S’more Summer Please!

Now that’s a marshmallow!

And just like that our summer is over. This has been a weird week for me. Usually I’m thrilled when the kids go back to school, giving me back my routine and more time to write. This year, however, I was a tad verklempt to see Eve race back to the classroom.

I wish we had another few weeks together to nail all those items off our summer bucket list. We never did take the C-Train or get to play in the fountains at Memorial Park. But there were loads of other activities that vied for our attention. I loved our trip to Whitefish and kayaking Victoria’s inner harbour. We managed to get more hiking and biking in, and Eve was thrilled to get some quality time at my sister’s farm.

Still, it went by all too soon. To make matter’s worse, it’s to rain all weekend, and who wants to splash about at Quarry Lake then? I’m hoping that with my low expectations our weekend will still turn out alright.

pumpkin bread
Mmmmm, healthy-ish pumpkin loaf.

I’ll use the time indoors to get my back to school baking done. I’ll make Eve some cookies for school and this ginger pumpkin loaf always makes me excited for fall. I had a quick look through Goop’s back to school magazine and I’ll definitely spend a bit more time perusing through it.

How do you feel about summer being over? Are you excited for fall?

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