Sea Kayaking on Lake Okanagan

You won’t feel too guilty wine tasting if you earn your way there.

It’s always such a bonus when you can burn a few calories on the way to inhaling several more. You may recall when I went wine touring in the Okanagan, but did you know I attempted to get to a few Naramata Bench vineyards via kayak? Oh yes! I was able to sneak in a little cross training to compliment the bicep exercises I so love – bringing glass to mouth.

Kayaking in the Okanagan

We went with Hoodoo Adventures for our kayaking adventure. They can accommodate all ages and ability levels. Kestrels (smaller kayaks), are perfect for kids, while adults can chose to go solo or partner up in a double kayak.

Going with an adventure company is tops if you don’t have your own gear. They supply all the kayaks, paddles, picnic stuff and of course, life jackets. Kayaking and SUP lifejackets can be totally different than what you’re used to for boating. Some are super slim or can be inflatable.

Hoodoo Adventures Kayak on Penticton Beach

Kayaks are great, because you can store so many things (like jackets and bottles of wine) inside them.Here I am about to start out on the shores of Lake Okanagan, in Penticton. After a brief instruction we were on our way. It was relatively easy, but definitely an arm workout.

Fortunately, I was able to rely on my partner Marc, to take a few paddle strokes for the team. Despite becoming quite close on the trip, Marc was particularly swift in letting everyone know we weren’t actual life partners.

two people sea kayaking

Pro-tip: kayak with a partner so you can slack off when your arms get tired.

Being on the glassy lake working for my wine felt fantastic. Not only was it a completely mindful experience (during those rare moments my kayaking-only partner and I weren’t yaking), but I was also thrilled to be working off some of the calories I was about to ingest.

Picnic along Lake Okanagan

But alas, just as we were in our groove, about halfway to the winery, we had to turn back. There was a schedule to keep, and our guides made the call to bring us back in. Fortunately, the stunning scene spread out before us washed away any lingering disappointment.

Picnic on the shores of Penticton Beach

Another one for the bucket list! Picnic along the shores of Lake Okanagan.

This delightful picnic awaited us upon our return to shore. Brimming with Okanagan delicacies, we dove into Poplar Grove camembert and tiger blue cheeses, local ambrosia apples, chocolate covered apricots, grapes, humus and crackers. Then it was back on the bus and off to visit another vineyard, where I was schooled on how to properly taste wine.

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