The Nordic Spa in Kananaskis needs to be on your radar

Alberta’s Kananaskis region is well known for hiking and camping. Fantastically, there’s also a Nordic Spa in Kananaskis for spa-goers to lap up all the healing benefits of being in nature.  Kananaskis Nordic Spa is Alberta’s first Scandinavian-inspired wellbeing facility. Here’s an in-depth look at what to expect when visiting this rad Nordic spa in Kananaskis Country. 

Nordic spa in the Kananaskis outdoor pool
Couple the views with the pools, and you’ll feel so invigorated. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)
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Nordic Spa Kananaskis

There aren’t many Nordic spas in Western Canada and we’re so lucky the Kananaskis region has this outdoor spa open all year long. Imagine how refreshed you’ll feel after a day of exertion in the great outdoors to pop into this wellness wonderland situated on the grounds of Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge.

Within minutes, you’re soothed by the invigorating elements of the Canadian outdoors. First, you hear the sound of water cascading into azure-hued outdoor pools. Next, you’re lured by the scent of woodsmoke wafting through the air. You’ve just entered a full on adult alpine sanctuary and within minutes, all city stressors (and tensed muscles) melt away.

The Nordic Spa in Kananaskis needs to be on your radar
Warm up and chill out around the cowboy cauldron fire pits. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Following an ancient Nordic spa ritual, Kananaskis Nordic Spa guests alternate from hot to cold to a period of relaxation. Then you’ll do the cycle all over again – ideally circulating through it three times.

First, you sweat it out. This could happen inside the funky inhalation steam room. The steam room has two different chambers: one is always infused with eucalyptus and the other changes with the season, which you can vote for on their website. The heady scent of cedar infuses the Finnish sauna (lower temp but higher humidity) that seats 30.

Finally, there’s a barrel sauna and a banya – a traditional Russian sauna. Best is the exfoliation room near the saunas, where you can scrub off all that dead skin with salts infused with either invigorating and relaxing oils.

Nordic sauna
Check out the adorable barrel sauna!
A retreat for the frazzled and the weary, welcome to Kananaskis Nordic Spa. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

Next you’ll slip into one of the fabulously large outdoor pools. Ideally, you’d plunge into the cold pool set between 5-10°F. But this isn’t your typically Nordic Spa, so go ahead and skip the cool pool if you like.

The temperature is brisk enough in the Rockies that the air will cool you down in no time at all. Steam rises off the large two-tired pool set between 95-102°F. This is the spot to hunker down and gaze at the majestic peaks that cocoon this alpine oasis.

Want to heat things up further still? There’s also a hot tub with water spilling down from one level to the next.

woman wearing winter hat in outdoor hot tub
Make like a true Canadian and don your toque in the outdoor pools. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

The third and most important phase of any Nordic spa ritual is relaxation. You could chill out next to the massive outdoor wood fires.

Or, you and your sweetheart could zip into a heated hammock handmade for two. Going for a massage or nursing a glass of vino are also relaxing activities, don’t you think? 

Mount Kidd winter Kananaskis
With these views it’s easy to feel grounded at Kananaskis Nordic Spa. (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

What makes Kananaskis Nordic Spa different?

Anyone who’s been to other Nordic spas (there are loads in Quebec, Thermea in Winnipeg and one coming to Edmonton in 2020) knows there are rules. In the Kananaskis, they are way more relaxed.

For starters, it’s licensed. Their restaurant, Two Trees Bistro is located in its own building in Phase 2. Done up in a Kitschy Canadian style,  you can chill with a glass of wine or beer, while gazing out the windows pools at the snow-clad peaks of the Rockies.

modern mountain lounge
Doesn’t their lounge look divine? (Photo credit: @leehorbachewski)

And it’s not preachy. At 99% of nordic spas, you’re supposed to be quiet. Many have signs reminding you it’s a quiet space. Not here, where the vibe is more Canadian kitchen party than monastic sanctuary. You won’t be shushed by staff if you and your friends get a little animated in the pool. It’s all super relaxed and approachable.

kananaskis nordic spa lounge
Or use the relaxation phase to catch up with one of your best girlfriends! Everybody say HI to Carmelle.

