Where to go for the best spin class in Calgary

Where to go for the best spin class workout in all of Calgary
All for one and one for all!

If you had a weekend like mine, you may be itching to shed a few unwanted calories before Santa shows up. The best holiday present a gal (needing to squeeze into a cocktail dress) could hope to receive, arrived in my inbox on Sunday, announcing the opening of One Cycle Spin Studio on Calgary’s trendy 4th street.

The best spin class in Calgary

I hightailed it over to One Cycle and sampled one of the most unique group exercise classes I’ve ever participated in. I initially had my doubts. The email promised the class would encourage core stability and tone biceps and triceps. Now I’ve spun around my fair share of spin classes and more importantly, I’ve dated mountain bike racers before. (Great glutes, thighs like Thor, but disappointing arms, abs and chest.)

Where to go for the best spin class in Calgary
Thighs like Thor!

Canada’s version of Soul Cycle

Hand weights resting on each bike’s handlebars, confirmed I would be in for a full body work out. After clipping in, we got right down to it, hoisting ourselves over the handlebars for a series of tri and chest push ups. The hand weights were put to use over a few tracks rounding out the arm exercises, with some bicep curls and shoulder presses. And just when you think you can’t possibly get into race gear again, they flick on the most incredible disco ball, and your motivation revs up with the RPM’s.

Distractions help make the class go by quicker.

Spin and hot yoga

Affiliated with Hot Yoga on 17th and Hot Yoga on Crowfoot, the One Cycle studio is decked out with a similar design scheme. Spacious change rooms offer hooks, shelves and benches, plus a few shower stalls. Digital lockers for your valuables, are located in the reception.

You’ll spin on a fancy Schwinn bike like this.

The cycle studio sports shiny Schwinn AC Pro Series, and they’re the only studio in Western Canada to have the Look Keo Clipless pedals. To get the full experience rent Look Keo Cleats for only $2. I’ve been grumbling for months about the Schwinn bikes my old gym installed, as my knees ached after each class. I can assure you this combo of the clip-less pedal with Keo cleats rock, and my knees feel great.

The only drawback is that One Cycle is immensely popular, making parking your biggest obstacle. They’ve got multiple classes going on everyday of the week. Be sure to sign up online to snag a spot. And show up early. If you’re not there 10 minutes before class begins, they’ll giveaway your spot.

Race you there!

One Cycle Spin Studio

2115 4 St., S.W., 403-244-4484, www.one-cycle.com

$17 Drop in

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