Blu’s: The best boutique for women’s clothing in Calgary and Edmonton

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Where do you go when you need to polish your wardrobe? (Photo credit: Pete Heck)

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The last time I shopped at Blu’s was well over a decade ago. I had my first corporate job and I needed to look the part if I was going to play with the big kids at Ernst & Young. All the other young professional women went to Blu’s to build their professional wardrobe, so I did, too. Then came kids and a work-from-home job where I could wear sweats all day.

Except, I quickly found out I can’t wear sloppy clothes every day. I have to go to a lot of functions – some are casual, other more upscale. In my personal life, there are weddings, where I embarrass myself on the dance floor; trips to Vegas, where embarrassing myself comes naturally; and way too many school functions, where I don’t want to embarrass my daughter. At all! In this very busy phase of my life, it seemed like a good idea to head back into Blu’s.

$100 Giveaway from Blu’s: The best boutique for women’s clothing in Calgary and Edmonton
Blu’s at Calgary’s Southcentre Mall is fresh and contemporary.

I’ve learned from my fashion forward friends not to judge clothing stores. Even if you think a certain shop is only for teens or hipsters or whatever, it’s always worth popping in with an open mind. That’s how you find those hidden gems nobody else in your squad has.

Case in point: I had no idea the variety of brands that Blu’s carried. You don’t need to go to large department stores. Not when you’re looking for: Eileen Fisher, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Smythe and even Longchamp – all available at Blu’s.

red longchamp purse
I spy Michelle Schurman admiring Longchamp handbags at Blu’s. So naturally, I accost her:)

I love the convenience of having a work uniform, but I’ve gotten in a rut. Since last summer all I seem to wear are these skinny jeans, with a T and this purple blazer.

woman at a conference
It’s conference Jody! Lanyard not for sale. (Photo credit: Pete Heck)

It was Maja, Blu’s stylist at Southcentre Calgary, who found me this adorable Smythe blazer. Actually, I was loving everything she picked out for me. I told her a bit about my life, what I like to wear and ironically, I ended up buying the outfits she selected for me, not what I picked out for myself. I’m still amazed after such a short time together, Maja was able to pick out pieces she knew I would fall for.

Jody Robbins for Blu's
Perfecting my newscaster look. I look adorable in this pink Smythe blazer, no? (Photo credit: The Huz)

As soon as Maja brought this pink blazer into the change room, I knew I had to have it. But would my money be better spent on a suit for those occasional important meetings I have? The other stylist didn’t think so. “Unless you’re a banker or a lawyer, nobody wears suits anymore,” she confided. Bingo! This blazer is an investment and one I know will pay dividends.

blue and white striped blouse
The detail on this blouse was incredible. AND it was comfortable! (Photo credit: The Huz)

I also fell in love with this blue and white patterned top. It could go from the office to dinner to shopping with girlfriends. It’s one of those dress it up, dress it down pieces.   

One week later, I’m still noodling getting that top. I could do it too, because Blu’s has a House Account – an interest free account that allows you to take home clothing without having to pay for it immediately. Monthly payments make investment pieces possible. This is incredibly helpful for women who “need” a certain outfit tout de suite.

peach 80s dress updated
This is another piece that I’m mulling over picking up. How perfect would it be for a cocktail party? (Photo credit: Pete Heck)

This fun pastel dress is made of a cool fabric my stylist called scuba. It’s by Marie Saint Pierre out of Montreal, and you can check out her Trunk Show at Blu’s this Wednesday at Banker’s Hall, Thurs to Sunday, April 19-22 at Southcentre and April 24 to 25 at Southgate in Edmonton. There are loads of other trunk shows going on this spring at Blu’s. Trunk shows allow you to see the trends for the upcoming season and a designer’s complete collection. The bonus is you can pre-order and customize anything you simply must have.

Ted baker hummingbird dress
I could wear this form fitting Ted Baker to Dîner en Blanc, right? (Photo credit: Pete Heck)

The other outfit I can’t get out of my head is this Ted Baker number. I’m headed back to London next month, and I’ve had many fantasies about wearing this dress with killer heels during fancy hotel afternoon tea service. It also screams summer wedding, dinner out or drinks at a sophisticated lounge. Note that in my fantasies, I sip white wine while wearing it, as I have a tendency to spill.