What to Know before hitting Kananaskis Nordic Spa

  • It’s only a 45-minute drive from Calgary! From Banff the drive will take you just under an hour and budget 40-minutes from Canmore.
  • It’s $85 + GST per person for a day pass. If you book in for a massage, the treatment includes spa access (better value). 
  • No children are allowed. Guests must be 18-years or older. (See below for kid options.)
  • Especially on weekends it gets super busy. If you don’t arrive early, you may have to wait to gain entry.
  • Avoid this by booking in for a massage. If you have a booking, you get immediate access to the spa.
  • There are 8 treatment rooms open for massage.
  • All massage therapists are fully licensed, so if you have a benefits plan you can claim it.
  • Two towels, a pair of sandals and one luxe Canadian Tartan robes are given to each guest. 
  • The lockers are big and the wristband lock is included with your entry fee. The women’s powder room sports blowdryers and some irons.
Canadian spa design
Who needs a massage when you have this view at Kananaskis Nordic Spa
fleece lined bathrobe
Just think how adorable you’ll look in one of these Canadian tartan robes!

Kananaskis Lodge

Make the most of your spa visit by staying on-site at Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. Kids aren’t allowed in the spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them along. If you’re a hotel guest at this Kananaskis Lodge, you can take advantage of their kids camp running everyday day of the week. Yes, everyday – not just on weekends and school holidays. Simply drop off your kids, then hit the spa.

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There’s an indoor waterpark with three waterslides and a kiddie pool for the very young. For the older set, you’ll find a games room and play structures inside their indoor kid’s zone. 

Kananaskis Restaurants

There are several restaurants inside Kananaskis Lodge, but if you’re hitting the Nordic Spa, best to stay put there. Two Trees Bistro has moved inside its own building in Phase 2 of the spa.

Here you’ll find healthy, yet satisfying eats from soba noodle buddha bowls to spaghetti squash in tomato sauce. For breakfast, the avocado toast with smoked salmon is real winner as is the roasted yam, black bean breakfast bowl.

Kananaskis Nordic Spa is all about water, warmth and wonder. It’s about reconnecting to nature while disconnecting from our frantic lives. If you can do that in under a few hours, that’s money well spent in my books.

Have you ever been to a Nordic Spa? What’s your impression of the experience?

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  1. I desperately need to get to a Nordic spa currently- it’s been YEARS since I went to any spa at all and I really do love the hot-cold-hot-cold (well I don’t love the cold part but my body feels great after) thing -but agree with you that in some spas it’s so poo pooed to speak or laugh and one must simply listen to the chant or Enya music and be silent that I would prefer a bit more relaxed vibe (like our spas in California :)). bookmarking this.

    1. Jennifer Hardy

      With two kiddos on summer break me and my husband would love a relaxing break away at the Nordic Spa! It would be the perfect thing to rest and recharge!

  2. Tamara Elliott

    I can’t wait to try this place out! I’m so obsessed with the spas in Winnipeg and Quebec that I’ve been to- seems like we’ve been waiting for something like this in Alberta forever!

      1. Really it’s a place the hubby and I can hide from our kids hahaha would be a great day away

  3. Never heard of Nordic Spa until now. But this looks super cool. And its a great there is an option to being kids and engage them in other activities while you relax.

    1. It would be, except this Nordic Spa doesn’t allow kids into it. There are others in Quebec that do, though. Hotel guests can use the kid’s club as a way to get to the spa sans wee ones.

    2. Michelle A

      Would love a girls getaway with my bestie. It’s been over a decade since we have been on a trip together. This would be such a great gift for both of us, with three kids each, we could definitely use a day at the spa!

  4. Punita Malhotra

    I will have a tough time deciding whether I want to be in the outdoor hot pool, the cozy lounge or the tempting spa! What a stunning location for a nordic spa. And we are contemplating on travelling to Canada this year. Sounds perfect.

  5. Such a unique spa. Makes me really curious how this hot-cold-hot-cold will be like.
    Need to get there with friends as there is no sushhh area 🙂 🙂

    1. Soon there will be a separate shush area, but for now, the entire outdoor section is set up for yakkers like me.

  6. Reading this makes me want to book the next flight out and book a trip to the spa. Love the idea of alternating between the hot and cold as well as the exfoliation room. Great tip about booking a massage for immediate access. I’ve been wanting to go to Canada and Kananaskis Nordic Spa is another beautiful reason why! Great review

  7. Renata Green

    I’m going to a spa about five times a week, but it’s not that posh (but also far cheaper). Cooling down in this snow instead of a pool or a shower must be a very ‘natural’ experience. The outdoor area looks gorgeous.

