The very best products for pet travel

8 Products that make travel with your pet a breeze
Pet travel can be made so much easier if you have the right gear.

Successful holiday travel is all about minimizing stress, and that extends to your pets. After travelling with Buddy in B.C. this summer, I realized there’s a lot more we could be doing to make our little pooch more comfortable.

Today I’m popping on Calgary’s Global News Morning to review some of the most useful travel pet products. If you’re taking your dog on road trip or anywhere by plane, you’ll want to know what works best. Here’s a look at my suggestions. 

Sherpa Carrier

You need some kind of a carrier for air travel and Sherpa is the gold standard. There’s many different sizes for pets, and the largest goes up to 22 lbs. The carrier has a zippered pocket to keep your passport, wallet, keys and other important items safe. 

Mesh side panels are great for ventilation and let your furry friends see what’s going on. There’s a top or side entry, and the faux lambskin liner can be removed for washing. Tip: Get your pets used to this (or any other) carrier prior to travel.

The very best products for pet travel
We use Sherpa pet carriers because they’re sturdy and come with three mesh sides, but mainly because it comes in purple (and other colours).

Kurgo Rover Booster Seat

We so needed this when driving to Vernon with Buddy last summer. This is essentially a bucket seat that get secured to any seat in your vehicle. If you’ve got a pet who loves jumping onto your lap so they can see out the window, this booster seat is for you. I mean them. OK both!

dog car safety seat
When your pet isn’t in the booster seat, you could use it to store all kinds of stuff, if you’re a car/locker kind of person as I am.

It keeps pets safe, secure and the adjustable seatbelt tether attaches to any dog harness to keep your pup out of trouble. It holds pets up to 30 lbs and is ideal for long road trips. There’s a removable fleece liner inside the booster seat, so your pup’s drool can be affordably washed away vs said drool staining your seat. 

Pet first aid kit

This nifty kit is lightweight and small, so it easily fits into backpacks and glove compartments. It’s got gauze, tape, an instant cold pack and a host of other first aid essentials.

Tip: Download askPETMD before your travels. The app gives vet-qualified answers within 24 hrs. and also locates the closest vet to your current location.

dog first aid kit
Safety first, people.

Anti anxiety pet travel products

ThunderShirts for both dogs and cats are designed to provide a calming effect when your pet experiences fear or anxiety (hello vet visits!). The shirts are lightweight, but provide constant, gentle pressure to create a calming effect.

If your pooch is still really hyped up, try ThunderSpray. It mimics a mother’s pheromones and the soothing fragrance helps calm them down. You spray a little on the area where your dog will be spending their time (on the Thunder Shirt is ideal).

For cats, consider Whisker City Calm Down Cat Relief. Add a teaspoon to their drinking water twice a day and the homeopathic remedy supports their nervous system by relieving stress and tension.

dog stress shirt
Lightly weighted Thunder Shirts are like getting a constant hug.

Food and water bowls for pets on the run

This Top Paw Travel Water Bottle is awesome because it’s a water bottle and water bowl all in one! It even can be clipped to your leash. The product is BPA free and comes in multiple colours. 

collapsable water bowl and bottle
Ingenious, right?!

How to cool off your pet while travelling?

Behold the Mud Dog Travel Shower. This shower fits around most standard size water bottles. A 2L bottle will give your pet a shower for about a minute. It’s ideal if you need to cool off your pet or clean them before getting in your car or hotel. It’s super tiny and easy to pack.

travel dog shower
So small, you can fit it in your pet’s stocking or your glovebox.

Pet Holiday Stockings 

Every year we spoil Buddy with a stocking or two. He loves them so much we have to get more clever about where we hide it. I think he recognizes its scent, because he goes ballistic and attempts to bust his way into the closet or my dresser (wherever it’s hidden) as soon as we place it there. 

dog christmas stocking
Buddy loves each and every toy inside these stockings. Except the tennis ball. He doesn’t know what to do with that.

So tell me, what am I missing? What are your favourite products for pet travel?


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