Cute and Cozy PJs for Winter

I get pretty excited when the weather turns colder at the onset of winter. It’s not only because I love high fat foods and getting cozy by the fire. I’m a total PJs girl! I used to walk around our small town sporting my Grandpa’s long johns underneath my Dad’s boxer shorts. Yeah, you know it. I didn’t have too many boyfriends growing up.

red and black pjs

But that didn’t matter, because I got comfortable being comfortable. Something most women don’t figure out until well after their second kid. Now that I’m all about comfort + fashion (did I just sound like my mother?), I get as excited shopping for PJs as I do handbags. Here’s a look at what I’d like to slip into this season.

long johns for women

I scored an awesome pair of pretty long johns at Victoria Secret last winter. I adore them, but they’re serious low risers. You gotta keep on your bikini waxes to wear these.

Skinni Mini Sweatpants Nordstrom

Love sweats? These Skinny Mini Sweatpants from Nordstrom won’t make you feel like such a slacker.

plaid flannel pajamas

I like the polished, almost professional look of these L.L.Bean PJs. These babies wear super well. How do I know? I may have bought a red tartan pair just after university that’s still in mint condition. Some might notice said PJs in every Christmas morning photo of me since the 90s.

women's boxer pjs

Along the same lines, these Victoria Secret boxer pajamas are ideal for ladies who like to wear shorts to bed.

Oscar the Grouch pajamasIf you tend to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, why not embrace it with this Sesame Street number from Target? What’s up with that model’s hair? Wouldn’t you just love to be a stylist to show what women really look like when they wake up?

silver satin pjsSatin PJs feel so good on the skin! They don’t need to be strictly a summer thing. I slip into a pair similar to this after I’ve had a long, hot bath.

I’m not a fan of onsies (unless they’re on babies), but you can order footie pajamas online from Jumpin Jammerz that would make a cute Christmas gift.

What do you wear to bed?

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4 thoughts on “Cute and Cozy PJs for Winter”

  1. It is true – I witnessed Jody wearing long johns with boxers over top. Always the trend setter! I like flannel pj pants and a t-shirt top. Reitmans always has great pj sets right before Christmas and they are super comfy!

  2. These are indeed very cute PJS for winter. I just love all of these collection. Excited to purchase some of these clothes right now. Thanks for this sharing.

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