Where to Stay in Quito? Las Casona De La Ronda Hotel!

Wondering where to stay in Quito, Ecuador? This inner city hotel is tops!
There’s lots of space in the traditional rooms at Las Casona De La Ronda Hotel.

Considered the gateway to the Galapagos, most folks travelling to Ecuador will spend a few days in Quito, the capital city. It’s a lovely colonial town, but finding suitable accommodation can be difficult if you’ve never been. I travel a ton and Las Casona De La Ronda was one hotel that really stood out for me. If you’re looking for where to stay that’s clean, contemporary and affordable in Quito, look no further than Las Casono De La Ronda. hotel Here’s a look at what a stay here is like.

Where to stay in Quito

My first morning in Quito I thought I was being serenaded by an Andean band. It was close to noon, (so I should’ve been already awake) when this lovely music wafted through the old town and into my room. Waking up to distant sound of traditional music, at first I was like, where am I? But my search on where to stay in Quito didn’t steer me wrong. One of the many delights of spending several days in Quito was staying at Las Casona De La Ronda

Room with a city view
Look over the Old Town while sipping your morning coffee.

Quito hotels

Situated smack-dab in the middle of La Ronda, the city’s historic district, you couldn’t ask for a better location. There are tons of hotels in this part of Quito, but all are not created equal. The old town has undergone a major transformation in the past decade and this heritage boutique hotel is mere steps away from lively restaurants and bars, artisanal shops and chocolatiers.

The courtyards at Las Casona De La Ronda.

A stay here is quite comfortable and safe. Rooms rim a central courtyard at this Moorish style property. Walls are painted a warm terra-cotta hue and pillars decked out with fat candles add a sensual touch. There are plants everywhere, ivy snakes up the railings and wherever you look, you’ll spot either artifacts, murals or exposed brick. Though it’s in the boutique hotel category, the feel here is more quaint and charming than sleek and modern.

wall mural
The attention to detail was charming.

Just off reception, there’s a lovely patio area with a living wall and oversized couches to sink into with a hearty glass of wine. For a secluded spot, check out the loft on the upper floor. From the massive floor to ceiling windows you’ll get a great view of the Panecillo Mary statue. Score yourself provisions at one of the many markets and set yourself up at the dining table for an indoor picnic.

Head up to the loft and read the afternoon away.

Hotel guest rooms in Quito, Ecuador 

Guest room
Many guest rooms in Quito are traditional like this.

Rooms are clean and cozy. Queen beds splashed with traditional handcrafted pillows and throws sit under impressive wooden headboards. All the furniture is hand carved and the white plaster walls are decorated with painted murals. There’s no tub, but a glass enclosed rain shower fit the bill nicely.

But the bathroom facilities are modern.

At first I stayed in Room 5, that has a Juliette balcony overlooking one of the main streets of La Ronda. To my right I had views of the terraced verdant volcanos rimming the city. Looking left I saw the iconic Virgin Mary statute, her arms the wings of an angel. It was one of the larger rooms, but La Ronda gets pretty lively Thursday through Sunday, so I eventually switched rooms. My new room facing the inner courtyard was considerably more quiet.

Quito old town
La Ronda is a good place to base yourself from.

Traditional breakfast in Ecuador

Breakfasts are included and they aren’t to be missed. Offering a bit of everything, there’s real scrambled eggs (not that stuff that comes out of a carton), bacon, granola, pastries and a good selection of fruit and freshly squeezed juices. Coca tea is always available in the lobby and reportedly helps to alleviate the side effects of being at such a high altitude. If nothing else, it really kick starts your day!

Little extras at this boutique hotel in Quito

You get free wifi, but it’s spotty in some guest rooms. If you sit near your door you’ll get a decent connection, but I ended up checking email while chilling on their comfy couches just off the reception area.


This was cute, when I asked one staff member what makes Casona De La Ronda a boutique hotel, I was told it’s because they sold boutique store items. “Like what?” I pressed. “Oh, the things you see on the walls,” they replied. The space is brimming of art, knick knacks and souvenirs in case you need a quick gift for someone back home, like this little purple dude you’ll spot everywhere in Quito. (Note: The hooded purple robe is a legit Catholic Easter tradition that dates back centuries)

Purple hooded guy
It’s not what you think…

There’s 24-hour reception, which is great because many flights from the US don’t arrive till midnight and tours often leave at the crack of dawn. While you probably can drink the water, it’s safest not to. Filtered water is available in water coolers on each floor. All the other amenities like an in-room safe, hairdryers and laundry service are available. Oh, each guest room has a TV with English channels, which is quite useful when jet lag strikes. There is no pool, but many of the larger chain hotels don’t offer a pool, either. If you really want one, be sure to check with hotel staff (and make sure it’s not undergoing a lengthy renovation).

The Vibe in La Ronda

Casona Del La Ronda isn’t family run, but it’s so warm and welcoming it sure felt like it. Staff go out of their way to serve and if you want to just chat or get the goods on what to see in the area, they are all too happy to help. They reset my safe (maybe more than once), always walked me the few blocks to my car service and spent a good amount of time on the phone sorting out my epic spa day adventure (deets on that here).

Thank you Las Casona De La Ronda and Quito Tourism for hosting my stay. As always, my opinions are my own.

Have you ever been to Quito? Would you like to go?

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