These are the best spots to get a massage in Portland

Portland: Land of hipsters, fixies and some super spas that dissolve all traces of city stressors. Whether you’re looking for a day of indulgence or a hit and run to get the kinks worked out, there’s no shortage of urban sanctuaries. Here’s a look at some of the best spots for wellness treatments (like massage) in Portland.

Best Portland spas for massage
Alert! The best spa robes are found at Portland’s Kimpton Hotel Vintage.

Massage Portland

There are many spots to get a quality massage in Portland. There’s Mudra Massage, which specializes in Ashiatsu, a barefoot technique. Yep, your therapist will step onto your back and use gravity to deliver deep, consistent pressure. Sounds bizarre if you’ve never tried it, but it’s actually quite effective.

It’s way more comfortable than a pointy elbow jabbing you in a tight spot, trust. Mudra also scores points for leaving 30-minutes between massage appointments so you know you’re going to get in on time. If your therapist feels you need a little extra TLC, they have that leeway. Just remember to tip them for that extra effort.

Massage Portland, Oregon

Another good massage spot in Portland, Oregon is Zama. They’re a full service spa so you can get loads of treatments done, from facials to waxing to nails. If you’re looking to go with your partner, this is the spot.

Besides your basic couple’s massage, you could get a massage class and take those techniques back home. There’s great date night packages, couple’s foot rubs and more. Zama also scores points for a multitude of male, teen and CBD oil treatments – so very on point for Portland, Oregon!

massage in portland
Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Portland, you’ll want to dip into Knot Springs.

But my all time favourite massage spot in Portland is Knot Springs. Touted as a social club for wellness lovers, it actually walks the talk.

Knot Springs Spa

Situated steps away from Burnside Bridge, Knot Springs’ floor to ceiling windows deliver sparkling views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland. In addition to the spa (which we’ll get into in a sec), Knot Springs sports a full service gym with weights, personal trainers, barre, yoga, HIIT and TRX. After working out, you can hit their luxe spa pools.

massage portland
Not many places offer aerial yoga, but Knot Springs does!

If you’re familiar with Nordic spas, Knot Springs is like that, but indoors. There are three pools ranging in temperature. You’re to do a circuit, alternating between getting really hot, super cold and then chilling at room temp.

To get real hot, you could hit their steam, sauna or hot pool. For the cold phase, dip into their bracing plunge pool (so freaking cold!).

The relaxation phase is the best. That’s when your endorphins reset. You can relax outdoors, catching some rays on one of their loungers. Or, sink into the warmish tepidarium pool or get a spa treatment.

You can buy a day pass for the pools, but it’s not all day. You’ll get two hours, which I thought wouldn’t be enough time, but it was longer than I needed. Bizarrely, my favourite thing at this spa was their complimentary pandan water. So good! They also served up a signature blend tea from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company that was divine.

Portland Day Spa

Knot Springs has to be the #1 Portland day spa. It has no shortage of treatments, and you can use the pools for 90-minutes before or after your treatment. If massage is what you’re after, this day spa has one of Portland’s largest menus. There’s Swedish, pre-natal, hot stone, Thai, deep tissue, sports, Ashiatsu, Shiatsu (Japanese pressure point – no feet involved:) and CBD oil.

Now if you’re getting a treatment with CBD oil, you need to use the pools prior. They don’t want that oil coming off in the water, so you won’t get access to the pools after those treatments.

Getting a treatment with CBD oil, may seem strange, but you’re in Portland after all! Check out these 40+ weird things to do in Portland before you visit.

massage portland
Who needs a pedicure when you can get a tricked out foot rub?

In addition to massage, they offer facials and foot rubs. With the facials, they use Laurel Whole Plant Organics, which smells quite earthy.

Me: Oh, wow! This moisturizer smells like a garden or something.

Receptionist: Yes, we refer to it as luxury dirt.

Oh, Portland. You slay me.

The foot rub treatment room has fantastic views of the Willamette River.

Best Massage Portland Oregon

As much as I’m a massage junkie, it was another spa treatment that I’d go back for. It’s probably the best massage in all of Portland, Oregon, but it’s for your feet.

The foot rub consists of a soak and custom salt scrub. Then you get a proper foot massage (15-minutes per foot), hot towel compress, dry brushing and a final rub down with Vitamin E-infused coconut oil.

Each treatment comes with a glass of complimentary Oregon wine, beer or kombucha. Because of the booze and the CBD oil (if you so choose, there are other oils), you can only use the pools before this treatment.

If you threw in a workout, the pools and a spa treatment, you could easily spend the better part of a day at Knot Springs. Which is exactly what I intend to do the next time I’m in Portland, Oregon. 

Massage Portland

Have you ever been to Portland? Where are your favourite wellness places in the city?


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