6 Best Things To Do In Southern Alberta This Summer

For years I’ve been coming to Lethbridge to visit The Huz’s family, but I never thought of it as a hub for hiking and biking until I got into both during the COVID-era. Lethbridge is a fantastic hub for exploring the best things to do in Southern Alberta. 

what to do in southern alberta
It’s not every day you get to give a bald eagle a shower. It is, however, one of the best things to do in Alberta.
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Things to do in Southern Alberta

With no crowds and unspoilt wilderness amid the coulee valleys, Lethbridge is an underrated, affordable spot for summer and fall travel. Here, you can choose to be ridiculously active on its vast trail system or kick back with a spot of BBQ or bird watching. If you’re looking for an inspiriting getaway punctuated with fun activities, check out my recs for the best things to do in Southern Alberta.

alberta bird of prey
Read on to learn where you can meet this sweet little, rescued great horned owl.

Birds of Prey

File this under highly entertaining while being sneakily educational: the Alberta Birds of Prey foundation is a fantastic place to go with kids, a date, your parents, your colleagues. You get the picture.

A visit to this rescue and rehabilitation center just outside of Lethbridge is essentially a behind the scenes tour of a working conservative area. Stroll the hawk walk, admiring the eagles and falcons, before feeding the duck and geese who no doubt will be following you around.

Throughout the day, staff roam around with birds for you to engage with and safely hold. My teen gave a bald eagle a shower! Starting July 2, they expect to have regular programming like flight demonstrations. 

Your admission (by donation) goes directly to local conservation services, plus it’s one of the best family outings you can do in Alberta. Even my teen loved every minute of our visit.

things to do in southern alberta
Rescued baby owls are some of the feathered friends you’ll meet at Alberta Birds of Prey.

Pro tip: Stop for fresh produce or a slice of pie at Broxburn Cafe along the way.

BBQ in July

Did you see me on social media, swanning about Exhibition Park becoming a certified BBQ judge? No worries if not. It’s just to say that this pandemic has got me knee deep in BBQ – the process, the rubs, the technique. If, like me, you love filling your lungs with the delectably smoky aromas of bbq, before filling your stomach with a variety of ribs, brisket, pulled pork and chicken, then you’ll want to hit up Smoke, Wind & Fire.

This Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned BBQ competition is the only professional BBQ competition in Canada this summer. It’s a major stop on the BBQ Pro Circuit (yep, there is one!) and it’s happening in Lethbridge July 10-11.

By attending this barbecue competition, you’ll be able to snack on some delectable ‘que, can pick up a few barbecue skills and talk to the masters. There’ll also be a local backyard BBQ competition, demonstrations and other fun events.

Smoke wind and fire
Book July 10-11 off in your calendar to head to Exhibition Park to taste the best BBQ in Canada.

Hike or bike the expansive trail system

An easy way to burn off all those highly worth it BBQ calories is by hitting the trails. Few people realize Lethbridge has this amazing trail system that laces its way through the river valley, along the coulees and into forests.

Along the 200 km of trails, you’ll find picnic shelters and view points. (I found some awesome outdoor exercise equipment.)  Here’s a few trails that ought to be on your radar.

For mountain bikers: Violent Tendency

It couldn’t be any easier to find the Violent Tendency trail right behind Best Buy on Mayor Magrath Drive. While it starts off paved, the trail quickly switches to gravel and then onto single track, so it’s best if you have a bike with suspension, especially if you want to go down into the coulee valley.

The big thing I noticed on this trail was the smell. The air was perfumed. I don’t know with what (perhaps sagebrush?), but it was so pleasant inhaling that sweet scent that I didn’t do my usual cursing routine when grinding up the coulee trails.

I saw a mama deer with two fawns, cactus, a variety of wildflowers and hardly any other people. Why more people from Calgary (or anywhere else in Alberta) don’t bike here is beyond me.

While you also have the option of staying on top of the ridge, Violent Tendency heads down into the valley and links up with what looks like dozens upon dozens of other trails.

Lethbridge trails
I couldn’t believe how green it was down in the coulee valleys. This was taken on my way down to the Violent Tendency route in June.

For hiker and walkers: Cottonwood Park

I didn’t mean to hike Cottonwood Park during the hottest part of the day. Without a hat.  But it was do-able, and I’m glad I made the trek.

Cottonwood Park lies on the west side of Lethbridge and is a city preservation area. That’s because it’s a natural habitat for all different kinds of wildlife (including rattlesnakes!) and is also home to a cottonwood forest.

You begin by going down steps and then descending into the valley on a limestone path. I was relieved the path was so wide, so I could clearly see any critters crossing. None did. I think the rattlesnake warning is something the government has to do, but it’s like bears or cougars in the mountains. Encounters (compared to the number of people who traffic the trail) are rare.

The only thing I regret about this trail isn’t forgetting my hat, but not bringing my swimsuit. We made it down to the Oldman River in 15 minutes (going back up took just under 25 minutes) and the water was so warm! I would’ve loved a dip, but my teen wasn’t keen to watch her mother skinny dip. Kids, I tell ya!

oldman river
Cottonwood Park is my new favourite spot in Lethbridge. I’ve been twice and it’s always perfect weather with a cooling breeze and no crowds (or snakes!)

Get rewarded for hitting the trails!

If you’re the competitive sort, might as well enter the 48 in 48. If you book a two night stay and nail off 48 km along the trails in 48 hours, you’ll earn a a gift card for a one-night stay in Lethbridge. Even if you bite off 24 km with the 48 hrs (before August 31, 2021), you’ll get a prize. More details can be found here.

