Vision Boards: Not as Lame as You Think

Vision Board
Here’s an example of a vision board.

Do words like affirmations, manifestation and Oprah annoy you as much as they do your husband? I’m all for trying new things, so when the subject of making a vision board came up with my kick-you-in-the-ass group of friends, I wasn’t about to say no.

Vision boards

So what is a vision board? It’s simply a collage of images and words that resonate with you. It can be collection of your deepest desires (keep it clean, people), or a hodgepodge of ideas you fancy, to serve as inspiration for your next project.

Creating a vision board can be a totally fun activity when you’re swilling vodka and kvetching with your besties. And if you’re the mindful sort, it can get you thinking about what you really want to see more of in your life.

Vision board examples

Here’s a cool image of my girlfriend’s vision board. She cut hers up, then set it under the glass of her kitchen table.

dream board
Too many words for me, but you get the point.

How To Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board couldn’t be easier. Simply cut out images or words that inspire you from magazines or your own photographs, and paste them on a sheet of poster board.

Before you get to glueing, I’d compile all the images that really speak to you first. Place your favourites down on the board, so you get a sense of how you want the lay out to look. Once you’re happy with how it looks and what you’ve chosen, begin glueing the images to the board.

It doesn’t need to be a paper project, there are plenty of digital versions like Pinterest. You can check out my Pinterest boards here. Even Oprah has an app for an online one. (Forgive me, but you know I can’t write a post like this without linking to the big O.)

Why Make a Vision Board?

The idea behind vision boards is that by surrounding yourself with images of what you want to become, have, or do, you’ll bring that into your life. By simply focusing positively on your vision, you just might attract it.

Do I think it works? Dude, I have no flipping clue, but I do know the notion of self-fulfilling prophecies is nothing new.

Have you ever made a vision board?

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  1. I think it is a great exercise and what a fun idea to do it with a bunch of girlfriends!

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