The DL on 007 and SPECTRE

See James stride along Whitehall, London in this new flick.

Are you as stoked to see SPECTRE, the new James Bond film as I am? We’ve got our tickets to see it tonight, and I’m particularly excited to suss out the filming locations. A few years ago I wrote a piece for MSN travel on where Bond should travel to next, but it doesn’t appear they took any of my suggestions. (Can you believe he’s never been to Australia?) Fortunately, Bond’s been to Canada, but only to Baffin Island in the opening sequence of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It’s time, James, it’s time…

James bond in snow

George Lazenby plays Bond in Canada’s Auyuittuq National Park

Bond is a man who gets around. Plenty of notches have been carved into the globe trotting agent’s belt (countries, of course), and this new release is no different. SPECTRE takes places in decidedly glam locations, particularly across England. What surprised me is how London is shown in a whole new light.

Admiralty Arch

The impressive archways form a spectacular entrance to Pall Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace., Admiralty Arch, The Mall, City of Westminster, England.

Whitehall is a road in central London filled neo-Baroque buildings that house several government agencies. (The name comes from the Palace of Whitehall, that was the main residents of monarchs until it was destroyed by fire in 1698.) There’s a ton of monuments and memorials around here, and you can see how Bond might get a dressing down from M around one of these stark and imposing structures.

Camden town

Camden Lock, London, England.

Camden is a funky area in inner London. It was THE district in the swinging 60s and I still love hitting up its markets for eclectic finds. 

moody London

The Shard building and part of City Hall, the office of the Mayor and the London Assembly in Southwark.

City Hall with The Shard in the background looks every bit as ominous as the new Bond villain played by Christoph Waltz. (Love him!)

English country house

Blenheim Palace, viewed from the bridge. The facade of the building was built in the 18th century English baroque style. But you knew that, right?

There’s a scene in the flick shot at Blenheim Palace. This is the ancestral home of Winston Churchill and the principle residence of the Dukes of Marlborough. It’s a stunning location and a few miles away, we spent a gorgeous spring weekend on a farm-stay when Eve was a baby.


A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail from Mexico City to Rome to Austria and Morocco, in search of uncovering a sinister organization. In Italy, he meets the gorgeous widow of an infamous criminal. She’s played by Monica Bellucci, who at 50-years old is the oldest actress cast as a Bond girl. Fingers crossed we look that good then!

SPECTRE bond girls

That sultry brunette is Monica Bellucci at the SPECTRE premiere in London (Photo credit: Telegraph)

Anyhoo, the movie features Bond’s first encounter with the global criminal organization SPECTRE. As 007 journeys into its inner chambers, he uncovers an eerie connection between himself and his main enemy (Christoph Waltz).

Spectre Facts

  • SPECTRE ties with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as the second most expensive film ever made. They spent $300 million making the film. 
  • This is Daniel Craig’s fourth performance as James Bond. Please God, let there be more….
  • It’s the twenty-fourth James Bond film produced by Eon Productions.
  • Sam Mendes directed. He also directed Skyfall, but you’ll likely know him as being Kate Winslet’s second husband. Together they had baby Joe. They’ve since divorced and Kate moved on to marry Ned Rocknroll, nephew of Richard Branson. What’s embarrassing is I didn’t have to look any of this celebrity stuff it up. Yes, that’s a lot of People magazine consumption….

Do you have a favourite Bond film? (Mine’s Casino Royale.) Will you go see SPECTRE in the theatre or wait till it comes out online?