Where To Get Passport Pictures in Calgary

(Credit- Flickr:Alex Barth)

Mug shot or passport photo? Hard to tell. (Credit- Flickr:Alex Barth)

Time to renew your passport? As if standing in line at the passport office weren’t penance enough, we also have to endure the painful task of getting a decent passport picture. And not just any snap will do.

We need to be sitting upright with eyes open and mouth closed. Fine, but try getting your teutonic toddler to comply. Oh, and the parent’s hand can’t be visible in the photo, so sitting upright might be a tad difficult for babies.

(Credit- Flickr:emrank)

(Credit- Flickr:emrank)

What’s a parent to do? I put the call out to my girlfriends, and several of them recommended getting passport pictures taken at The Village Studio. They specialize in infant and children’s passport photographs ($19), and are one of the few full service studios with professional photographers left in Calgary.

We all know newborns are notorious for nodding off, so each session is individually tailored. Whether it’s positioning children in just the right way or adjusting the lighting for extremely light or dark complexions, you can be well assured these pics aren’t going to be rejected by the Passport Office.



Adults can get their passport photos taken here, too. But remember ladies, you need to lay off the lipgloss and stick with matte shades, or you’ll be sent back for another round of pics.

Particularly awesome, is how flexible this studio is, going if needed, to the hospital to take pictures of newborns or those laid up.

If only they were able to take my driver’s license photo….

The Village Studio

24 2580 Southland Dr., SW; 403-281-0444