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No other feeling compares to this.

Some people hate March. The weather typically blows no matter where you live in Canada. You want it to be spring, but it’s still too early. I used to be one of the March-haters, but no more. I’m a fair weather skier and have learned there’s no better time to hit the slopes than in spring. Canada’s best kept secret is that its Alberta ski resorts have amazing skiing conditions in March and April. Here’s why I think you should give spring skiing a shot.

Spring skiing in April

Skiing in March and April is fantastic, but too be honest, the conditions are more like winter than spring. We hit Sunshine Village last weekend and there was new snow overnight. We typically get a good dump of snow every March, which makes it a legit skiing month.

But come April, spring skiing isn’t on many people’s radar, so the resorts are way less crowded. You still need to pack for all kinds of weather conditions as you just never know. 

There’s great snow coverage in Banff and with the warmer weather, you’ll score many a bluebird day. We’re lucky our season lasts so long and because of that, April is the true spring skiing month.

During this time, the snow is softer and can gravitate towards slushier by the end of the day. End of March, early April is hands down my favourite time of year to go snowboarding.

spring skiing
This is the perfect time of year for families to head out – especially for beginners!

Sunshine Village

Skiing in winter is fine and all, but spring skiing is just so chill. The Huz and I sleep in then have a leisurely breakfast. I’ve been making these awesome open-face breakfast sandwiches lately (sourdough bread, avocado, bacon, slice of tomato, poached egg), which is the perfect amount of fuel to carry us until early afternoon.

We usually don’t hit Sunshine Village until around 10:30 or 11 a.m. for optimum conditions. Last weekend, we rocked up to a parking spot in the first row!

There were bonfires at the base and the smell of woodsmoke relaxed me like you wouldn’t believe. I was keyed up about some work issue, but that scent mingled with the fresh air melted it all away. 

After three runs, it was time for a boozy hot chocolate break. Liquid courage never hurt this middle aged boarder. I repeated that pattern pretty much the whole day.

The icing on the cake was I had the foresight to book a massage at the end of the day. Yes, there is a spa on mountain at Sunshine Village! Bliss.

Ski Deals

The best part of about spring skiing isn’t the soft snow. It’s the ski deals. The Banff Sunshine spring skiing pass just went up for sale and you can save major bucks off regular season passes.

With this ski deal, you get two months of unlimited skiing or boarding on some of Canada’s best snow. Spring passes are valid from March 20 until Monday May 20th, when Slush Cup takes place.

In addition to unlimited carving on the slopes, a season pass nets you additional discounts on gear rentals, tune ups, retail, lessons, food and accommodation at Sunshine Mountain Lodge.

You can also avoid driving and parking by taking advantage of a free shuttle bus running between Banff and Sunshine Village. Pretty sweet, huh!

What’s your favourite time of year to ski or snowboard?

This post is presented in partnership with Sunshine Village. They don’t pay me, but I have greedily accepted ski passes from them. And for sure they don’t edit or review my posts prior to publishing.

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