Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you don’t want to add to the sugar onslaught your kids gets at school, and yet it seems a shame to let the day go by without a few sweet treats. The solution? A few carefully chosen affordable gifts so those you love know you’re thinking of them. Here’s a look at maybe 10 (math was never my strong point) Valentines gifts under $25 from Market Mall to get hearts a fluttering.

The Best Things in Life Don’t Break the Bank

Cookie Gift


Because you can’t eat flowers, take home a festive George junior box ($12.95) of half a dozen scrumptious Cookies by George. While I’ve always been partial to Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk, I wouldn’t say no to any combo – except maybe oatmeal raisin. Far too healthy!

valentines body lotion

Philosophy products are a fave of mine.

I’m so in love with this Sweet Citrus Philosophy body lotion ($21). It smells divine and makes my skin feel so supple afterwards. Available at Sephora and The Bay.

Valentines Book

Well said.

I cracked up over this Love Book ($12.99) at Carlton Cards.

Funny valentines book


Surely you can see why.

French cut underwear

I’m on the fence about French cut.

During an interview  promoting her Intimates collection, Elle MacPherson said this type of panty was the most universally flattering, no matter what your body type. Shall we believe her? Pink sells these cheeky Cheeksters for $8.50 or five for $28.

cupid's arrow


So many possible uses for these playful Cupid’s Arrow feathers via La Vie en Rose. Who else is thinking baseboard duster? And let’s face it, at $4.95 it’s worth the experiment to find out just how it gets used.

David's Tea collection

More like it.

Fess up – did you meet your partner in a bar? Was it love at first sip? No matter. The Sweetheart Collection ($24.50) from David’s Tea will heat you up regardless.

Sex coupon book

Um, ok…

But if you’re truly in need of something hot, why not go for this Sexy Truth or Dare pick-a-sticks ($14.95) or an I Owe You coupon book ($7.95), both found at Twisted Goods.

Valentines movies

How retro!

If you’re hankering for a more laid back Valentines Date, pick up a few romantic DVDs from HMV. Yeah, you could download them, but they’re only $5 a pop, so why not make it appear like you actually put in some effort?

fuzzy pink blanket

Key to a cozy winter night.

Go full kitsch with this cozy heart throw ($14.95) from Quilts Etc. You can never have enough fuzzy blankets to snuggle under in my books. If only my husband and I read the same book. Humph!

pig shaped mug

Never too early to start saving.

Wee-ones will be tickled pink upon finding this little piggy mug ($14.95) from the Disney Store, especially if it’s filled with hot chocolate or even cereal (it’s large enough).

Blank valentines book

Almost homemade!

Another cute gift for kids is this What I Love About You fill in the blank book ($11) from Coles.

valentines gift box

Special rocks? Chocolates?

I can think of so many uses for this gold and red Love Box ($5.99) from Target. Stash candies in it, fill it with love notes, or maybe an assortment of sweet cookery items for the kiddies. Also at Target I found this Spatula (3.99), Apron (11.99) and Heart-shaped Pocket Pie Press (4.99). Adorable, right? It almost makes me yearn for those pre-schooler days. Almost.

heart themed cookery items

Baking is my jam!

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?