Holiday Shopping at Willow Park Village

Willow Park Village
You too could be this happy holiday shopping

The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year,  yet many moms can’t help but feel a wee bit frazzled. Between those school concerts, cookie exchanges and getting your Christmas cards out on time, there’s a lot to juggle. Nobody wants to be around a Grinch at Christmas, so I make sure to batch my time and make each holiday to-do as efficient as possible. My secret? Hitting up Willow Park Village . Here, I can nail off a bunch of errands, while snapping up stocking stuffers and gifts for loved ones. I’m offering a $50 gift card to Willow Park Village for one lucky reader. Read on to find out how you can win.

What to Buy Travellers at Willow Park Village

I’m a huge fan of the Alberta Motor Association, so I happily spent a fair chunk of time inside their Willow Park Village outpost. Did you know Alberta residents no longer receive reminders in the mail to register their vehicle or update their driver’s license? (I found out the hard way in Newfoundland this summer!) AMA is a licensed registry, allowing you to update your car registration, before getting your passport pics done or having a travel agent book your winter holiday for you.

Shopping Willow Park Village
As handy as GoogleMaps is, I still love paper maps…

We’re off on a family trip to San Diego this winter, so I was keen to nab some of the AMA’s complimentary maps, especially as they double as clever gift wrap. One of the most thoughtful Christmas presents you can gift is AMA membership – especially to a new or slightly careless driver. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been towed by AMA. Well, it’s less than 10, so I don’t feel too embarrassed. If physical gifts are what you’re after, they sell luggage and tiny travel accessories like adapters luggage locks and and compression socks – all which would love to sit snuggly inside a stocking.

First Things First

Mama needs cash! And a spot to deposit cheques. I almost missed the TD bank machine, as it’s tucked around the back side of Willow Park Village, facing Bonaventure Drive, SE. I suppose I could’ve made an appointment to increase my line of credit or remortgage the house, but those sessions are best made when the kiddies aren’t hanging off you. Phew! With that errand out of the way, I’m ready to get my shop on!

Woman leaving bank with cash
Speed up your shopping process by going old school and paying cash.

Aldila Boutique

I spent far too much time in Aldila. There are great fashions for women of all ages in here. I was immediately drawn to a table loaded with luxe sweaters. I always play this game before I look at any price tag. I guess either what I think it should be worth (I always lowball) or what I think they’ve marked it up as. To me the sweaters seemed like they were around the $200 mark, but low and behold, they were in the $80 range. Score!

Adilla Boutique
It’s Jody and the Technicolour Dream Coat!

I’d heard of Yoga jeans, but had never actually seen them. They looked super comfy, but it was the coats that I had to try on. They’re on for 20% off and I plan on snagging this one when I go back on November 24 for the Willow Park Village holiday event.

Free Hearing Tests in Calgary

Now this is interesting… My husband (just like all the other men in his family), seems to have developed a hearing problem in middle age. This ailment is quite peculiar, as it seems his wife is the only person he has trouble listening to. So I gave the huz two options: get your hearing checked or start listening to me. I think it’s obvious which path he choose.

Harp Hearing studio
Why men can’t hear their wives is anybody’s guess…

He has no complaints, since Harp Hearing not only offers complimentary hearing tests (for anyone, any age), but they also serve up pints of complimentary ice cream after your visit. Not just any ice cream either, but quality Marble Slab Creamery ice cream. Don’t everyone book an appointment for your husbands all at once now.

man ice cream
A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down (for both children and grown men)

Affordable Updos and Blow Outs in South Calgary

What’s a shopping day without a little me time? Wasted, that’s what. And so off into Willow Park Hairstyling Salon and Spa I go. Their blow outs are super affordable (in the $35 range) and they do up dos (try saying that 10 times!) for those fancy Christmas parties you may be attending.

woman getting hair styled
I’m over up-dos, but a blow out lasts for days!

Husbands love buying gift cards and who are we to complain? Here, you can also find my favourite hair styling product: Living Proof. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jennifer Anniston… They also stock Gehwol products from Germany. These are the bomb! Especially for in-laws or anybody on your list complaining about cold feet or tired legs. (Hint hint, that would be me!)

Gifts for Mama and Baby at Ella Bella Maternity Boutique

When you’re out of the baby making phase, maternity stores tend to fall off your radar. This maternity boutique stocks all the nursing bras and clothing you could wish for (heads up: their best seller is a nursing hoodie), but also loads of items for babes up to 12 months. The best shower gift you can get someone is one of those Grobags, an amazing baby sleeping bag, you’ll also find in store.