Michael Kors navy dress with white trim
You’re looking at my new favourite travel dress. I can also wear it around the neighbourhood with pride. (Photo credit: The Huz)

I’m a sucker for a good travel dress and this navy one with white trim from Michael Kors is now in rotation. It’s so lightweight it feels like a dream. I scrunched it up in a ball as soon as I got home and a day later it still wasn’t wrinkled. Now I’m in a mad rush to find some cute white tennis sneakers to wear with it.

turquoise and orange sweater combo
I love, love, love those bell sleeves. (Photo credit: Eve Pigat)

The one thing I wasn’t expecting at Blu’s was their contemporary clothing. I thought it was all dresses and professional women clothing. Turns out, they’ve got loads of casual wear that’s crisp and fashionable for hanging at home or volunteering at your child’s school. Maja, my stylist, knew I liked bright colours, so she paired this turquoise sweater with an orange tank underneath. The khakis had an edge to them, which I didn’t expect. They were high waisted and so very comfortable.

Where is Blu’s?

Blu’s has four locations in Alberta, including Manulife Place and Southgate in Edmonton, plus Bankers Hall and Southcentre in Calgary. They’re all convenient locations and after this experience, I’m for sure making it a habit to pop into Blu’s every time I’m in those malls.

Would you like to win a $100 gift card from Blu’s?

Blu’s has generously offered one Travels with Baggage reader a $100 gift card to be used before May 31, 2018. To enter, simply comment below with what your workday uniform is. Are you a skirt and sweater kind of gal? A follower of high fashion? Or do you wear yoga pants like there’s no tomorrow? No judgement! I’m just curious and would like to get some inspiration from readers.

Another way to enter is to hop over to my Instagram account. Follow my IG, and comment on my Blu’s post. Every place you comment (here and on Insta) nets you an entry. Contest closes midnight, Monday April 30, 2018.

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42 thoughts on “Blu’s: The best boutique for women’s clothing in Calgary and Edmonton”

  1. My typical workday uniform would be dress pants and a sweater/long-sleeved shirt. But once in a while, I throw on a skirt (or dress). I love fashion, but don’t follow the trends – I buy what jumps out at me.

    1. I’m similar. It’s all about what speaks to you and if you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

  2. I’m casual but polished, I need to look like I have it together without being to dressy – something I still struggle with daily!

  3. Laura @ scribbles and sass

    i’d day my workday outfits have been pretty casual; jeans and a blouse. I’d love to spice this up a bit.

  4. Due to my new, more ‘official’ job last year I have to put away the more casual teacher wardrobe and move towards a little more businesslike. Usually I will wear dress pants and some sort of a shirt. I cannot stand blouses though! Some days I live on the edge and wear black skinny jeans. Now that spring is here, I love love love wearing comfortable dresses that are fun colors. I do not have enough though! Would love to head into Blu’s – have not been there for years!

  5. Mine is funky accessories always and shoes that say “Hello world!” Then skinny jeans with an Oxford under a funky sweater!

  6. Wendy Kelman

    For work, I’m a blazer and skinny jean gal. Love the bright colours and exorcism the pink blazer!

  7. Leggings and a black smock are my uniform for work but when I’m done I love to wear something fun and colorful !

  8. Alicia Baer

    Leggings are life for me. Everyday I wear leggings, paired with a tunic top of some sort, a cute jacket and some knee high boots.

  9. Urshila Maisuria

    I’m a dental assistant so scrubs for me, but I’ve been stuck in the skinny jeans and T-shurt phase for too long!

  10. Erin Lewis

    I’m not working currently but when I am it’s usually casual, jeans and t-shirts, which is perfect because that’s what I’m most comfortable in. Dressy isn’t my jam.

  11. Angela Haywood

    I wear dress pants, a sweater and scarf for work. It’s always so cold in the office, I can’t wear pretty dresses 🙁

  12. Jeans and a tee, dressed up with some sort of jewelry. Would love a stylin’ update!

  13. I have always worn just black casual pants and a loose-fitting top. I recently lost about 40 pounds but now I seem to be stuck on leggings and a t-shirt. I’ve been at Blues in Edmonton and don’t know much about fashion at all. Would love to have at least a couple items from there. Would certainly brighten my spring

  14. My go to is pants a shirt sleeve blouse and a sweater over top! Pretty boring. Would love an update to the ol’ Wardrobe!

  15. Lynn Hallson

    I work from home so casual comfy pants and t-shirt. With a comfy sweater if it is cool. Would love a new outlook on my wardrobe. And some new things for spring/summer.

  16. Stephanie W.

    LOVE Blu’s!! I usually wear a dark pair of jeans and a button-down blouse, or a blazer and a sleeveless top. Fingers crossed!

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