Solution for sore muscles: Japanese mint oil

It seems the older I get, the longer it takes to recover from working out. As you know in the past few months I’ve been busy adding hot yoga with weights and ballet barre classes to my regimen. My legs have never been so sore! But I found a solution to relieve sore muscles, that totally speeds up your recovery time. The secret is: Japanese mint oil.

Why you ought to be using Japanese mint oil after hard exercise
I never tried hagina when I lived in Japan, but now I’m converted.

Japanese mint oil

I’d never heard of Japanese mint oil before, but the hippy at the organic store swore by it. And now, I do, too! Simply take this oil and put either a few drops in a very hot bath or add it to a carrier oil. I use organic, unrefined sesame oil, as it penetrates the skin quickly and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Instead of lathering up with body lotion, I rub this mint/sesame oil concoction on my skin and really work it into the sore spots.

Solution for sore muscles: Japanese mint oil
You can easily find hagina at most health food stores.

Sore muscle recovery tips

While I can’t claim I’m 100% pain-free the next day, I’m hurting much less! I notice a huge difference in my recovery when I don’t use it. I few other solutions for sore muscles are:

  • Adding epsom salts to a your bath (you need a good amount, like at least 2 cups).
  • Using one of those foam rollers to massage it out.
  • Getting right back to the gym, burning out that lactic acid out some intense cardio – like spinning.

Check out my thoughts on full-body spin classes here. No pain, no gain, right?

I’m curious, how do you relieve sore muscles?

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