  8. Megan Jerrard

    Kananaskis Nordic Spa sounds like it’s amazing! Thanks for the heads up on the opening! I love the idea of experiencing authentic Nordic spa rituals, and with those views it would be so easy to chill out and relax! Only a 45-minute drive from Calgary is fabulous – will make sure we set a day aside – and I love that the whole experience has a laid back vibe. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Sonja Hayes-Powers

    My Mum is visiting from the UK right now and this would be an amazing experience for us both to share together! She lost her husband last year and this would be such a boost for hto her and some quality time together ❤️

  10. Lana sinclair

    I would go there with my husband to unwind after a hard day’s work and before a long overdue date night.

      1. I would love to take my best friend Sharon.

        She’s a friend who has ALWAYS been there for me, in all the good times and bad. She works so hard, she put herself through college when her children were small, and is now taking the final steps to get her degree! At the age of 50 something!

        We’ve been friends since grade 7, shes like a sister!

    1. I don’t spend nearly enough time in Kananakis this would be a great gift for some mother/daughter time

    1. I would love to take my mom with me! She is always doing so much for us, especially since having my baby this spring. It would mean a lot for me to be able to do this with her as we have not had a mom and daughter trip in a few years.

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    I would love to take my mom. She lives in sask and will be coming to calgary next year for our wedding. I am also hoping my nan would come from england to our wedding. I would love to take both to this incredable place

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  14. This would be fabulous. The past few years have been super rough on me and now on my friend. My husband passed away unexpectedly on his birthday, – two months after his younger brother died. Our daughter was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic (at 23 years old), I fell down the stairs and ripped my shoulder apart – now have five anchors holding it together, our dog became a type 1 diabetic (11) and now has gone blind, and now my friend is currently in hospital with serious health issues (not saying what – that’s hers to tell). There have been other things as well, but those are the biggies. Could really use some pampering.

  15. I deserve some time at the spa! As an autism Mom I am on duty 24/7!! I’d love to be able to actually relax and to being another hard working autism momma with me!

    1. The IT world can be frustrating at times and the only way I can relax is to escape to the mountains. This spa sounds amazing! How could you not return rejuvenated to face the next challenges life, or work, throws at you?

  16. Kathy Drumm

    Why my friend (Susan)and I deserve to be pampered: a long-time friend has just lost her father and his partner within days of one another and it has been extremely difficult for her! We have been friends for greater than 20 years and we have been there for each other through good and challenging times! I have been a busy working mom/nana that always thinks of others first – so we could use a bit of a break and just take time for ourselves and be pampered! ????

  17. My daughter and I would love a day of pampering as we not work a full time job and volunteer on the weekend.

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  21. Stephanie Siah

    My friend and I just had our third children this year! We could definitely use some pampering at the spa.

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  22. Sarah Milne

    I’m celebrating my 40th this year and haven’t ever been to a real spa in my lifetime! I think this would be a very great place to start! Always love following your adventures!

  23. Chantal Leroux

    Hi Jody!
    My therapist asked me where my “happy place” was during my last session and I responded without hesitation – “Kananaskis Nordic Spa”! She said – “you need to get out there more often!!”
    Doctors orders!!
    It’s one big & beautiful pocket of peace…. the spa robes are Canadiana silky magic!

  24. Barb Matwie

    Kananaskis Nordic Spa wow. I grew up on a farm decades ago and miss so many of the things that are described here . what Memories, what amazing photos. I’ve never experienced a spa in my many decades. I can surely smell the eucalyptus just reading that description. I could practice my newly learned swimming skills in the outdoor pool. Oh my 2 snooze a heated zippered hammock that would certainly be a piece of heaven. I have tasted avocado toast with smoked salmon but of course not at any Spa. We live life the best we can every day, work everyday, hope to win the lottery every week, and hope that something like this can surely come by to lift your spirits. I would be ecstatic to experience something like this and surely would share it with someone special.????????

  25. Brita Goldie

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  32. I would take my girlfriend that’s been through lots in the past year and this would be the perfect way for us to relax. It will be a tough time deciding whether we want to be in the outdoor hot pool, the cozy lounge or the tempting spa! I follow your Facebook page and also shared the post.

