What it’s Like to be a Life Coach

I’m always fascinated by people who have interesting jobs. I often wonder what it takes, how hard it is, if it’s something I could do, etc… I’ve decided to start a series on my blog about cool jobs. I’m kicking it off with my good friend Christine Francoeur who is a life coach. Read on to learn what her job and life is like.

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So, what the hell is a life coach?

A life coach helps their clients discover all that is within waiting to be uncovered and released into the world. It’s about creating a shift and opening their view to new ideas and possibilities.

Who uses them and why?

People who are dissatisfied with an area in their life and are ready to make change.  They’re looking for guidance on a new path.

How did you learn to become a life coach?

I did my training with The Coaches Training Institute at the University of Calgary. CTI has trained over 35,000 coaches worldwide and trains more new coaches each year than any other program.

What traits do you need to be good at it?

The biggest would be a natural curiosity and commitment to inspiring the client to live their best life.

What do you enjoy most about it?

The words I love most are: I never thought of it that way before! The fact that they’ve come to me to help guide them to their greatness – could there be a bigger honour?  The best part though….watching my clients’ eyes light up from their discoveries — it’s like their souls are shining through!

What’s the worst thing about your job?

I wouldn’t call this the worst thing….more like the most challenging. Having a really tough, emotional conversation that ended up being completely unexpected for the client. Holding that energy and space for them to know that this release is a good thing! We’ve been conditioned for so long to cover up our tears or anger.

Do you have any good tips for being diplomatic when talking to a crazy person?

No conversation in coaching is ever crazy!  It will always lead us to what’s important to the client.

What’s one surprising thing most people don’t realize about life coaching?

It isn’t like therapy where there’s a focus on the past. While our past is important in shaping our current reality and beliefs, coaching is about looking to the future and making change. It’s also a meeting of equals. I’m not an expert in my client’s life, they are. People may expect a coach to provide them answers or advice. We are guides  who take the client on a journey into discovering their own answers and development within themselves.

Are the hours flexible and can you do it from home?

Yes, absolutely! I speak with my clients mostly in the day, but I have done evening sessions.

Do you feel your pay is commensurate with what you do?

Here’s one way to think of it: you could spend an hour with me discussing the changes you’re ready to make in your life for the exact same amount you would pay for a 60 minute massage. Both services are oh so beneficial!

Advice to people who really want to do what you do, but are afraid:

Chances are they’re already doing it with colleagues, friends and family without even realizing it! Once they see and accept that, they’ll be ready for the next step to start training.

Thanks, Christine! To learn more about life coaching at the services available, check out:  www.christinefrancoeur.com

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