Street shave in China

Would you get street shave on vacation?

I recently read a great post on Cup of Jo about what she and her husband do every holiday. Their tradition is to spend a day apart. It seems odd at first, but how great would it be to have an entire day to yourself and a dinner date to look forward to? It got me thinking about all the interesting (and in my case stupid) things people do on their vacation.

Consistently I….

Canadian Mail boxBring letters to the airport that I think I’m going to mail, but forget to.

Hotel El Ganzo bathroom

(Credit: Hotel El Ganzo)

Hunker down in the hotel bathroom until Eve falls asleep.

Mexican Snacks

Insist on going to a local grocery store to take home my new favourite snacks. The problem is, these sit in my cupboard for months (even years) untouched. Even my lovely cheese from Europe that recently rocked my suitcase didn’t get demolished.

Lonely Planet Guide book

(Credit: Lonely Planet)

Forget to pack a guide book or anything remotely useful about the area I’m visiting. I can assure you from personal experience, this especially blows when you arrive in Bahrain or Iran for the first time.

Women's DeodorantForget to pack some essential personal grooming item. In the past four months I’ve neglected to bring my make-up to Victoria, eye makeup remover to Cabo, a winter coat to Amsterdam (I travelled mid-December!) and there was no deodorant to be found in my suitcase when I went to Jasper for Christmas in November.

apple, pear, bananaI do, however, always remember to pack apples, nuts and raisins that remain untouched in my suitcase for the duration of the trip. And when I pack chocolate it always gets touched, but that’s because I usually find it melted and seeping out onto my clothes three days in.

Maybe in 2014 I’ll find better solutions. Probably not though. I’d rather kill myself (or be stuck in the Bahrain airport for 15-hours), than consult a packing list.

What do you always do on your vacation?