  33. My friend and I just had babies 3 months ago and we can certainly use a few hours to ourselves getting pampered while the older kids and dads explore the beautiful surroundings of Kananaskis 🙂

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    Wow! That look amazing. So
    Blessed to have places like that in our “backyard”. Mama is tired. Plain and simple – needs a day to recharge. I would take my mama as she helps me
    So much

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    My dad 1000000%
    He’s quiet and strong. He just lost his Mom the other day and he’s holding it all together for everyone. He’s the oldest sibling and everyone’s shoulder. He deserves some time, some time for himself to take a breathe in a calm place. I feel like this is the place he needs <3

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  80. I’d love to try this beautiful spa with my hubby as a celebration of him finishing his last year if a 7 year journey of grad school. Being in grad school and me as a SAHM meant we couldn’t indulge in things like these, so I would love to surprise him with this! Also liked and following FB page

  81. Chelsea Jan

    I would love to take me and my mother. She does so much for me and my family. I work 3 jobs to make sure our bills are paid, food over our head and food in our bellies. She helps with the babysitting, cleaning ext. I cant afford to ever thank her for being there for me and helping me, this would be a thank you for her. Thank you Travels with Baggage and Kananaskis Nordic Spa

  82. Lisa Robichaud

    This would be sooo amazing to win. My sister and law and I are home with 5 kids all under 6 with husbands that work out of town half the month! Some days it can be very difficult.
    A day away to get pampered is MUCH needed and would be so nice to just have a few hours to recharge!

  83. Quennie Wanklin

    I would bring my stepdaughter here! My husband finally found her for the last 20 years of searching, and she is going here to Calgary from Ontario this October to visit us! This is the perfect way to have a stepmom-stepdaughter bonding!!

  84. Jacqui Skelton

    It’s been a hectic and not fully healthy year for my husband and I. Mentally stressful at work and with extended family.
    I’ve been watching the development of this place and am keen to try it. Looks like the perfect retreat from life for a day

    1. Nadine Girard

      Simply, I’m a Mom of two young children who solo parents while my husband is away for work a majority of the time! This Mama needs a day to be ME again, not just a Mom ????

  85. Judy Schielke

    I’d love to check this spa out. I would take my friend Leanne we both lost our husbands to cancer!

  86. Michelle Omilusik

    My friend and I are shiftworkers. 4 on and 4 off. 12 hour shifts. Plus all of the ovwrtime we work.We are attached to our headsets the entire shift. Don’t get me wrong, we love our jobs. It would just be wonderful having someone pamper us! To be able shake off the stress for for a few hours would rejuvenate and refresh us! Thank you

  87. Self care has been lacking for the last year and a bit since my husband passed away. I could sure use some r and r.

  88. My partner teacher and myself need to relax and recharge before we head back into class again this year! After having 28 & 29 the last two years – we’re hoping for a reasonable number this year ????????

  89. Vanessa Taylor

    I could definitely use a day to relax and unwind! My summer feels like it’s been a go go go from the start and it would be so fun to just chill out there for the day!

  90. We’ve been dying to check this out! Had our first baby this year and would love a chance to relax and reconnect!

    1. Via Alcantara

      I’d love to visit the Nordic spa and have a girls trip! Need a break from work!

  91. Courtney Molyneux

    The countdown is on for back to school! Not only for the parents and students but for those of us who work at schools. Jr.High is a wild ride and I’d love to bring a co-worker/friend along on a relaxing spa getaway. We survive working with 350 teenagers through our deep bonds with each other, a great sense of humour, and huge hearts for the teens we spend so much of life with. A little rest and relaxation goes a long way though!!

  92. Irene Masciuch

    I just spent a month moving to a new place and relocating my garden. Desperate need of a spa and massage.

  93. Oksana Round

    This would be so amazing. My hubby and I have been working our butts off with our business, which is no easy feat with a 5-yr-old and a baby. Plus being on mat leave while trying to reno the house doesn’t leave much room for self-care. Thanks for all the great info!

  94. I would love to be able to unwind at such a beautiful spa. Since having my second baby (almost 11 months ago), I’ve been at home with her and her older sister (3.5). A strong willed toddler and a clingy baby (don’t put me down, mom!) definitely wear on you. And one of my best friends has been through some very difficult things in the past year and I would love to be able to bring her to just relax and get away. ????

