Giveaway: Oxford Stomp Tickets

Giveaway: Oxford Stomp Tickets
Bands, beer and belt buckles, that’s the Oxford Stomp.

The Calgary Stampede may be the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but it’s also one of Canada’s largest music festivals. Over 100 acts take to stages across the city during the 10-day cowboy extravaganza. One concert I never miss during Stampede is Oxford Stomp, and you shouldn’t either. Read on to find out how you can win tickets to this year’s Stomp.

Oxford Stomp always takes place the second Friday of Stampede, which this year is Friday, July  13. Ominous, no? This year is a significant one, and not just because it’s on Friday the 13th. 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the Stomp, making it Calgary’s longest running corporate Stampede party.

Who’s playing at Oxford Stomp?

John Fogerty is headlining and will be joined by Melissa Etheridge. Opening acts are Canadian rockers the Skydiggers and JUNO award winner Barney Bentall (minus the Legendary Hearts, I’m guessing, as they weren’t mentioned in the press release).

Oxford Stomp Event Details

Location: Shaw Millennium Park, 1220 9 Ave., SW

Date: Last Friday of Stampede

Tickets: Purchase online at

I love the Stomp’s location and not just because I can walk there from my house. It’s easy to access from the LRT, plus it delivers unobstructed views of the stage from pretty much everywhere in the park. Proceeds from ticket sales go to support the Calgary Military Family Resource Centre. It’s very much a community event and if you’re headed to the Calgary Stampede, Oxford Stomp is a not to miss event.

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18 thoughts on “Giveaway: Oxford Stomp Tickets”

  1. Favourite stampede event -so many ! But if I have to pick just one it would be
    Mini horse chuck wagon races – those little horses are full of spirit & strength – not to mention they are adorable. Yahoo????????

  2. Tracy Hyatt

    I can’t get enough of the stampede breakfasts around town. Even if you never have the chance to go to the Stampede Grounds, you still get a change to experience some of that Western Hospitality. I love watching the reactions of tourists who can’t believe this is free. Kinda brings a tear to my eye.

  3. Dalyn Sjogren

    I loved the stampede as a kid. Every year we exhibited showing our Black Angus cattle and it was something i looked forward to every year! Favourite part was going onto the midway and getting in a ride on the zipper and having a corn dog and root beer! Those where the days!

  4. gotten lost on the midway so many times as a kid. but always knew to goto the clock tower haha. when they took it down from the walkway few years back. I was now a lost adult haha good times

  5. Dianne Hammel

    The Grandstand show is probably my fav.! But would love to go to Oxford Stomp! Happy Stampeding!!

  6. Amy Randal

    Nashville North tent! Always such a fun time (once you get out of that lineup). All the tents are really fun but that one is my favorite. I’ve never been to the Stomp…still on my list:)

  7. Would have to say seeing the marching bands on the steps of the saddledome. They all sound amazing. ????????????

  8. Ginney MacDonald

    My favorite Stampede events are always the concerts! ????????
    So excited for the Roundup and would absolutely LOVE to go to the Oxford Stomp as well!! Thank you so much for the chance!!
    Happy Stampede ????????

  9. Lisa Edmand

    My favorite thing about the Calgary Stampede is watching the faces on my grandchildrenas we walk threw the gates The excitement in thier eyes is priceless. Also the food is amazing

  10. I love the fireworks each night, all the great music and that people come from all over the world.

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