How do you unwind? And a chance to win wine!

How do you unwind? And a chance to win wine!
My favourite summer afternoon snack.

It has been one tough week. They say you pay for your vacation one week prior and two weeks after, and boy am I ever.  Besides the usual deadline drama, I became ill a few days after returning home. When you work for yourself, you have to make up those hours somehow, which means pushing through and cutting out non-essential tasks. But a gal can only work so hard and after a few days of furious catch up. I was ready to unwind.

How I chill

When I need to reset it’s best for me to get social. I get so much energy out of my girlfriends – not just positive vibes, but ideas and suggestions for making my life more manageable. One of my good friends was game for a last minute get together, so it was a no brainer to plunge into some wine and chips while catching up.

woman reaching for wine
Animals in their natural habitat.

Chips and Wine

I’m a wine girl for sure and a chips person, but wine and chips together? Truthfully, I’d never done that, at least not intentionally. I’ve paired chocolate and wine, but that combo never really works well. Far better to pour yourself a big old glass of milk.

I’d been recommended to pair Woodbridge wines by Robert Mondavi with Miss Vickie’s potato chips and so we did.

Woman drinking red wine outside
Meet my neighbour, Jen!

Savoury Red Wine and Potato Chips

First we poured a big old glass of Woodbridge Merlot with Miss Vickie’s Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Onion. Tart and savoury, these chips surprised me. I knew Miss Vickie’s chips are kettle cooked, so I expected that bold crunch, but I would never have thought the contrast with the sweet balsamic would work with savoury onion – much less the wine. But it totally did.

red wine and potato chips
Who knew this paired?

“Wow! To me, chips and wine don’t go together. Give me meat, give me cheese with my wine, but this totally works,” said my girlfriend totally unprompted.

White is Right

After happily munching away for a good half hour, we realized we devoured most of the bag and our glasses were empty. Now, I know you should start with white and then move onto red, but we were snacking and much too busy covering topics from second weddings to which summer camps are worth it to care.

women and wine
Cheers to us!

We dipped into a bottle of Woodbridge Pinot Grigio with Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips. The crisp peach and nectarine favours of the wine together with the tang and acidic balance of these chips was bang on. It was such a fruity, fun and light combo, I don’t know why I don’t regularly rip open a bag when we’re having a girl’s night in.

No more slaving over appetizers or last minute baking to impress my friends. After this experience, I realized I don’t need to try so hard. My friends really don’t care. All that prep work isn’t necessary. So long as you can offer an easy snack and some good cheer, you’re sure to be a delightful (and much less stressed) hostess.

white wine and potato chips

Have you unwound recently with your friends? Would you like to? Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Miss Vickie’s have generously offered to supply one Travels with Baggage reader with four bottles of Woodbridge wine and four bags of Miss Vickie’s potato chips!

All you need to do is comment below with your favourite way to unwind with your friends. Double your changes for winning by Tweeting me how you like to unwind using the hashtag #UnwindTogether. Be sure to do so by midnight on Sunday, April 5, 2015. I’ll randomly select a winner the next day.

And until the end of March, keep your eye out for a free bag of Miss Vickie’s potato chips with a Woodbridge purchase, along with a $2.00 off coupon neck tag at select liquor stores and wine shops in B.C. and Alberta.

So tell me, how do you like to unwind?

Thank you to Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Miss Vickie’s potato chips for generously offering this giveaway to Travels with Baggage readers.

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10 thoughts on “How do you unwind? And a chance to win wine!”

  1. Carol-Ann Woods

    You are a girl after my own heart! I unwind with a glass of wine….preferably in my bathtub with candles.

  2. Nancy Hamilton


    My BFF’s and I unwind much the same way,(Wine) however my next visit to ole Lethbridge for a Happy Hour session will include your exact suggestions.
    I’ll look like such a smarty pantz 🙂
    Such a clever idea.

  3. Sarah Deveau

    I totally unwind with wine, pjs and a friend too – or Netflix and cross stitching when I’m on my own.

    1. I’ve never tried those games. I’m looking into it. Thanks so much for commenting here and on Twitter, Radhika!

  4. My favorite way to unwind always includes wine and usually my good friend Jody – I love out chats on the weekends, the hours (and wine) disapper so quickly! Or if it’s too early for wine, a nice walk with my four legged besties always clears my head, puts a smile on my face and lightens my heart

  5. My favourite way to unwind is to stay in with my wife, to cook together and open a nice bottle of wine and just talk about how we are doing, just checking in with each other. We also like to go out for dessert after.

  6. My fave way to unwind is definitely having a girls night with my sisters with our favourite wines, snacks, and movies. Love just laughing and spending time with them!

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