  95. Daphne Mitchell

    I’d send my mom. Her health is in decline, despite battling cancer three times and coming out the winner. She was diagnosed with diabetes, insulin-dependent, two years ago. She’s one of a few of the oldest people to be diagnosed at her age, 77 at the time. Now with failing memory the struggle for my mom just multiplies. My older brother who lives close by is her caretaker right now. I’d send him along. He deserves it, truly truly does. I’d then tag along, getting in on the relaxation. It’d be an amazing break from life stresses.
    Thank you.

  96. This is a great spot and I would love to go again. For anyone who goes I recommend getting the massage after all your soaking, not before. I need to test that theory though

  97. Tanya Koob

    I think every girl could use a day like this! I love hot water so it’s a win for me.

  98. Danielle Southern

    My friend just turned 50 and has been an incredible rock for me over the past couple years – this would be an amazing way to celebrate with her!

  99. Chelsea Somerville

    I would love a get-a-way with my best friend of 35 years. We haven’t had a girl weekend since our kids were born (13+ years ago)!!

  100. I would love to relax for a day at the Nordic spa! Everyone deserves time to rest and recharge. I’ve had two miscarriages in the past year and my husband and I could definitely use a chance to relax and reconnect ❤

  101. Ashley Schwab

    My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and would love to celebrate it at the Nordic Spa! I am a stay at home mom and this would be an amazing experience for me to do something kid free (which never happens), relax and rejuvenate 🙂

  102. I’d love to take my partner. We are a blended family with four kids and it’s hard for us to find time to spend as a couple. This would be an amazing treat and a wonderful excuse to focus on ourselves, something that we rarely get to do.

  103. after a long haul of long distance, my partner is moving to calgary in september.

    dang, would it be nice to spend a day at the nordic spa. <3

  104. Lisa Corbett

    Oh my gosh! I would love an adventure to the kananaskis Nordic spa to #bravetheelements. I’m on summer vacation with my two and my two step-kids. Although everyone is lovely having concentrated time to PAUSE would be magical. Not to mention connect with my hubby or a girlfriend! Thanks for the contest!

  105. My friend and I are overdue by a couple of years for moms day away. We both had a stressful summer and would really love a getaway and this would make it affordable. I’ve been to walk around the spa and would love to actually be able to be a client there.

  106. A day to Pamper myself and my best friend/sister, ya 2 mommas are tired and needs this!! Would be amazing to be out in the mountain air 🙂

  107. Would be amazing for a weekend away with the hubby. We are currently sharing our room with a 11 month old…need I say more ????

  108. Because we are new moms and it’s been the hardest year of my life and it’s the toughest job in the world but we made it to one! Time to celebrate! This sounds perfect!

  109. Oooh! A Nordic spa would be awesome! I’d probably take my hubby to be. He has the kindest heart! Last year he bought tickets to grey cup and instead gave them to a woman who had a son with special needs. She posted about looking to buy and he just reached out and gave them away. He always puts others first it would be nice to look into to give him something different

  110. Brittni Foley

    Ì have never even stepped foot inside a spa, so it’s on my bucket list. Ì would absolutely love to pampered for once. My mom would also be very deserving of this because she also has never been to a spa and she has worked so so hard all her life and she still works hard at 2 full time jobs just to make ends meet. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance it sounds absolutely amazing.

  111. This would be perfect for me and my best autism Mom friend. We work – with our kids, for our kids, and sometimes in our sleep! I’d love to be able to clear my mind and get some much needed self care before the hectic routine that is the school year starts again. This is all about putting Momma first, so that we still have energy left for our kids!

  112. Heidi Bredahl

    My husband and I would love to go. We are both teachers and spend our years teaching 23 Grade 1’s and 30 Grade 7’s respectively. We then go home to our busy 4 and 6 year old. We spend a lot of time as a family and barely take “us” time. This would be a lovely chance to escape and relax!!

  113. Sarah Andre

    As a mom of three little ones I’d love some kid free time that doesn’t require me locking myself in the bathroom ????

  114. Laura Snyder

    I would bring my sister, Nonnie Moncrieff with me since she is always so giving and never does anything for herself ❤️ And I have 4 kids and a puppy so there’s that too ????

