Tylenol alternatives

As a blogger, every so often I get contacted to test out all kinds of products. Most of them aren’t up my alley, so I say “no thanks,” and move on. What’s great is when a product or company you totally get reaches out and gives you the scoop on their latest to share with your readers. I’m not much in to pharmaceuticals, so I was thrilled to check out the latest products from Boiron, a world leading manufacturer of homeopathic products. They have a host of products that are good Tylenol alternatives.

Using Tylenol alternatives and homeopathy to treat winter colds

Is this you during cold and flu season?

Is Boiron as good as regular drugs?

My first question was, is this stuff legit? Is it made by some hippy and sold out of their van in Nelson, or what? Little did I know Boiron is a big deal around the world. Fine, I thought, but am I going to haul ass all over town trying to find it? Not so. Boiron is well established in the marketplace and you’ll find their remedies in regular grocery and drugstores like Shopper’s Drug Mart, Safeway and predictably, health shops like Community Natural Foods.

Tylenol alternatives

So why would you opt for this type of a treatment versus your standard Children’s Tylenol or Advil? For one, it doesn’t have any sugars, dyes or preservatives in it. For another, if you can soothe symptoms naturally like gargling with salt water or treating a cough with honey, I say go for it.

Fortunately our family hasn’t been struck down with any maladies this season, so I unloaded some of the products on a friend of mine who had a sick two-year old at home. Here’s what she had to say.

Tylenol alternatives

This actually tastes decent.

The Interview

Jody: What did you use and what did you think of it?

Garrison Mom: Both my kids are suffering from a bad cold. We tried the Coryzalia cold remedy and the Stodal Honey cough syrup. The first time my five-year-old daughter tried the cough medicine, she said “yum!” My toddler also was a fan. I don’t know what makes it taste so good, but they liked it, so that made my job a lot easier. The cough syrup softened the cough enough so that it didn’t keep them up and they were able to quickly to fall asleep.   


For some reason, I feel ‘safer’ taking this product over others. Nobody asked me to write this. It’s my legit opinion.

The Coryzalia cold remedy said it would soothe symptoms such as, nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing. It was good at alleviating my daughter’s runny nose by drying up her symptoms for about threes hours.

Jody: Is it fair to say you liked both these products and would keep using them?

Garrison Mom: Yes. I’d buy it again for the no sugar.

Jody: Do you search out natural or alternative products? (Pretending I didn’t just fob these off on her last week.)

Garrison Mom: I almost always search out alternative remedies first before allopathic for myself and my kids. I’m never worried about it. I think it does less harm. If that doesn’t work, I’ll scale up to a more mainstream product.

And there you have it! One happy mama and less cranky kids.

Thanks to Boiron for sending a package my way to sample and share. 

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  1. Triz 09.02.2015 at 06:44 - Reply

    Thanks for the great tip! I have had DISASTROUS experiences with, say, neocitran, and I will definitely check this out! Generally now I just stick to teas or hot apple juice, so this sounds promising.

    • Jody 10.02.2015 at 08:09 - Reply

      Hot apple juice sounds fantastic. I’ve never thought to do that.

  2. Carol-Ann 09.02.2015 at 08:05 - Reply

    Our family starts using the netti pot at the first symptom of a cold or even a headache. We also use essential oils in a nebulizer on a daily basis in our common areas to help keep germs at bay.
    We prefer to try to fight off illness naturally and use medications minimally; however, if we happen to catch a bug that is more stubborn and long lasting, we will break out the Advil cold and sinus.

    • Jody 10.02.2015 at 08:11 - Reply

      I’m the same. We try our best natural and then scale up. You’re so lucky your kids are into using a netti pot!

  3. maria 09.02.2015 at 09:27 - Reply

    We have been using essential oils lately, although I’m not totally convinced. Will have to give this a try.

    • Jody 10.02.2015 at 08:10 - Reply

      I’m interested to hear how oil of oregano works. I’ve heard a lot about it, but never knew if it actually worked.

  4. Jennifer 09.02.2015 at 12:49 - Reply

    My family has been using the Coryzalia for a couple of year now. I swear by it. As soon as my kids start sounding a little congested we try to take the Coryzalia every couple of hours the first day and then wean back. It always seems to work – knock on wood, our household has not had a really major cold for quite a while. My kids do not like using the Nettie pot so they use saline spray and the humidifier for stuffy noses.

    • Jody 10.02.2015 at 08:10 - Reply

      Great that your kids will use a saline spray!

  5. Denise robbins 10.02.2015 at 09:06 - Reply

    I have never heard of this product, wish I had sooner, I just had three terrible weeks with a very bad cold and cough that ended up with pneumonia and no sleep and with my allergies I cannot have any cough medicine with obituates in it ,like Codiene, so thanks so much for the info, I will stock up for the future. Great article.

    • Jody 11.02.2015 at 00:03 - Reply

      So sorry to hear you were sick! Hopefully Boiron products will work for you.

  6. suzi 10.02.2015 at 20:03 - Reply

    I treat them with lots of sleep, hot tea and warm blankets!

    • Jody 11.02.2015 at 00:03 - Reply

      Warm blankets is a great idea! Thanks so much for commenting and for following on Twitter and Facebook!

  7. suzi 10.02.2015 at 20:03 - Reply

    I like you on facebook (Suzi MH)

  8. suzi 10.02.2015 at 20:04 - Reply

    I also follow you on Twitter (@JustPlainSuzi)

    • Jody 11.02.2015 at 00:02 - Reply

      Thanks, Suzi. More entries for you!

  9. Jonnie 14.02.2015 at 03:50 - Reply

    I’m a bit of a baby when I have a cold so I convince my husband to watch the kids and I take medicine that makes me sleep until I feel better. If I can’t pull that off, I drink lots of hot tea and stay warm.

  10. Jonnie 14.02.2015 at 03:51 - Reply

    I follow you on twitter as edmontonjb

  11. Jonnie 14.02.2015 at 03:52 - Reply

    I like you on facebook as Jonnie JB Hartling

    • Jody 14.02.2015 at 10:36 - Reply

      Gotcha! Thanks so much for the follow, Like and commenting!

  12. holachospital 11.05.2015 at 01:44 - Reply

    Natural remedies are best to be used as first aid. They are better effective and cure in very lesser time. I myself have experienced it.

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