Amazing Race-style Odyssey

If you’re interested in exploring Lethbridge as I did or are a fan of the TV show: Amazing Race, you’re going to love Odyssey 2021. In this adventure challenge, teams compete for a $5,000 grand prize by travelling around this part of Southern Alberta.

The race begins in Lethbridge the Aug. 13 to 15 weekend. Teams of two people follow clues that will take them throughout the region, following clues, earning points along the way by taking selfies, collecting certain items and completing challenges.

The entry fee INCLUDES 2 nights accommodations (double occupancy), plus all the festivities that go along with the Odyssey. More info + registration here.

Where to stay in Lethbridge?

Staying overnight in Lethbridge is a no brainer for families. So many of its hotels sport pools and waterslides, you know your kids will sleep tight afterwards. Hotels here are also crazy affordable.

I recently stayed at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge, where kids go nuts inside their – glamping rooms. There’s tents set up for the littles and parents get their own room (score!). My teen used the pull out couch, as the tent sizes are suited for younger/shorter kids, but she still love the concept. 

Lethbridge Lodge guest rooms
I’m not sure how long the glamping room will be available at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge, but get it while you can!

More accommodation options for Lethbridge can be found here.

[fusion_button link=”https://www.booking.com/hotel/ca/lethbridge-lodge.en.html?aid=1883371&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2″ text_transform=”” title=“Book a great rate at Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge” target=”_blank” link_attributes=”” alignment=”” modal=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” color=”default” button_gradient_top_color=”” button_gradient_bottom_color=”” button_gradient_top_color_hover=”” button_gradient_bottom_color_hover=”” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” type=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”” border_radius=”” border_color=”” border_hover_color=”” size=”medium” stretch=”default” icon=”” icon_position=”left” icon_divider=”no” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]Click Here to Book[/fusion_button]


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44 thoughts on “6 Best Things To Do In Southern Alberta This Summer”

  1. I’ve never spent time in Lethbridge and it would be cool to check out all these places. Especially the biking and the swimming in the river!

  2. One of the most unique places in Southern Alberta is Writing on Stone! The perfect natural playground for kids!

  3. I’ve never been to Lethbridge but Cottonwood Park would be at the top of my list!

  4. Gerry & Val Smallwood

    42 years ago on our honeymoon we visited the beautifull Japanese gardens. Life alwas seems to get in the way but would onday love to return……..Thanx

    1. Krista Denty

      Milk.River 8s on my bucket list. We did Head Smash In Buffalo Jumpn. That was wonderful.

  5. I have visited Lethbridge twice and loved the trails by the bridge. I’ve never been to Birds of Prey, it sounds super interesting and will definitely put it on my list!

  6. Crystal Finlay

    I’ve only been to Lethbridge for kids ball tournaments so too busy to explore. Would love to take the kids to the birds of prey center

  7. Shelley Buckler

    I would have say visiting my sister and nieces are the top of my Lusitania of things to do in Lethbridge. Followed by the birds of prey centre

    1. I haven’t spent time in Lethbridge as an adult but this makes me want to go with my family! The hotel with little tents for the kids is genius and Cottonwood Park sounds like a fun hike!

  8. Ami Takeuchi

    I have only been to Lethbridge to participate in their Dragon Boat Festival. (Sadly couldn’t be held this year) I would really love the chance to see the NIkka Yuko. Japanese Gardens!

  9. I’ve lived in Alberta all my life but have never explored southern Alberta! I’d love to take my kids down and explore! I know they would The Birds of Prey!! Looks so cool!

  10. Jenn Howson

    We have been to Lethbridge a couple of times and love walking around the High Level Bridge near the nature centre. Lots of birds and deer to spot.

  11. My son & I would love to experience Cottonwood Park & hike to Oldman River for a dip that would be fun!!

  12. Tara Linton

    I haven’t spent a lot of time in Lethbridge but in addition to these suggestions, I would use it as a jump off point to see Writing On Stone Provincial Park. That is on our bucket list for the summer (but can wait til the heat wave passes!!).

  13. Natalie Ellis

    I’d love to visit the Japanese Gardens and have a lovely meal at a local brewery with my Husband. Maybe a day trip to Writing On Stone as well. So much to see and do around Lethbridge.

  14. Wendy MacIsaac

    I’ve never stayed in Lethbridge. We’re avid hikers so I’d love to explore the trails around the river.

  15. I would love to see the Japanese gardens… and a former coworker who now lives down there!

  16. My dad used to take me and my siblings down to see the train bridge. Since he is gone I want to try and share those experiences with my children. Just haven’t made it down yet.

  17. Jennifer Lehner

    My favourite thing to do in Lethbridge is walk around the Japanese Gardens and go swimming at Henderson outdoor pool!

  18. Greta Duncan

    Waterton Lakes, Writing in Stone, and Raymond outdoor pool are 3 of of our favourite places in Southern Alberta

  19. Dawn Krahn

    Love Henderson lake, canoeing at Park lake. Would love to go down and see the Bird sanctuary and sample some beer from
    Their brewery!

  20. Renee Reaume

    We have a trip to Writing on Stone planned for August and will be staying in Lethbridge for a night. I am very excited for my 9 year old that we may stay in a hotel with a waterpark.

  21. Patti Fraser

    I’ve never stayed in Lethbridge. It would be a great base to stAy and visit the area.

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