  115. 780-937-9676

    25 years ago my husband and I were there after we got married it was part of our honeymoon trip and I would love to be able to do it again this year on our 25th wedding anniversary in May a well deserved mini vacation for two people that never get to go away

    1. I’m getting married August 27th and my future hubby (and best friend) and I would absolutely love a relaxing spa day after the hecticness of all this wedding planning! We love adventuring and the mountains! We are getting married in the Kootenay Plains, Ab. Would so appreciate the chance to try out this new spa 🙂

  116. Gwenodene Romanko

    Actually, my mom deserves a day at the Nordic Spa. At 80 she is quite spry and would go x country skiing at the Camore Nordic Centre. Currently she looks after my Griffin X Labradoodle, taking her for 2 or more walks per day. I’m a teacher and I’m teaching a new grade and changing classrooms. She has already come in to help me clean and set up my classroom. I’d love her to be pampered for a day!

  117. The spa sounds amazing! I’d love to take my sister, she only lives in Edmonton but we never seem to be able to get together other than a couple times a year.

  118. My best friend and I are celebrating our 25 year “friend-adversary” that’s spanned us living in different provinces, countries, and continents, has survived marriages, divorce, kids, career changes, and a lot of life.
    I am so incredibly blessed to have such a strong and amazing woman for a friend, and would love to share this with her!

  119. Lindsay MacDonald

    Visiting your spa would be a little piece of heaven for me and my friend. We are special ed teachers and the needs in our classrooms are high and it is very stressful and physically challenging with aggression and diverse needs of a variety of students. Relaxing in nature with a beautiful spa package would rejuvenate and revitalize us as professionals so we can be the best teachers for our students.

  120. Gillian Fraser

    My training buddy Marcy Nikirk and I would love to check out this place! Would be nice R&R after a long run. Plus the mountains and fresh air are our favourite!

  121. Amber Shevchenko

    This would be amazing to celebrate my anniversary with my husband! We have never been to a spa together!

  122. I would love to take my mom. She suffers from arthritis and deserves some pampering and this is something she would love <3

  123. Shalan Thomas

    My GF and I have been friends for about 25 years. Although we’re far apart and don get to see one another much, we pick up right where we left off. We try planning g a girls adventure outing once a year and this would be a perfect retreat for us to have some outdoor fun and rejuvenate at the Nordic Spa. We cannot wait to give it a try!!

  124. Catherine Jasmin

    I would love to take my mom. She suffers from arthritis and deserves some pampering. She would love this <3

  125. This would be super wonderful! I work two jobs and am saving up to go to school. So a day at a spa would be exactly what I need to get my second wind and keep pushing! I would bring my partner who is currently in school and could also use some relaxation.

  126. Mary anne Moes

    This looks like such a great place! Would love to experience it with my amazing husband, who has taken such great care of me and our now 18 month old since my difficult pregnancy and the difficult postpartum journey I’ve been on ever since. He deserves a day of pampering, and so much more.

  127. Karen Martin

    Me and my husbands anniversary is coming up soon and would love to treat him. Kenneth Dennis Martin

  128. Brenda Honish

    I would love to win the 2 passes for myself, but I would love it more to send my son and daughter in-law for their 1st Anniversary Aug 18th. I recently had knee replacement surgery and they’ve been extremely helpful and suggested passing on celebrating they’re Anniversary to stay and help me.

  129. Natasha Nguyen

    Winning 2 passes would mean so much to get alone time with my spouse. We have four young children 6 year old, 3 year old and 1.5 year old twins whom we love soo much but that demand so much of our energy..
    Would love to win and surprise him with a kidless get away to reconnect and recharge so we can love harder on one another! ????

  130. Siubhan Drinnan

    My friend and I always go away to race events. I’m not sure the last time I went away to relax. Seems like the perfect place to do that!

  131. Shara Lewis

    I’ve been dying to go to the Nordic Spa and would would love to share this with a friend. I’m a busy mom of two toddlers and could really use a day of relaxation!

  132. I’m a breast cancer survivor. Chemo radiation mastectomy and 7 reconstructive sugeries later I finally feel my world returning to normal. A spa trip with massage and relaxation would help mitigate the on going lat dorsi muscle spasms. Relax and recharge. A dream come true. Thankyou for the chance to win a fabulous prize.

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