Should you buy President’s Choice travel insurance?

President's choice travel insurance
As with everything in life, there’s risk and reward when it comes to travel.

Have you ever experienced a total travel snafu? I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten into either tricky or annoying situations. There was the time our Eurostar train from Paris to London was delayed for 8-hours and we were left stranded in the freezing rain waiting for hours. Also ranking up there was when I had to go to a doctor in India after a firecracker misfired and imploded inside my sari! (Minor burn = great travel story.) And in the past year alone, my suitcases have been severely delayed no less than four separate occasions. With all these trips and mishaps, I’ve learned to make like a Girl Guide and be prepared in ways that go beyond emergency snacks and celebrity magazines. I’m talking about travel insurance

Finding the best, easiest travel insurance

I imagine for some, getting travel insurance is one of those items that gets ignored on their pre-trip check list. It lies somewhere between renewing your passport and getting a bikini wax; travel insurance isn’t sexy, but it can save you a lot of time and money. Best part is, you can also pick it up at the grocery store or over the phone.

It’s true! Slackers like me have been saving time and money by getting travel insurance at the same time as we pick up our groceries. I bet you didn’t know you can easily snag PC Financial Travel Insurance To Go at select stores where President’s Choice products are sold. With summer travel on the horizon, it takes little effort to add travel insurance to your shopping list when you’re picking up other last minute trip essentials.

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Truer words…

Where to get travel insurance in Canada

PC insurance has a few different plans to meet your needs and they’re available in all Canadian provinces. If the whole family is travelling together, they have different types of coverage you can choose from (either in-store or online). Of the plans you can purchase online, I was most jazzed about the Single Trip Medical Family Plan, where you pay the single medical premium for the two oldest family members travelling, and you’ll get Single Trip Medical coverage for up to five dependent children! Translation: easier on your wallet and the whole family is covered! The best part is all this can be done in the comfort of your home through PC insurance, either on your computer or by phone. 

If you’re on your own, or looking for emergency medical coverage, plus all the bells and whistles such as: trip cancellation, baggage delay, flight accident and travel accident insurance,  think about getting a Single Trip Comprehensive Plan. And if you’re based outside of Canada, it’s worth comparing different options, as choosing the right travel insurance for your needs is the most important thing you can do before setting off on your trip. 

President’s Choice Travel Insurance

Worth considering is the PC Financial Travel Insurance To Go product. You can buy it in the gift card section at select stores where President’s Choice products are sold. Simply scan and pay for it at the check-out and then call-in or go online to activate your coverage; this only takes a few easy steps. It looks just like a gift card and can be used as such, making it a perfect grad gift or a great option for someone planning to travel soon. Best of all, packages start at only $15 for families and single travellers!   

Travel isn’t always glamorous. Accidents happen, and as much as you don’t want to dwell on the unknown, it feels so great knowing you’ve done all you can to have coverage for your family. After all, there are much more important things to worry about on your holiday, like what cocktail to have with lunch and when you’re going to fit in that nap. Right? 

For more information on PC insurance travel products call 1-844-724-6787. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make Travels with Baggage possible.

Disclosure: This is presented in partnership with PC Financial® insurance. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Have you ever bought travel insurance? Were you glad you did?

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  1. Agree travel insurance gives one security. An important factor is the company’s response to you while you are traveling, after you submit a claim and even before you buy it. If their customer service reps do not answer quickly,don’t use that company.

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