What’s your guilty pleasure when you’re on holiday? For some it’s indulging a bit more. For others, it’s partying like it’s 1999. I’m partial to hitting up a good grocery store. Like for hours. Quite possibly the best grocery store in the world is La Comer, found in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. You want bronzed skin AND bargains? Roll up to this little slice of paradise on the Baja Peninsula. 

La Comer

So many helpful staff at La Comer can tell you which salsa to buy.

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La Comer

La Comer is conveniently situated at the junction between Highway 1 and Highway 10. You can take either of these highways to the international airport, so if you’re flying in, you’re sure to drive by it. This (formerly a Mega) grocery store sits in the same parking lot as a McDonalds and Starbucks, and is steps away from San Jose’s hotel zone. 

It seems like half their customers are American ex-pats, and the store caters to these cash cows. They’ve got volunteers dotted around the store to help you shop.

One quickly pounced on me and she was so knowledgeable about whether cactus tostadas were worth the hype that I kept hunting her down.

I peppered her with questions such as:

  • Do Mexicans drink margaritas out of a can?
  • Do refried beans taste OK without lard?

These volunteers can answer all those questions that have been bugging your for years. P.S. expect to receive a look of disgust when asking about omitting lard. 

But what can I say? I loooove Mexican food and this mega grocery store is the best spot in the Baja region to snap up all those ingredients. Here are 40 of the best Mexican foods to try BTW…

La Comer: Cabo’s best shopping secret

Me and my bestie.

My gal even ran into the huz and got into a conversation about me, without realizing our mutually close relationships.

Lady: Hello sir, do you have any questions? I’m happy to help.

Huz: Thanks, but I think I’m OK. (Continues shopping for inappropriate T-shirts.)

Lady: No really, it’s fine. I just spent an hour with a Canadian in the hot chocolate aisle.

Huz: Did she ask you a thousand questions?

Lady: Yes!

Huz: I think you just met my wife.

Lady: She is wearing black and looks like an old teenager? 

Huz: That’d be her.

Editor’s note: I hoping old teenager was just a bad translation for young lady.

And clothing, too! 

With Target and Zellers gone in Canada, I’ve been missing the cheap Cherokee line for kids. They carry it here though, plus a lot of clothing that hasn’t made it past a good translator.

stupid college T shirts

Naturally we bought this shirt and are thinking of giving it to our nephew.

But who could resist such sexy Ts? Not my man. Fast forward a few years and now our daughter proudly wears this shirt.

target T shirts

Camping: Meet new friends since 1987. Um, OK!

Check out the amazing seafood counter below. So much octopus, so little time! The prawns are spectacular. The amount of fresh seafood (and salsas, and other prepared Mexican delights) will make you WANT to cook all through your holiday. OK, maybe not every day, but if you’re headed to the beach (Chileno Bay has a lovely public beach), this is where you’ll want to stop for picnic provisions.

seafood counter

Seafood fresh from the Sea of Cortez.

Ceviche anyone? There are half a dozen varieties on tap every day for your snacking pleasure. 

ceviche counter

Or maybe it’s salsa? Both are available and made daily.

La Comer’s got a full bakery, with freshly made bread and all the treats you’d expect. Handy for those renting a condo is their prepared food section (hello homemade corn tortillas and guacamole!). They even sport a handsome selection of car tires in case you get a flat. Really, this Cabo grocery store has it all – including beach toys like boogie boards, life jackets, etc… 

Note: I typically bring back the their homemade tortillas on the plane to Canada and it’s never been an issue. They’re hiding underneath the blue gingham blanket in a cooler (see pic below). Only the locals know its hiding spot!

Mega tortiallas

Snap up homemade tortillas on your way to the airport. I do!

Cabo Costco

La Comer rocks for tourists like me keen to snap up American goods at much cheaper prices than we could in the States or Canada. Costco in Cabo is good, too. They have the advantage of being closer to Cabo San Lucas if you’re staying near that area.

Plus, Costco has some sweet views of The Arches from their parking lot. And who can resist the super cheap hot dogs, pizza and sundaes they dish out? Not I! But if given a choice, it’s La Comer (formerly Mega) that I return to time and time again.

Still, at Costco you can stock up on quality booze at cheaper prices if you’re not doing the all-inclusive thing.

Have you ever hit up the grocery stores in Mexico? Have I tempted you?