Maternity boutique
There’s more than maternity wear at this stylish boutique.

I was delighted to find Mat & Nat diaper bags – so stylish! So ethical! And I was more than a tad disappointed I didn’t realize they sported a kids play area. How I could have whiled away the hours when Eve was a baby – setting her up with the toys or on the comfy couch, as I got my shop on.

tutu for baby
Somebody I know needs to have a baby stat, so I can gift a baby tutu!

Willow Park Village Holiday Shopping

Mark your calendars!  On Thursday, November 24th from 5 – 8 p.m., Willow Park Village kicks off the holiday shopping experience with a festive night market. There’ll be reindeer, hot cocoa and cider, free gift wrapping, plus other seasonal surprises. Want to win a $50 gift certificate to be used at Willow Park Village? Simply comment below with your tips on how you make holiday shopping bearable. You can also tweet or share your tips with me on Facebook. Just be sure to tag me, so I can record your entry. (Twitter: @Jody_Robbins and Facebook). Record your tip by midnight, November 30, 2016.

Jody Robbins selfie
I’m shameless, I know!

Thank you to Willow Park Village for giving one lucky Travels with Baggage reader a gift card. My squad is so admirable, I know they’ll put it to good use.

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42 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping at Willow Park Village”

  1. Shauna Way

    Looks like you had a great day shopping! I love your ama trip..I love to by my movie gift cards at AMA, my the sales after Christmas for the next year, going with friends, sharing the laughter in the stores is often better than the received gifts!

  2. I check out things online so when I go in to shop in person I already have an idea of what I want.

  3. I shop throughout the year so when it gets to Christmastime I am either done or nearly done and have put thought into each person. Basically when I see something that I feel a person would love and it’s on sale I buy it:)

  4. Jennifer I

    I do most of my shopping online but the small things and special touches I do Friday mornings when my kids are at school but I am off work. I always take a picture of my list with my phone that way if I loose it I can still get what’s on the list!

  5. Doris Avramenko

    Pick a shopping centre where you can do it all you can find something for everyone at Willow Park Village. Gift cards, gifts of cheese, wine, kitchen wares and of course clothes. Would love to win!

    1. Yes, very smart! I often feel like I have to go to 7 different grocery stores in Calgary just to get everything I need.

  6. Jennifer S

    Shop year round…best tip and I use the Santa’s Bag app to track what I have bought so I don’t lose track

  7. I always try to check things out online….and if I can order it and have it delivered to my door without having to deal with all the crowds what could be better.

  8. Rebecca Roberts

    I love to shop at Christmas fairs, Heritage Park, and other fun shopping atmospheres for my Christmas gifts! I’ll definitely be making an effort to visit Willow Park during their night market! I also really love Willow Park Wine and Spirits, Crave Cupcakes and the cheese shop!

  9. I try to do as much shopping in advance as I can throughout the year so I’m not scrambling at the end!

  10. Love that shopping area. I listen to soothing music on the way and make sure I treat myself to say a special coffee while I’m out. Acting like you have all the time in the world helps you stay calm as you watch others rush around.

  11. I make festive shopping fun by planning our annual Christmas girls day out around it! We head to the Palliser for a traditional afternoon tea to give us fuel to shop shop shop! And maybe a little mimosa to get us in the mood! Then we head off to Spruce Meadows Christmas market for hours of festive delights. With our bellies full, great girlfriends, lots of laughs and beautiful hand crafted items to peruse the shopping is literally stress free 🙂

  12. I shop early and little as in 1 big thing per person and a few stocking stuffers instead of a million small things. Getting it all done by December means more time for quality you time skiing!! 🙂

  13. I love shopping now that the kids are in school! Plus I love when you find those unique stores like ones featured in your article as the gifts would be a one of a kind rather than something generic!

  14. Hi Jody,
    I always think of my precious grandchildren! Christmas concerts and shopping local in my community!

  15. Christmas shopping for me is more bearable by wearing my most comfy shoes (Skechers!), using a backpack for my purchases in order to free up my hands (instead of lugging around awkward bags), and always having a bottle of water & little snacks handy to keep that happy shopping energy going strong!

  16. Michael P.

    I really love Willow Park! I try to keep things simple by only shopping for a couple people at a time – feels much easier and more achievable! 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, fingers crossed!

  17. My personal trick to make any shopping adventure bearable is to wear comfy shoes. I would always like to end my day on a good not and not body pains.

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