Where to find great local gifts in Calgary

The best stores to score local gifts in Calgary + $100 gift cert giveaway
I wouldn’t mind if somebody snuck this under the tree for me.

I’m trying to be more conscious about what and where I buy. At this time of year, whenever I’m at an indie shop and I see something interesting, I snap it up. You probably have your tried and true favourite local stores, but you may not know about these newcomers. Here’s a look at some recently opened Calgary shops where you’re sure to find fabulous gifts for the adults on your list.

Piece on Peace

One of my friends recently dragged me into Piece on Peace. Despite it’s meh location, it was chock full of awesome finds. I shouldn’t slag the location too much. It was just off Bow Trail and next to an awesome pie shop: Pie Junkie , for crying out loud.

Where to find great local gifts in Calgary + $100 giveaway
They don’t come cheap, but I reckon I’ll be wearing these tights for a decade.

I’m hopeless in these indie stores, but thanks to my friend, I’m now addicted to Swedish Stockings. OK, not so local, but so awesome I’ll never buy hosiery from another brand. They also stock PURA – one of my favourite skincare and perfumeries. Made by hand in Edmonton, you’ve gotta try their Watermelon Mask. Be forewarned: With pretty much all their products it’s love at first sniff.

healthy cleaning products
These products smell so good, you’ll want to make room for them.

Forgive me if I sound too house-wifey, but while you’re there, you ought to pick up a bottle of Countertop Cleanser by Sapadilla. Because you’re more likely to clean if prettily packaged, plant-based, biodegradable cleansers are at your disposal, right?

Lashes in a flash

Plume Lash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is made by a Calgary mom who suffered major eyelash loss after the birth of her first child. (Me, too!) It’s sold all over Calgary and North America. You’ll even find it at Nordstrom, which is a major deal.

I’ve been trying to grow out my brows, but as you may well know, it’s an arduous process. Their lash serum is reputed to increase eye lash length and/or density. I’ve been using it for a little over six weeks now. Sadly, I haven’t noticed any improvement on my lower lashes, but I have with my eyebrows. Yes, I know eyebrow hair grows all the time, but I’ve over-plucked my outer brows so much, they’re way sparse and weird looking. I’ve only apply the serum from the middle to the end of my brows. It’s working and my brows are looking fuller.

eyebrow powder
It’s not quite waxy, but not a powder either. Whatever, it doesn’t smudge.

Plume also has this awesome eyebrow powder. Officially it’s called Nourish & Define Brow Pomade, and it is the bomb. I love it! It’s totally smudge proof and comes with an excellent angled brush, too. There are several shades to match your hair colour, including a super light shade for blondes. My skin is super sensitive and it’s 100% natural, gentle, vegan, etc…

Local gifts for guys in Calgary

men stocking stuffers
I dare say these Henry Singer toiletry items are unisex. Hint hint.

You may think, as I did, that Henry Singer is a national chain. It actually has an 80-year legacy in Alberta and their new flagship Calgary location (at Eighth Avenue Place) has an in-store barbershop and apothecary with scents and skincare. Plus, they have a ton of great gadgets and stocking stuffers for men. Like this pinstriped iPhone case.

man's fashion iphone case
Very dapper, don’t you think?

Gift cards from these new Calgary foodie hot spots

It’s always safe going the gift card route. I’m shying away from spa services, as I’ve learned ladies can be quite particular in which treatments they’ll submit to. Unless your know their favourites, it’s dicey. I tend to go more the food route. You could show up with one of the ribbon worthy pies from Pie Junkie (next to Piece on Peace) or nab a gift certificate so they can choose their favourite. Friends, please consider this your cue to show up at mine with one of their Christmas Orange Cream Tarts:)

seasonal fall pies
Pie Junkie has both sweet and savoury pies and cookies, too!

Restaurants are always safe bets and The Guild is an excellent choice. Why? Nothing says let’s feast quite like tucking into a slow roasted pig’s head, now does it? It’s got that wow factor that impresses foodies, yet it’s approachable with massive steaks and pimped out sausage rolls. Situated on the main floor of the downtown Hudson Bay, The Guild is an ideal spot for anyone who works or lives downtown, the cocktail seeker, the Sunday brunch lover or that special gift for Secret Santa. Check out my review of it here.

roast chicken dinner
You can go traditional or try more cutting edge cuisine at The Guild in Calgary

Do you try to shop local for holiday gifts? What are your favourite stores where you live?

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