How’d that summer bucket list turn out?

Being home for my first full week since early July made me realize how crazy our summer has been. I’m famous for taking too much on, but this year I had to cram in more than usual (I’ll disclose why in a few weeks). I was dreading opening up my journal and looking at my summer bucket list.

I know haven’t been around enough to even make a dent in the list, so I was somewhat pleased to see I didn’t set unreasonably high expectations on myself (three cheers for progress!). Here’s my review. 

2015 Bucket List Review

Lounge poolside at Hotel Arts

Did it happen? No, kinda, it might…..

The verdict: I did take one of my adorable nieces out for a celebration lunch at Hotel Arts. We didn’t don bikinis, but it was a lovely experience nevertheless. I’ve been bugging their marketing team for the past year to set up a writer in residence program.

This year they’re doing it and I will finally get to lounge poolside September 14 (while working on cutting edge articles, of course). Join me?

Swim with beluga whales

Did it happen? Yes!

The verdict: This might very well have been the highlight of my summer. While it was super murky the day I was snorkeling with the belugas in Hudson Bay, I was able to hear their underwater calls and feel those bubbles as they swam underneath me.

Best was kayaking alongside them. They’re such curious creatures, and they loved nudging our kayaks and popping up to say hello. Get yourself to Churchill, folks! #worthit

kayaking with whales

Go camping

Did it happen? Totes

The verdict: Two days after school was out, we tried our hand at lazy camping in Banff National Park. If you don’t have your own tent or can’t figure out where your gear is, this is the way to go. No fuss, no muss, simply roll up and settle into your pre-made campsite. This is a definite do-over, but next time I’d like to book an oTENTik.

Make homemade ice cream

Did it happen? Yes

The verdict: The July cover of Chatelaine had me hooked. It promised three-ingredient ice cream and it delivered. The only bummer was when Hippy-Martha Stewart thought it necessary to divulge how many calories are in sweetened condensed milk. Total buzz kill, but it was pure bliss before I knew the calorie count (70 per tablespoon!).

Bike more

Did it happen? Nope

The verdict: If I hadn’t looked at my bucket list last weekend, I wouldn’t have realized there’s only a few more decent weather weekends in which to cycle the Legacy Trail between Banff and Canmore.

It was going to be our big Sunday adventure, but by the time we got to the trailhead, the skies unleashed and we were caught in rain that didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon.

So like good little weekenders, we skedaddled off to Crazyweed and had a beautiful lunch instead. Fingers crossed for this upcoming weekend.

Swim with the IBMer

Did it happen? Did it ever!

The verdict: The problem with having a friend with the best backyard ever is you never want to leave it. I almost didn’t. The night before I was to fly home, my wallet was stolen. (Hey universe: enough with the stealing already, I get your message!).

Worse case scenario, I would’ve had to lounge in her outdoor oasis until the huz FedExed another piece of picture ID. Sadly, it didn’t come to that, but our families spent three blissful weekends together, lazily moving from the pool to the patio to the hot tub.

When I think of summer 2015, I know I’ll immediately flashback to their hot tub (and too much Grey Goose).

dog on boogie board

Eat lobster

Did it happen? Yes

The verdict: Eve and I spent a delightful 10-days in Nova Scotia in July. While we certainly tucked into lobster, I ended up changing my tune towards the end of the trip. The reason? Fried clams!

Digby clams are plump, juicy morsels that are so delectable, I often opted for these instead of my customary lunchtime lobster roll. Should you ever find yourself in the Maritimes, you ought to try them for yourself. Just don’t get suckered into ordering clam strips. So not the same!

lobster halls harbour

After picking out your lobster at Hall’s Harbour, you have to take it to the cook shack.

Even though I didn’t nail this bucket list, I suppose it’s to be expected. Summer is too short, after all.

Have you ever made a summer or seasonal bucket list? Did you manage to make a dent in all you wanted to accomplish this summer?