Eggs in Purgatory

Once upon a time there was slacker-mom-cum-freelance-writer who couldn’t quite get herself in gear one morning after the night before. Faced with parenting a precocious child and energetic dog for an entire day, she needed spice and grease and fast!  She couldn’t face a hair of the dog, nor could she stomach the thought of any dairy products. Suddenly, the solution to this most disconcerting dilemma appeared before her as her eyes eventually focused upon the cover of Nigella’s latest cookbook: Nigellissima.

Nigella Lawson cookbook

In it she found the very tonic to cure her malady: Eggs in Purgatory. (Click here for the recipe.)

Now purgatory is the exact place where this slacker-mom-cum-freelance-writer (whom we shall simply refer to as the heroine from now on), felt she was trapped.

spices in cast iron pan

But a whiff of the garlic and chilies frying contentedly in mini cast iron skillet she nicked off her brother sent her spirits soaring.

poached egg in tomato

She mustered up enough courage to tip in a can of tomatoes (San Marzano for best results), and threw down some salt and freshly grated parmesan cheese before cracking an egg (free range if you must know) into the mixture. Two agonizing minutes later, our heroine had a spicy, savoury meal she could stomach, and was a better mother for it. The End.

poached egg with toast soldiers

Have you ever tried eggs in purgatory? What are your tried and true hangover cures?