonfires they have at the gondola base always put me in a good mood. Maybe that’s also slightly because you can get a boozy drink to sip while your spouse pulls the car up for you.

sunshine village banff
All thoughts of work float away when you’re cruising down the slopes at Sunshine.

This weekend I’m off to explore the slopes at Park City, Utah. Have you been? Looking for recs as I’ve got some time to explore on my own.

Broadway Shows in Calgary

Broadway Across Canada just released their new shows for the upcoming season. In the past year I’ve taken Eve to see The Sound of Music and Mamma Mia. I’m so glad I introduced her to theatre, as it’s important for kids to get exposed to different cultural experiences. I’m super keen to see The Book of Mormon. I heard such great things about it and was kicking myself for not getting tickets a few years back. And Come From Away is a production all about Newfoundlanders and how the community of Gander opened their arms to stranded 9/11 flight passengers. Get your tickets fast for that one, folks. It will for sure sell out.

newfoundland broadway sho1
Bring Kleenex to Come From Away (Photo credit Matthew Murphy)

Reading, like five books at a time

I finally broke down, bought a Kindle and am hooked. I’m using the sample feature like crazy to test drive books. It allows you to read several chapters of a book before committing to it. They say it’s OK to quit after 50 crap pages. I bought the sixth Outlander, even though it was only $2 cheaper on Kindle than buying paperback. This series is so thick it was worth it. Other books I highly recommend: Big Little Lies (am also sampling What Alice Forgot by the same author) and I’m Glad About You by Theresa Rebeck.

botoxed women
I still haven’t seen Big Little Lies on TV yet, but the book was amazing.

A Calgary spa you can drink at

I get more pedicures in winter than I do in summer. Why? Dry weather = disgusting cracked heels! My biggest beef is that mani-pedi salons aren’t licensed. Then my bud, News Bob alerted me to Distilled Beauty Bar in Marda Loop. You can get a facial, wax, mani-pedi and hair blow out all while being served barista coffee, craft beer or wine. I’m headed there this week.

Distilled beauty bar Calgary
Three words: Distilled Beauty Bar. Two words: Yes, please!
Distilled beauty bar calgary
Here’s a look at some of the food you can nosh on at Distilled.

What do you do to make this season less of a drag?

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